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Maui country farm tours 438Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Farm)Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Family Activity)Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Winery)Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Logo)
Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Pineapple Picking)
Maui country farm tours 438
Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Farm)
Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Family Activity)
Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Winery)
Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch (Logo)

Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch

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Get to know the agricultural history of Maui and have a delicious tasting on this Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch. From the middle 19th century, workers were imported from China, Japan and the Philippines to work in the sugar cane and later the pineapple fields of Maui. Longing for a new life with a promise of freedom, they came by the thousands. Camps were set-up by the plantation owners to house the workers. This created the Plantation Era on Maui. The days were long and the work was hard with the tropical sun beating down hour after hour. Yet, the workers endured and in doing so found a better way of life complete with the freedom they sought.

The pineapple fields upcountry are the only fields that remain in Hawaii. Due to the low cost of imported pineapple from other nations, the industry met a foe, it couldn’t work around. The fields today are hybrid pineapples known as Maui Gold. They are smaller and sweeter than the average pineapple.

Each guest on this Maui Pineapple Tour with Lunch receives a free pineapple and you can also purchase pineapple approved for shipping straight from the packing plant much cheaper than the any store or at the airport. Lunch is served at the General Store. At one time, this was the plantation camp store that was a favorite hang-out of the workers and families of the Haliimaile Plantation Camp. The store now is a restaurant that specializes in the cuisine from Maui during the plantation days. The executive chef is Beverly Gannon whose culinary skills are legendary.

Menu choice of one:
Bev’s Famous Crab Pizza with side House Salas: Six inch pizza crust with the “I’ll never tell” crab topping, Fresh Island greens, orange segments, toasted walnuts, shaved Maui onions, balsamic vinaigrette
Tropical Shrimp Salad: Coconut shrimp, baby corn, golden raisins, water chestnuts, mixed greens & crispy wontons with cashews & an oriental dressing
Upcountry Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad: Waipoli baby romaine, grilled chicken, Caesar dressing, garlic sourdough croutons, Asiago Parmesan cheese
BBQ Pork Sandwich: BBQ pork, creamy basil slaw, spicy pickle chips, on a roll, seasoned fries
Dessert: Fruit Bar of the Day
Drinks: Coffee Tea Soda

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No children under 5
Not recommended for expecting mothers.
Must be at least 21 for Distillery tour tastings.
Valid phot ID required for Distillery tour.

Weather related cancellations by Maui Pineapple Tours are 100% refundable.


Shoes are recommended from the Maui Pineapple tour as you will be out in the fields
You may want to bring a light jacket

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Meet at the Maui Visual Arts Center in Makawao
GPS: 2841 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, Hawaii 96768

Available Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Closed Saturday, Sunday
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

9:00am, 11:45am
Check-in 30 Minutes prior to event time.

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

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Jason Howell
Jason H.
Taking this tour was a extremely wonderful experience. It will show you the growing process from start to finish. Our tour guide Ken was wonderful and very entertaining during the entire tour. He definitely has a deep passion for educating people about the history and future of the pineapple business. If you have the time and want to learn for about Hawaii's history give this tour a try. They also offer a distillery tour and lunch with different packages. In my opinion I will definitely do this tour again.
Paul Zink
Paul Z.
I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this tour, but I loved it. The guide was interesting and the fields were wild. So much more goes into this and it requires great discipline. I have a new appreciation for Maui Gold pineapples. The pineapples were unlike any I have ever had. So sweet! And add on the distillery tour! It’s worth it!
Ken Lemon
Ken L.
Our tour guide, Ken was the best. As a native of the area, he seemed to really have his heart into the job. I enjoyed his stories about growing up in the area. He seemed very knowledgeable about the pineapple farming business and threw in enough humor to keep it fun and interesting. The tour included several stops I find the mountain in the Plantation area with the opportunity to get out and actually be pretty engaged in the experience
Megan Guthrie
Megan G.
I hope you can get Mike as your tour guide. He has the most lovely perfect personality to be a tour guide. He made it fun and informative! He is bubbly and has an infectious quirky joy! I usually don't like that kind of thing but it was so genuine and pure I adored him very quickly! The tour is impressive to see and learning so much about the sustainability made it even better. I'm glad they are spreading their message and I hope it impacts other businesses.This was a great tour and had lovely views of the island throughout. Eating pineapple in the fields was icing on the cake! So delicious!
Joe J.
Joe J.
Haliimaile is a tiny hamlet just below Makawao town in Upcountry Maui. You wouldn't know you passed it unless someone told you, but the history of the area...
Slavi K.
Slavi K.
Definitely an interesting place to visit! Our guide Ken was awesome! He was very informative and passionate about the farm and work these folks do.I...
Ethan R.
Ethan R.
This is a great tour to go on to learn about how pineapples grow, their local history, etc. it's pretty price at $65 a person for 1.5 hours (but you do get...
Alice McDaniel
Alice M.
Such a fun tour, and honestly we are pretty picky about our time and “tourist” type attractions. You learn so many interesting things and I won’t give all the fun facts away but Maui Gold does everything by hand, and you can taste the love and difference. Ken was our guide and he was lovely and funny and by the time the tasting came around our group had at least 5-6 piece and every guest takes home a pineapple too. The views from the farm are so beautiful. Well worth it all around!
roberta lilley
roberta L.
Today we went on the Maui Bee Tour. Eldon was a great guide, knowledgeable about the bees and the hives. He explained it to us in a way we could understand and made it very interesting. We got to see inside the actual hive and see the bees at work. Of course we were provided full protective suits and gloves. They kept us very safe. But the best part of the tour was the honey tasting. It was delicious and we each got to take home a jar. We would highly recommend this tour. It is informative and just plain fun!
Alissa Grieves
Alissa G.
We went on the 11:45 tour yesterday with Mike and had a wonderful experience. The staff at check in were kind and helpful and Mike was a great tour guide. He was funny and very knowledgeable about the plantation and it's operations. The pineapples were the best we've ever had and I'm glad we got to bring some home for our family to try. We also went on the distillery tour and my husband enjoyed that a lot. I found the distillery tour interesting but don't drink most hard liquors so I can't speak to the tastes.
Kyle Windsor
Kyle W.
Two pineapple farms in the state. This is one of them. What an incredible tour. (We took it on August 10 2019.) Absolutely worth the cost. Tim was our tour guide. He did amazing for our quiet group. Highly recommend this tour!

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