Maui Water Activities & Ocean Sports

Maui Water Activities & Ocean Sports

Wide Variety of Maui Ocean Activities & Water Sports

The serene waters of the Pacific Ocean surround the beautiful Island of Maui. With an incredible amount of fun Maui ocean activities and tours to do, the tough part is picking which one is right for you. This complete selection of fun activities and water sports is everything we offer on the water. Snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, dinner cruises, inter-island tours, we’ve got it all. Not only do we carry all of the best adventures, but we also offer all of Maui’s top activity companies at the lowest available prices.

Here you will find all of the most popular snorkeling companies such as Trilogy, Quicksilver, Pacific Whale Foundation, Teralani, and Maui Dive Shop. There is also a wide selection of dinner cruises and sunset sails with Lahaina Cruise Company and Gemini Charters. Most of the exciting and best things to do on your vacation to Maui are out on the water, if you’ve never been snorkeling or sailing, don’t panic, we’re ready for you! All of these Maui ocean activities offer equipment and snorkeling instructions.

If you are prone to seasickness, tell us in advance and we will put you on our most stable crafts. If you’re looking for an adventure, book a high-speed powered raft to Lanai or the Kanaio Coast. With so many fun choices you really can’t make a wrong decision!

Maalaea Harbor Tours

Maalaea Harbor is the spot that has it all. Located between the airport and resort areas it boasts everything from sailing to whale watching, snorkeling, and turtle sightings and all in one place. Although not an ocean activity per se -it is a jumping-off point for all ocean activities. Think of it as the Maui all-in-one package! Relaxation on the water or energy-filled activities that keep you going all day long. This is why Maalaea Harbor is great for families and groups. Everyone can enjoy has their preferred choice all in one place.

Book your open water boat tour or plan to chill out in the sand, Maalaea Harbor is the base point for everything Maui has to offer. Then when you have finished all your tours for the day, enjoy all that the shops and restaurants have to offer. Pick up some souvenirs and snacks as you leisurely take to the shops. This area makes a great meet-up spot for larger groups and big families that have split up to explore on their own.

Lahaina Harbor Tours

Certainly one of the most well-known harbors in all of Hawaii, our boat tours and water sports out of Lahaina are a must! Plan to spend some time on the famous Front Street where some of Maui’s amazing historical locations, best restaurants, and shopping are to be found.

Kaanapali Tours

Another convenient departure location in West Maui is Kaanapali Beach boat tours and water sports departure location. Find the perfect ocean activity for your day or night from luxury sunset sails on a catamaran to wonderful snorkeling adventures for the whole family!

Fun Things to Do In The Water off Maui

Maui Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Maui is one of the most exciting ocean activities that you can try. The warm, calm waters around Maui are filled with exotic wildlife that makes the experience unparalleled.

Here are some of the best locations to try snorkeling around Maui:

  • Black Rock Beach has some of the best snorkeling sights and underwater views. Just watch out for those rip currents!
  • Honolua Bay is a famous surf break during the north swells of the winter because it is between two rocky cliffs and sheltered on both ends of the cover. This makes for calm waters and constant smooth conditions during the summer as the ocean swells from the south. The rocky pathway down is slippery though, so watch your step!
  • Molokini Crater is an experience like none other. Crystal clear waters, a diverse marine ecosystem, and all-time scenery make this tour special.
  • Kapalua Bay is all about ease and convenience. With sandy beaches, showers, and bathrooms, it makes for an easy day trip with the exception that there aren’t any lifeguards at this beach. The reef is filled with life which makes this a great spot for snorkeling.
  • Maluaka Beach There’s a reason this spot is called Turtle Town! Just off the coast is a reef that is home to Honu-the Hawaiian sea turtle and hundreds of fish. A perfect snorkeling spot that will have you never wanting to leave.

Maui Whale Watching

The waters around Maui are renowned for North Pacific Humpback Whale sightings. These majestic sea mammals pass through the area during their annual winter migration, which is typically between November and May. Maui’s peak whale-watching season, however, is from mid-January to March. Taking a whale-watching cruise is an unforgettable experience and will surely be the highlight of your trip to Maui!

