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Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Solo)Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Adventures in Maui)Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Things To do In Maui)Kapalua Ziplines 51Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Maui Zipline)
Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Bridge)
Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Solo)
Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Adventures in Maui)
Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Things To do In Maui)
Kapalua Ziplines 51
Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course (Maui Zipline)

Kapalua Ziplines – 7 Line Course

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Take a Ride with Kapalua Ziplines 

The Kapalua Ziplines 7 Line Course combines dense forest with some of the unbelievable ocean views out of any course. Zipping through the mountains above Kapalua is a memory of Maui in the making, one you will not soon forget. Of all of the things to do on Maui, there are a variety of reasons we love this Maui zip line course in particular.  Ziplining is a gravity induced activity. In most cases, the landing area is below the takeoff platform. There is an arch in the line that raises up somewhat. This is designed in the line to slow the zipper down. The line itself is designed to hold tons without failing. But 250 pounds flying down the line must end somewhere, and it does, in the coiled springs that bring you to a gentle stop. The 3rd line was one of the most awesome experiences we’ve have had on a zip line tour on Maui. Coming out of the trees through a tunnel with the jagged peaks of Molokai staring at you is just. WOW. Kapalua Ziplines 7 Line Course has everything you need and more. Once you exit the tree tunnel the views are literary indescribable.

The Kapalua Ziplines 7 line course spans a little of the lower course, but most of the ziplines are in the mountains. Looking through the sharp canyons into the mountains is fascinating. So, green, so close, yet so remote. Looking the opposite way from the platform, is just as compelling, with the blue ocean and Molokai rising out of the depths of the sea presenting such a beautiful picture.

For the most part, the course takes off and lands on platforms. There are no tree platforms on this course. Kapalua Zipline 7 Line Course offers the only side by side zip line on the west side. Most people try and race each other to the other end of the line. The person who weighs the most almost always wins.

What You Need to Know

Snacks and water are the only things provided.

Tip of the Day
Wind. The trade winds whip across the area where the zip line is located. If the wind reaches a windy state, Kapalua will cancel the tour. The best time to enjoy this Maui zip line is the first tour of the day. Most of the time on Maui that is when the tradewinds are the calmest.

7 Line Course Line Lengths

Line 1:  1000 feet
Line 2: 750 Feet
Line 3: 2300 feet
Line 4: 850 feet
Line 5: 1900 feet
Line 6: 850 feet
Line 7: 2100 feet

Weight range between 60 – 250
Minimum age 10 years old
Able to carry 15 pounds
Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
Participants must be a minimum of 4′ tall

No pregnant women
Lace up athletic shoes or hiking boots ONLY
No Broken bones or surgeries within the past year
Over or under the required weight ranges, (you will be weighed), or a “sudden fear of heights” are non-refundable.




Kapalua Ziplines 7 Line Tour

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Ages 10 and Up

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Kapalua Ziplines 5 Line Course

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Location of Kapalua Ziplines

Kapalua – Village Center on Office Road
GPS: 500 Office Road, Kapalua, Hawaii 96761

Available Days and Times

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Times: 8:30 am or 1:30 pm(7 Line) – 11 am, 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm(5 Line)

Check-in 30 minutes prior to activity start time.


