Maui is home to a large collection of zip lines spread evenly throughout most of the island. On the West Side of Maui, there are two of the biggest and best zipline course at Kapalua Ziplines and at Skyline Eco-Adventures. Kapalua Ziplines is known for sweeping ocean views from its position on the Kapalua hillside as well as extremely long smooth lines over 2,000 feet in length. Skyline Eco-Adventures is an 8-line course, with shorter lines than the Kapalua course, but these lines go over some really cool natural features and are close to the Kaanapali resort area. Upcountry Maui is home to another Skyline course, that is a canopy course as well as Piiholo Ranch Ziplines. Piiholo Ranch Ziplines is certainly a favorite of everyone who’s ever made the journey to do it, with very long smooth lines, ultra-comfortable harnesses, and a breathtaking location, you’ll see why this is one of the very best. For those seeking a jungle experience, the Northshore of Maui has two great jungle canopy tours, Jungle Zipline and Northshore Zipline. Northshore Zipline is a 7 line canopy tour through a beautiful rainforest with an ocean view backdrop. Simply put, all of these ziplines are fun, choosing the right one for you, well that’s a personal matter! We recommend Kapalua Ziplines for a West Maui Zipline, Northshore Zipline for a Northshore located zipline, and Piiholo Ranch Zipline for some fun upcountry. Give one of us a call, we’ve done them all ourselves! 855-268-0387

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