There are many whale-watching trips to choose from and each offers some different highlights. Here are a few of the top options:

  • Pacific Whale Foundation

Advocacy and adventure all in one. The Pacific Whale Foundation focuses on eco-tourism. You get to enjoy an educational whale-watching cruise and the profits help the foundation with its research and conservation.

  • Ultimate Whale Watch

Featured on many TV networks, this is a group that takes you out in small groups on fast, low-lying raft vessels. The Ultimate Whale Watch boats are perfect for up close and personal views as these majestic sea creatures frolic in the nearby waters.

Molokini Snorkeling

Although Maui is known for its many amazing snorkeling spots, none are more diverse than the uninhabited islet of Molokini. Just off the Maui coastline, this area is actually a crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater. It is the remains of one of the seven Pleistocene volcanoes that helped to form the island of Maui in prehistoric times. Molokini Crater is only reachable by boat and offers the absolute best views beneath the waves.

With glassy aquamarine-colored waters and a sandy beach on one side to a high rocky area with a deep drop-off on the other, visitors on these top water sports tours have the opportunity to see two very different underwater worlds. Molokini’s islet back wall is home to many deep-water sea creatures such as manta rays and whale sharks while the shallow side offers views of a vibrant reef that houses over 250 species of fish. Both sides make the islet of Molokini a unique snorkeling and scuba diving area. Molokini is also home to the Hawaii Seabird Sanctuary, making it a perfect spot for birdwatchers and photographers alike!

How to get there:

  • Express boat – a quick little trip straight to the best snorkeling spots both at the front and back wall of the crater
  • Glass Bottom boats and larger charters – a more leisurely way to tour to this lovely spot and helpful if there are people on your trip that don’t want to get in the water but still want to experience this one-of-a-kind place.

An extra bonus is that many boat tours often run across whales on their way in and out of the islet. So, keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready. You never know what could be jumping out of the water!

Atlantis Submarine

If snorkeling doesn’t take you where you want to go then perhaps a submarine will. Head down to a depth of 130 feet on the Atlantis submarine! A spacious and comfortable 48-passenger ride down to the depths of the ocean will allow you to relax and enjoy the views for about an hour without getting wet. One of the most impressive underwater attractions is the sunken remains of the “Carthaginian”. This is a replica of a whaling ship and was once a floating museum docked at the harborside. However, after decades of use, it became too difficult and expensive to maintain. Atlantis Submarine Tours had the ingenious idea to drag it out to sea and purposely sink it. This decision led to the Carthaginian being able to become a host for natural sea life and a fabulous attraction for the Atlantis Submarine dive tours.

Is a submarine not your thing? No problem! There is also the Reefdancer option. This is a shallow water tour that is better than a glass-bottom boat because it is a “semi-submersible” glass-bottom boat tour. The downstairs compartment is always under the water which gives you a fantastic reef viewpoint without the actual dive. 60 and 90-minute boat tours are available.

Turtle Town Maui

Turtle sightings are everywhere on the island of Maui however not everywhere is like Turtle Town. Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle and although they are prevalent in Maui, the official Turtle Town is at Maluaka Beach. This is literally the best spot to see the turtles. Book a snorkeling water sports adventure today!

Maui Sea Turtle/Honu Facts:

  • Honu do not retract their head into their shell-like smaller freshwater turtles.
  • The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle doesn’t get its name from the color of its shell but rather from its skin. That’s because its shell is actually brown, grey, black, or dark olive-colored.
  • Adult Honu are herbivores with serrated jaws for eating seagrasses and algae but their young are omnivores. They feast on insects, crustaceans, worms, seagrasses as well as seagrass and algae.
  • Honu grow to be around 3-4 feet and can weigh up to 300-350 lbs.
  • Honu can live to be 80 to 100 years or more.

Our beautiful Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are endangered so take pictures but don’t touch them!

Maluaka Beach also has a golf resort, sandy beaches, and picnic tables making this a great spot to spend the day.

