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Hana and Haleakala - 45 Minutes

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Air Maui Helicopters - Hana and Haleakala - 45 Minutes ( Air Tours)
Air Maui Helicopter tours Hana 81
Air Maui Helicopters - Hana and Haleakala - 45 Minutes (Waterfalls)
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Air Maui Helicopters - Hana and Haleakala - 45 Minutes ( West Maui Mountains)
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Air Maui Helicopters - Hana and Haleakala - 45 Minutes (West Maui)
Air Maui Helicopters - Hana and Haleakala - 45 Minutes (The Pilot)

Air Maui Helicopters – Hana and Haleakala – 45 Minutes

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Air Maui Helicopters Hana and Haleakala 45 Minute Tour

Air Maui Helicopters Hana and Halealaka tour is truly a breath-taking tour that brings you to the remote backside of Haleakala and the beautiful coastline known as the Road to Hana. Hana is known for having the some of the most amazing scenery in the world and for having dozens of magnificent, large waterfalls along the way that are inland from the road. Known for its desolate beauty, the House of the Sun, Haleakala Volcano, has a Martian landscape that is only viewable by helicopter. Flying to parts of Haleakala National Park to parts inaccessible by road or by foot, you’ll see some of the unique spectacles Hawaii has to offer in this diverse ecosystem. The sparkle of the morning combined with waterfalls flowing from a night tropical rain make this flight both unique and beautiful. Many of the pilots at Air Maui are veterans of the US armed forces and have flown helicopters around the world for the USA. Air Maui Helicopters gives you an opportunity to see some of the most amazing sights in all of Hawaii in an incredibly safe and comfortable environment. Seeing the Hawaiian Islands in a helicopter is the single best way to see the most sights in the least amount of time!

Waterfalls, Mountains, Canyons, Volcanic Calderas, and More

The waterfalls of this tour are certainly one of the highlights. There are many other highlights that are of interest also, like the great sea arch in Hana and the thin threads of silver; waterfalls that snake down the mountain into flowing streams coursing through narrow canyons before they pour into the ocean. If you haven’t got the time to see all of Maui by land, and wish to discover some of the beauty that makes Maui so special, this Maui helicopter tour is exactly what you are looking for.

Air Maui Helicopters Known for Safety

Air Maui flies A-Star helicopters and boasts a perfect safety record, so don’t worry if it’s your first time in a helicopter. It’s completely safe! If you’re interested in discovering Molokai with Air Maui Helicopters, see those tours here!

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Air Maui Helicopters Hana and Haleakala - 45 Minutes

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Meet for the Air Maui Helicopters Hana and Haleakala tour at the Kahului Heliport, located at the last hanger on the left.

You Must Book in Advance to Get a Seat

Guidelines for Air Maui Helicopters Hana and Haleakala:
Max weight 240 lbs. If you’re over 240 lbs, booking an additional seat is required.
A-Star Helicopter max weight limit 1100lb.
No Ipads/tablets are allowed on board.
No selfie sticks
No bags are allowed on board.
48 Hour cancellation policy
All Bookings Inside 72 hours Are Subject to Approval From Vendor

There is a PRE-PAID Heliport parking fee. $5 (for 2hrs). Parking machine takes VISA/MC (NO AMEX) or EXACT change when paying cash. No cash change is given.

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Scott Groleau
Scott G.
Awesome! When I realized I would be sitting in the middle seat in the back, I was initially disappointed, because I figured I would be unable to see well. To my pleasant surprise, the pilot, Dylan, rotated the helicopter in different positions so that everyone was able to enjoy great views and take pictures/videos. It was my first time in a helicopter, and I felt safe at all times. Takeoff and landing was very smooth, as was the whole flight. Dylan was very knowledgeable about landmarks and historical information. Based on my experience today, I would highly recommend it!
Desiree U.
Desiree U.
A few years back me and a friend had the pleasure of taking an Air Maui helicopter tour called the " Complete Island Tour" this tour went by Haleakala...
Brian Winfrey
Brian W.
One of the most exciting thing I have done in a long time. Dave was the pilot and Was great very knowledgeable and makes you feel it easy. 10 🌟 in my book..
Judy S.
Judy S.
Great helicopter tours and the best safety record among the Maui agencies! (There's a picture of Oprah going on an Air Maui tour!) All the helicopter tour...
Scott Mota Jr.
Scott Mota J.
My girlfriend and I had a wonderful experience on our helicopter tour. Seeing the many cascading waterfalls in Hana was awe inspiring. The picture and video we purchased at the end was completely worth it to us. I've hiked all over Maui but this was a completely new way to experience the beauty and majesty of the island. Our pilot, Cameron Meldahl, was fantastic. He even turned back and forth so everyone could get great photos and video of the rainbows that formed near the waterfalls. He was very knowledgeable and kept the ride smooth. I would definitely recommend Air Maui.
Tamika Mars
Tamika M.
Amazing tour. We purchased the 45 minute tour, which was totally enough time for our first helicopter ride. The views of the waterfall is so beautiful and priceless. I thought I would be nervous, but they get up in the air quickly, not leaving much time for nerves. This was the best price on the island and the staff were great.
margarita lopez
margarita L.
Loved everything about it! The pilot was great. Amazing view. We did the doors off and WE LOVE IT. It was perfect! One of the best things we did in Hawaii. Highly recommended. The company was very professional. We felt super safe.

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