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Reef Dancer

90 Minute Tour

Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Lower Cabin)Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Diver)Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Inside View)Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Yellow Submarine)Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Slip 6)
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Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Lower Cabin)
Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Diver)
Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Inside View)
Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Yellow Submarine)
Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour (Slip 6)

Reef Dancer – 90 Minute Tour

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This Reef Dancer adventure includes all the features of the shorter tour along with the following additions. Reef Dancer enjoys a second location with this adventure where you can enjoy the green sea turtles. Beverage and snacks are included with the tour. This is a plus… One of the features that Reef Dancer affords is the top deck. You can enjoy the vistas of Lahaina and views of Lanai from above the water while your family enjoys the world underwater from below deck. Lazy, fun and a wonderful family outing, Reef Dancer provides great escape in the afternoon in Lahaina.

The Reef Dancer is a semi-submersible submarine. It does not dive beneath the ocean. This tour is perfect for families who have smaller children who do not meet the required height for Atlantis. And children under six-year-old are FREE. It’s also a great tour to beat the heat of a hot afternoon in Lahaina. The 90-minute Maui submarine tour is a little different than the 60-minute. The activity includes everything the 60-minute does and expands on it. They visit a second location where the green sea turtles are the highlight of the tour.

The ride from Lahaina Harbor to the first viewing location takes roughly 7 minutes. It’s a short trip to Mala Wharf. The viewing location is not deep. Perhaps twenty feet at most. After the Reef Dancer arrives at Mala Wharf, three scuba divers jump into the water and the show begins.

One diver has a video recorder and films everything that is happening outside the submarine. The video is linked to a screen inside the Reef Dancer, so you can see what’s going on.

The second diver picks things up off the bottom of the sea floor and brings them to the windows to view. From octopus to shellfish and more. It’s the creature feature.

The third diver attracts the fish. Whether they feed them, is unknown, but the diver is suddenly surrounded by fish. Most are small, but they are colorful.

After a period of time, the Reef Dancer moves to the second location which is a few minutes away. This viewing location is a little further out, so the water is deeper. Once you arrive, its turtle time! Mala Wharf plays host to a colony of green sea turtles and is the main Maui attraction for the 90-minute tour. The turtles will swim by the windows, giving you a chance to see them from underwater. They are amazing and so graceful as they move through the water. They are palicid without a care in the world. The Green Sea Turtles of Maui are always fun to encounter.

I have always enjoyed watching them from snorkel trips I have taken, but it’s a different perspective from a glass bottom boat like the Reef Dancer. You don’t have to get wet to enjoy them for one thing. Also, most snorkel trips that include a turtle snorkeling site are in deep water with currents which make it impossible for smaller children to enjoy.

The return to Lahaina Harbor takes only minutes. You may want to emerge from the viewing area for a bit of fresh air and enjoy the views of Lahaina Town on the way back. You can also turn your graze out to the west and marvel at the surfers riding the waves next to the harbor entrance. My favorite view back is the West Maui Mountains. There’s not a better scenic view of Lahaina than from the Reef Dancer on the way back.

After your return on the Reef Dancer, you may want to check out the Banyan Tree in front of the old Lahaina Court House. It’s the second largest Banyan Tree in the world. It was planted over 100 years ago and nearly covers the entire block. The Banyan Tree Park is cool and a nice place to get out of the afternoon heat. Your kids will love it.

Reef Dancer has been thrilling families since the late 1980’s. They were the first glass-bottom viewing boat in Lahaina. While there have been other companies that have tried to reproduce what Reef Dancer does, none have been able to maintain stability. They all folded and Reef Dancer has kept motoring guests to a great Maui family activity. I believe the main reason why Reef Dancer has maintained

Tip of the Day:
Bring a camera, turn off the flash
Strollers are not allowed onboard
Reef Dancer is well maintained and has a fabulous crew
No restroom

Reef Dancer serves light snacks, juice, and water during the tour.

No handicap access

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Meet Location: Lahaina Harbor Slip 6
GPS: 675 Wharf St. Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Days Available:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Check-in at 1:45pm. Departs at 2:15 pm.