Maui Sunset Boat Cruise

Sunset sails and cruises are the perfect romantic holiday date night but they can also be a family or group outing. With amazing entertainment like traditional luau performances, delicious local foods, and an open bar all to compliment a sun-kissed backdrop. A Maui sunset cruise can easily be the highlight of your trip! With panoramic views of the coastline and even whale watching -it is all possible aboard a Maui sunset cruise!

Here are the different sunset cruise options off of Maui:

  • Trilogy Sunset Cruise – leaving from both Lahaina Harbor and Maalaea Harbor this is a family-owned business with eco-friendly catamarans and delicious food. Great for groups and families of all ages.
  • Island Rhythms Cruise – leaving from Maalaea Harbor the name makes this cruise pretty obvious! Hot food off the grill experienced bartenders and live music make this the party place to be.
  • Kai Kanai Cocktail Cruise – leaving from the Makena Beach & Golf Resort, the Kai Kanani is one of the most beautiful sailing catamarans in Hawaii. Delicious food and tasty cocktails tasty make this a superb cruising experience. Passengers are limited in order not to have an overcrowded trip. So be sure to book early!
  • Quicksilver Dinner Cruise – leaving from the Maalaea Harbor as well, this cruise has five trips a week with live entertainment, cocktails, and dinner. With the main cabin and outdoor decks, there is something to fit everyone’s tastes.
  • Maui Princess Dinner Cruise – leaving from the Lahaina Harbor this is the dinner and dancing cruise for the ages. Aboard Maui’s largest and most stable 120-foot catamaran, you will be served prime rib, ocean fish, and upscale cocktails all before dancing the night away against the backdrop of a perfect sunset.
  • Pacific Whale Foundation Dinner Cruise – leaving from the Lahaina Harbor as well, this is the same company that offers whale-watching tours in support of conservation. Take a whale-watching tour during the day and one of their incredible dinner cruises at night. Great food, drinks, and an experienced crew will provide the perfect way to experience Maui and is a part of their conservation efforts.

Maui Fishing Charters

Fishing charters on Maui are not just for hard-core fishermen! Hawaii is one of the best spots for sport and deep-sea fishing and it’s one of the most popular ways to fish in the area. This sport is accessible to professional and holiday fishermen alike. Beginners can experience the sport with as much fun and safety as professionals. Catches can include blue marlin, striped marlin, ahi, and Mahi-mahi tuna.

Maui Fishing Options

  • Deep-sea sport fishing/trolling-This is the most popular form of fishing in Maui. Expect a six to eight-hour fishing trip on the open water as you troll the waters for fish such as mahi-mahi, ono, ahi, and marlin.
  • Bottom fishing – Producing smaller fish from the deep such as snapper, Ulua, barracuda, and even shark. Expect a four-hour trip at sea.
  • Shore fishing/casting –Fishing from shore is also possible if you prefer not to head out onto the open ocean. Bonefish are a common catch when shore fishing.
  • Spearfishing – This style requires a solid knowledge of snorkeling and the ability to be comfortable in the water. Guides are always present for both beginners and experienced fishermen alike.
  • Kayak fishing – Paddle a kayak while surface trolling or fly fishing for ahi, Mahi, ono, Ulua, and small shark species.
  • Hawaiian net throwing – A special and traditional technique that does not compare to any other fishing expedition. A great way to fish like a traditional local

Maui Aquarium

The Maui Ocean Center – also known as the Aquarium of Hawaii is a great family-friendly activity. An educational and exciting experience that will leave you with new respect and understanding of the sea. From the story of Maui’s cultural history to the coral reefs, the turtle lagoon exhibit, and the open ocean, the Aquarium is a must-see on your Maui list!

Activities to do at the Maui Ocean Center are as follows: exhibits, outdoor live cams, behind-the-scenes tours, and shark dive encounters as well as dining and shopping experiences.

Exhibits include:

  • Kaho’olawe: A Story of History and Healing
  • Hawaiians and the Sea
  • Living Reef
  • Turtle Lagoon
  • Open Ocean
Have questions about any of our activities? Contact us today!

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