Haleakala Bike Tours

Haleakala Bike Tours

A Unique Bike Experience on MauiHaleakala Bike Tours

Haleakala National Park is one of Maui’s most treasured locations. From the peak of this 10,000-foot volcano its possible to see as far as 100 miles away on a clear day with spectacular views of the other volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii. These Haleakala bike tours give you a unique way to explore this national treasure and to have a blast on your way back. After watching the sunrise or after a mid-day tour of the park, you’ll hop on one of these specially designed downhill hybrid road bikes for a cruise downhill through the lush, rural Upcountry Maui community that includes highlights such as Makawao town and the Lavender farm. Choosing which one of these Haleakala bike tours that’s right for you is easy, decide if seeing the magical sunrise is worth getting up at 2 am for, if it is, choose the sunrise tour, if it’s not, the mid-day tour takes you to all the same sites and includes the same famous bike ride down. As of 2017, Haleakala National Park has limited the number of permits it provides to activity companies and as of now the open seats for the journey have been restricted. This has both increased the rates by the activity companies and limited availability, if this tour is on your list, book as soon as possible to avoid hearing those two bad words…sold out. We guarantee the best prices on these tours, but rates have increased. Haleakala Bike Tours remains one of the most popular and unique experiences on Maui and if the price is a consideration for you, give us a call at 855-268-0387 and give us a good reason to give you a bigger discount and we will do it!

Haleakala Bike Tours

The eastern side of Maui hosts a massive shield volcano. Forming more than 75% of the island, the volcano is a wonder of geology and continues to stand in all its glory. Filled with heights and depressions, the Martian landscape intrigues all that choose to visit. The “House of the Sun” is the tallest point on Maui. But a look at the landscape is not all that Haleakala entails. Confused what more could a shield volcano and the rugged landscape give you? Adventurous bike tours of course!

Haleakala National Park offers the experience of a lifetime. As you ride down the sides of this crater on a specially designed hybrid bike, everything seems surreal. This bike ride experience entails a feeling of freedom combined with a sense of awareness. As you ride downward from a height of 10,000 feet, the feeling of the wind against your body sends an adrenaline rush through your body. But, as you relax into the ride, you’ll notice how smooth and comfortable the ride down really is. Suddenly as the surroundings go by in a whizz, the sights of Upcountry Maui and you feel on top of the world (or actually Mount Haleakala).

Riding Down a Volcano on Maui

Not many places in the world offer a tour quite like this one.

The usual route for this journey spans a variety of places. A popular tour type is the Summit Sunrise Tour. As the company van picks you up and takes you for the crater’s summit, you are given some guidance on the surrounding area’s history and geology. From how the mountain was formed, to the rare flora and fauna found here, the tour is very informative for an outsider visiting Maui or even a local living here their whole life. You’ll enjoy the famous sunrise experience and after a thorough briefing on the do’s and don’ts of the bike ride, you will be given access to your bicycle for the 26-mile journey down.

As you ride down, on the western slopes of Haleakala on a Haleakala bike tour you will wander through Kula – an upcountry district of Maui. If you wish to stay, you can choose to (if the tour allows), or make your way further down. You will also come in contact with the upcountry town of Makawao. Located on the northwest slope of the Haleakala, Makawao is the biggest town in the series of upcountry towns gracing Maui. The beauty of all upcountry places of Maui is in the details. Here you will find attractions you won’t find elsewhere, not even in other parts of Maui. As these interior towns give a homey vibe, they are true depictions of prevalent culture and traditions. For an up-close and personal view of the beauty of Maui, a visit to such towns is essential.

As you continue to proceed down the slope, pineapple and sugar cane fields grace your journey. Stay to admire their beauty, or stay on your bike for the journey’s completion at the Paia beach park.

Wondering which tour company to choose from the wide array of choices, for your bike tour? Let us make your choice easier:

Haleakala Bike Company

The Haleakala Bike Co. operates to make people aware of the beauty encompassed by Maui county via bike rides. Established in 1994, the tour company differentiates itself from others by providing the option of self-guided tours. If you are one who fidgets each time someone instructs you the way to drive and route to take, or do not want to have someone looking over your shoulder the entire way of the bike ride – the Haleakala Bike Company understands your feelings.

These tours begin from the Haleakala National Park and go downhill. As you are handed over sturdy Gary Fischer mountain bikes, your journey does not have to be restricted by group travel. With Haleakala Bike Company, you are allowed to travel as per your heart’s desire on their Haleakala bike tour. If you wish to stop at Makawao on the way down, you are more than welcome to do so.

Providing rented bikes, the company ensures people travel this journey at their own pace. For the adventurists in search of the ‘road less traveled’, the off-road route of the Skyline Road is another option they could opt for.

Maui Mountain Cruisers

A highly recommended bike tour company, the Maui Mountain Cruisers fulfill the integrity of their name completely. Offering a variety of guided and self-guided tours, the company ensures all visitors who come to the Haleakala crater in search of a memorable experience, return to their homeland with a grin on their faces and beautiful memories in their hearts.

There are 3 main tours – the sunrise guided tour, and mid-day guided and a self-guided tour. Offering bikes to people above the age of 12, the staff of Maui Mountain Cruisers is immensely experienced in what they do. Asking you to wear long pants, sunglasses, and close-toed shoes for protection – the company takes care of all other things. The route of the tour remains similar to its competitors. However, while the tour guides narrate the information of surrounding areas and their historical importance on the guided tours, they also take care of the foodies on board. Providing beverages and snacks before departure, and even the option of round-trip transportation, the tour takes over any worry you may have.

Mountain Riders

Hosting the longest bike ride amongst any of the other bike companies, the ride down the Haleakala crater with Mountain Riders is unlike any other. This company offers 3 tours: the Maui Sunrise Volcano Bike tour, Pre-Dawn Bike tour, and Day Bike Tour. As you make your way to Haleakala in the tour van, get set for a tour you are bound to remember. After some free coffee and snacks, you are given state of the art Volcano Chrome Cruiser Bikes. A helmet is also given because, in such journeys, safety always comes first!

As you make your way upcountry through the mesmerizing route, Mountain Riders will also take care of one other worry you may have. If there are family members who will join you on the tour but do not wish to ride the bike themselves, fret not for Mountain Riders has an upcountry Van tour to cater to that need.

Looking for an earthly experience, different from the usual Maui Things to Do? These Haleakala bike tours have you covered.

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