Maui Surfing

Maui Surfing

Learning to Surf the Waves in Maui, Hawaii

Surfing Lessons: Ride the Waves in Hawaii

Discover the exhilarating world of Maui surfing lessons with our experienced instructors at our top-rated Maui surf camps. We offer both group and private rates, tailored to suit your needs and skill level. Whether you’re a first-time surfer or looking to improve your skills, our Maui surfing schools provide the best surf lessons in a fun and safe environment.

Maui Surf Lessons for Kids & Kids at Heart

Maui is the perfect destination for surf enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. We’ve had very young keiki to adventurous retirees take a class. Our expert surf coaches will guide you through the basics of catching waves, standing up on your board, and enjoying the thrill of riding the Maui waves. With our personalized approach, you’ll quickly progress from beginner to confident surfer.

Surf Maui: A Unique Blend of Fitness & Fun

As you master the art of surfing in Maui, you’ll not only experience the excitement of conquering the waves but also benefit from a full-body workout that strengthens muscles and improves balance. Embrace the mental and physical rewards of this invigorating water sport as you connect with the ocean and find your inner peace. Surfing proves a form of meditation.

Choose the Right Maui Surf Spots: Safety First

At our Maui surf camp, we prioritize safety and ensure that our students are learning in the most suitable conditions. We carefully select the best surf spots according to your skill level, so you can enjoy your Maui surfing lessons without any worry.

Things to Do in Maui with Kids: Family-Friendly Surfing Adventures

Our Maui surfing schools cater to families, providing engaging and age-appropriate instruction for children. Share the joy of surfing with your kids and create unforgettable memories while exploring the beautiful Maui surf spots together.

Book Your Maui Surfing Lesson Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride the incredible Maui waves. Reserve your spot and embark on the ultimate surfing adventure. Whether you prefer group or private lessons, we’ve got you covered. Experience the best beginner surfing in Maui and unleash your inner surfer!

Have you been wondering where to learn surfing? There are quite a few places in Maui that offer surf lessons. One of the best options for surf lessons in Maui is found at:

Hang Loose Surf Club: Passionate Surfing Instruction for All Levels

Hang Loose Surf Club, situated at 624 Front Street, Lahaina, was founded by two brothers with a passion for surfing. The club offers lessons for beginners and experts alike on the ideal west side of Maui.

The club provides private, semi-private, and group lessons tailored to individual needs. Private lessons are suitable for children under nine or those seeking privacy during their learning process. Each lesson lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours, starting with onshore instruction before hitting the waves. Extra guidance is provided for participants who need more time to feel confident in the water.

With classes available seven days a week at five different times, Hang Loose Surf Club caters to everyone’s schedule. Bring your towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, and enthusiasm to learn. For those seeking motivation and camaraderie, group lessons accommodate 2-5 students, ensuring a fun and personalized experience.

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Maui Wave Riders: Group & Private Surf Lessons for All Ages

Located in Lahaina and Kihei, Maui Wave Riders offers exceptional surf lessons for people of all ages. Each 2-hour session is divided into two parts: a 10-15 minute onshore instruction followed by hands-on practice in the water.

With four types of sessions available, Maui Wave Riders cater to various surfing preferences. Group sessions are ideal for children or those who enjoy learning with others, while private lessons provide personal attention for beginners or advanced surfers. Intermediate to advanced surfers can benefit from the Surf Safari, and semi-private lessons, accommodating 2-12 students, are perfect for families or groups of friends seeking a fun, educational experience.

Goofy Foot Surf School: Maui’s Premier Surfing Experience

Nestled in picturesque Lahaina, Goofy Foot Surf School has been sharing the joy of surfing with Maui’s residents and visitors since 1994. Founded by Tim Sherer, the school offers both private and group lessons that teach surfing fundamentals while promoting respect for the ocean.

What sets Goofy Foot Surf School apart is its unique approach to teaching and commitment to student success. Their 2-hour group sessions come with a guarantee: “If you don’t ride at least one wave, the lesson is free“! For those seeking personalized attention, private lessons are available in 2 or 3-hour durations to help you maximize your wave count.

Want to capture your progress on film? On-site photographers are available to document your surfing journey. So, head to Maui and dive into the thrilling world of surfing with Goofy Foot Surf School.

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