Road to Hana Tours

The Road to Hana on Maui

The famous Road to Hana is on almost everyone’s list of things to do on Maui. Much has been written about this celebrated adventure back in time along the road that continues to defy the natural obstacles along this rugged coastline. You probably already know about the 600 turns, the 70 one way bridges, and the variety of banana bread eateries along the way. For those opting for the self-guided tour of the Road to Hana, we recommend making mile marker 6.5, also known as Bamboo Forest, one of your top three destinations, as well as the banana bread hale in Keanae (it’s always warm and fresh). Many of our guests to Maui prefer a guided expedition along this windy road known for its slow pace and that’s where we can certainly help. Many great tour operators provide a variety of options for your particular journey. Mahalo Tours provide a smaller, luxury experience in their 8 passenger Mercedes Benz vans at an affordable rate and for that reason, we certainly will steer you in that direction if we can. Discover Hawaii Tours provides a lower price point in exchange for sharing the journey with a few more passengers. Hana Tours of Maui is known for having a few secret stops with a little extra time at a few of your favorite places. The Road to Hana is best enjoyed slowly and with a care-free mindset, any of these great tours along the Road to Hana is sure to deliver the sights and senses you’re looking for. Choosing is difficult sometimes, so, please, feel welcome to call one of our experienced representatives to answer any questions you may have or even call to haggle on the price, we’re always willing to work with our best clients! 855-268-0387

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