3.5 hours

Advance Reservations Required

48 Hour Cancellation

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Kapalua Ziplines - 7 Line Course
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Kapalua Ziplines
Based on 618 reviews
Kapalua Ziplines
Based on 586 reviews
Patti O.
Patti O.
We did a 6 line tour in July 2019. It was an amazing experience. We tried to go last year but the wind speed was too high and our tour was cancelled....
Raul S.
Raul S.
Thank you to Mark and Corey + the teamYou guys really made the zip lining experience enjoyable. This was my first time zip lining and Mark did an amazing...
Phillip Miller
Phillip M.
My wife and I did this during our anniversary vacation to Maui, and we had a ton of fun. The zip lines were fast and fun with amazing views of the lush countryside. We did the 6 line tour, but wish we would have done all of them. It was so much fun we didn't want to stop :) Pate helped us in and out of the zip rigging at the top of each line, making sure we were secure, as well as talking to us about anything and everything Maui related that we had questions about. He really made the trip more than just a tourist adventure, thanks man. Justin was overseeing the rigging, doing photography for the group, and made us feel like we weren't just another group of people in his day, thank you, that was awesome. Mike went down ahead of our group to catch us all as we went hurtling down the zip line, and helped us out of the rigging at the base of each line, thanks for keeping us safe. Last but not least was Jeffry who drove us up the mountain, and saved us from what would surly be a grueling hike. Thank you all for making our Maui experience so much better, you guys rock! Honestly I don't have enough good things to say about this experience. If your questioning weather or not you should try it, just do it, you will not be sad. Oh! And we got a really fun ATV ride up to the 2nd line that was really fun too :)
Jessica G
Jessica G
Jasmine and Ikaika were great! Felt very secure during the zips and had a ton of fun! Great for beginners.
joan watts
joan W.
What an amazing adventure! Mark, Carly and Jonathan were fabulous guides! Explained everything extremely well and made me feel very safe and comfortable. Everyone involved was so nice and engaging.
Luke Dieffenthaller
Luke D.
We drove by the building on our way to lunch and made a quick stop to see what they were all about. The gentlemen behind the desk at the time took his time to answer all the questions we had, gave us advice on the island, and even helped us tweak a few of the other things we had planned and were asking about. Throughout this, we immediately felt at home and booked a seven line tour on the spot! On the day of, our team was Jason, Kyle, and Justin. Every one of them continued to make us feel at home and entertained by having genuine conversations and shared a lot of inside facts and information about the island. We never once felt unsafe with the equipment or from the team guiding us and for it being our first zipline, it was wicked amazing! The views are incredible and the experience is special. Thanks Justin again for taking us across the mountain and spending the day with us!
Sally Hanselman
Sally H.
Justin and Lauren were our guides. I’ve done zip lining before and always thought it was fun but this was superlative. I felt safe but it wasn’t boring! The views are amazing. First class. Highly recommended.
Alisha Gebhardt
Alisha G.
We did not have good weather at all but Rachel had every rain song coming from her radio to lift spirits and it was so appreciated! Johnny gave us thorough instructions and made us all feel safe every step of the way. They were super fun and greatly appreciated! We had hoped to tip more than we were able by using our credit card but the tip jar was for cash so be prepared with cash in hand!
Abby Crowell
Abby C.
We had a great time zipping with Johnny and Kyle! They made us feel safe the whole time while still creating a fun and exciting experience. We got rescheduled due to high winds but they were still able to fit us in the next day. Definitely make this a part of your Maui experience!
Sneha Joe
Sneha J.
One of the best zip lines services we have come across. The scenery on each line was stunning. The service by our guides Johnny, mark and Bob was impeccable. Johnny would really look into how comfortable you are feeling before you start zipping. Our 10 yrs old daughter felt extra special when he carried the trolley for her and encouraged and appreciated her through out. A trip to Maui doesn’t complete without this zip line. Choose the evening slot because the evening sun made it even better.
lewis van der wyk
lewis van der W.
WOW!.. Thanks for a GREAT time!.. ATV Ride, Hiking, Crossing THAT hairy bridge! :) .. Then on to 7 Fun thrilling Ziplines. SHOUT OUT to LAUREN & NAINOA - Our guides for the day!... Lauren, thanks so much for making it so fun for me, you will remember me as your " In N Out" wing-man! :).. I was by myself today because my friend couldn't make it and Lauren was awesome!!!!!
Colleen M.
Colleen M.
This was our 3rd Zipline on 2 different islands of Hawaii; the first 2 on the Big Island. The views here were by far the most amazing. We loved that each...
Robin M.
Robin M.
I was not too keen on going zip lining as I am not a big adventure-type person. My idea of vacation is laying on a beach not dangling from a cable over an...
Raul S.
Raul S.
Thank you to Mark and Corey + the teamYou guys really made the zip lining experience enjoyable. This was my first time zip lining and Mark did an amazing...
Dana K.
Dana K.
It's ironic how you feel the most alive when your heart skips a few beats...My name is Dana a.k.a. Dora the explorer. I'm always looking for places to...
Paula F.
Paula F.
Amazing all around!After researching different zipline tour companies in Maui, my bf and I decided on Kapalua Ziplines. It wasn't the closest to our...
Cassie Walker
Cassie W.
This was probably the best place to go for beginners. I was pretty nervous, and this place made me feel comfortable about everything I did. Our two staff members, Scott and Derek, did an excellent job at entertaining and guiding us through the exciting journey. The views were absolutely gorgeous. Got a nice folder of pictures and videos on a USB for $50 and to me that was worth it. Comfortable gear, easy brakes and fun, knowledgeable staff. 5 stars!
Waylon Myer
Waylon M.
An absolutely worthwhile experience! Kyle and Mark took great care of our group. Several of us were on our first zipline tour and they got us settled right into the experience. We also had a fantastic group that really helped enhance the morning's activities.
Amanda Palla
Amanda P.
This was our first zipline experience, and it was fantastic. Andy and Jasmine were a lot of fun, but very professional. Andy went over the equipment and taught us the various poses to control our speed or prepare to stop. Jasmine was fierce at the end of the runs, giving us the hand signals and ensuring everyone safely came to a stop. I felt 100% safe at all times and we both had so much fun. We rented a Go Pro for $50 (it mounts on your chest) and got to take home all of the video footage and pictures I shot on a USB drive immediately following our tour. Andy also took some great pictures and videos. You can purchase those after seeing them for $50 too. I would highly recommend Kapalua Ziplines!

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