Check-in 30 minutes prior activity start time

Total Duration: 90 minutes

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Reef Dancer - 90 Minute Tour
Based on 339 reviews
Reef Dancer
Based on 177 reviews
Based on 162 reviews
Annie S.
Annie S.
Great activity for kids! Saw lots of fish and learned a lot. My 2 and 4 year old loved the whole thing! Crew was friendly and the boat was very clean.
Kashif S.
Kashif S.
We enjoyed our trip today saw many type of fishes. 2 sea turtles resting. Crew was very helpful. Covid has hurt their business. Good education. Small...
Jane-holly M.
Jane-holly M.
We took a trip on the Reefdancer on 3/16/2021 and it was so much fun! I went previously with my husband and youngest two years ago, but this time we were...
Melissa P.
Melissa P.
Great activity for the kids! Only 1 hour, cool air down below, saw lots of fish, and very educational!
Shantell C.
Shantell C.
This was the highlight of our vacation and we were here for 7 days and did about every activity you can imagine. I would highly recommend Reef Dancer!
Sheley D.
Sheley D.
Lots of fun! We had a great time and will definitely be back! The crew was so fun and interactive!
Carl C.
Carl C.
I will do it again. Great staff, clean boat, clear water beautiful site to see.
Shane G.
Shane G.
The best! Flew over from Oahu for a quick outer island trip and came across this great activity for our 1 year old. Crew was great, informative and funny....
Michail Alimpertis
Michail A.
It is truly a unique experience that you should not miss. The waters are crystal clear and you can discern all kinds of tropical fish that exist where your divers bring short sea urchins, octopuses and more. People are professional.ALOHA
Alex Hartzog
Alex H.
I had a wonderful time riding front seat with the Reef Dancer crew! Leena's narration was superb and the divers were on top of their game, bringing awesome sea creatures up to the boat for us to SEA! One of the divers, Reece, even juggled a few Shark Pillows for the adoring crowds surrounding the window. The Admiral, Heidi, even got out of the boat to hunt down two octopuses for us to have a look at. They were exquisite! Another diver, Will, found a baby sea cucumber and used it as a mustache. Included in the tour was a reef chart highlighting all of the fish we could find on our journey. The guide was written in English, Japanese and Hawai'ian, making the tour very educational and accessible to many people. Overall I highly recommend it for all ages and abilities, and the semi-submersible is a great way to get over fear of the sea.
Austin Y.
Austin Y.
What a great experience! The crew was great. The views were amazing. This was more than worth the money. I would recommend this trip to anyone visiting Maui.
shmyla siddiqui
shmyla S.
Great for a simple submarine ride. It was our first time and we loved the experience. The staff themselves were every educated and kind. My 3 year old had a blast and was asking to go again. Great views. Would recommend it for families on a budget but still looking for a fun experience.
Mammoth Team Real Estate
Mammoth Team Real E.
Great option for families with kids that wouldn't be able to snorkel. Bring the Dramamine if you have issues, but otherwise, a great and quick hour tour with a couple divers showing kids sealife. We were able to see all of the sea creatures on their provided list and the novelty of a "submarine" was not lost on us.
Sarah G.
Sarah G.
We had a great time!! We checked in a few minutes prior to boarding at slip #6, and Received our boarding passes from Maggie. She was friendly and smiling!...
T Martin
T M.
We were given this as a gift from the parents after looking into it last time we were here. Didn't know what to expect but had a great time. The 4yr old loved seeing under the water, and the spot they took us to had amazing coral. The staff was friendly and informative. We saw a lot of fish, coral and 1 turtle. Would do it again next time we come to Maui.
Zane Slack
Zane S.
Awesome experience seeing the reef up close and personal. Very informative and knowledgable narrator, smooth ride, great and fun dive crew... saw lots of reef ocean life. The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves...
Tammy L.
Tammy L.
Believe it or not, this is one of the cheaper activities you can do in Hawaii with your family.... but I recommend this activity to families with kids or...
Lawrence M.
Lawrence M.
We just got back and I wanted to personally thank the divers and crew for a great time out for our family. We saw 2 octopus (octopi?) and a bunch of other...
Kandi Simpson
Kandi S.
Wasn't sure exactly what to expect but was very pleased with booking this excursion & really enjoyed it!!! Heidi & her crew were all awesome & would recommend them!!! I almost forgot... I loved that they took your picture & gave you the picture instead of charging you for it like most other excursions do!
Babar R
Babar R
It's a must everyone visiting Muai, for grown ups and young ones, really fascinating experience. Seeing the beauty in the deep. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. You never know what goodies divers would be finding. Besides showing the creatures divers make sure if they find any trash in the sea to bring it to boat. Highly recommended

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