Maui Surfing

Maui Surfing

Maui Surf Lessons Are For Everyone

We’ve all seen movies or advertisements for great surfing. It looks effortless and inspires a certain feeling in all of us, surfers or not. The idea of riding a wave, surfboard under our feet and the water slightly sprinkling at our bodies – seems like a beautiful feeling indeed. Maui is blessed to be home to a great variety of waves for all skill levels, beginners to advanced.

A globally famous water sport, Maui surfing includes a surfer riding a moving wave, which eventually carries them to shore.  However, surfing is not all that it appears on the surface (pun intended). The specialty of surfing is how it turns out to be a form of aerobic exercise. As you ride the waves, each body part has a role to play, and you strengthen muscles you never even knew you had. However, the exercise does not remain limited to your body, but makes its way to your mind – a peculiarity you will find only in surfing. As the water rushed beside you, and you stand alone on your surfboard, ready to take over the next wave, there is a certain sense of solitude, of peace in the environment. It seems like you are against the world, but you stand independent and sure of yourself. Surfing proves a form of meditation.

Surfing Takes Patience

Maui Surf Lesson

However, this sport is easier said than done. Although it may seem simple on its surface – get on a surfboard and ride the wave – it seldom is. You need immense balance, proper footing, the right surfboard, and of course practice. Especially when deciding to surf in Maui, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Not for beginners, areas like Jaws and Peahi’i produce waves as high as 50 to 60 feet. Thus, if you are visiting Maui, and have plans for surfing, it is important for you to master this sport.

Wondering where to learn surfing? There are a lot of places in Maui that offer surf lessons. One of the best surf lessons are given at:

Hang Loose Surf Club

Located at 624 Front Street, Lahaina, Hang Loose Surf Club has made its mark in the genre of surfing. The passion for surfing of two brothers inspired this business to begin. They love teaching, be it one who has never surfed before, or an expert. There is always something to learn at the Hang Loose Surf Club. The west side of Maui is perfect for learning to surf.

Offering a variety of surfing lesson types, there is a choice between private, semi-private, and group lessons. For children below the age of 9, or people who are hesitant when they learn and thus wish for some privacy – the private one on one surfing lessons work best. Lasting about 90 mins to 2 hours, the lesson includes some time onshore whereby you will be taught the basics of surfing and required information. After which you will be given the go-ahead to take your board in the water. Keeping in mind security concerns, if someone is not ready to take the water, they will be given further personal attention, and will not be told to test the waters until they are completely ready.

Offering classes 7 days a week at 5 different times, Hang Loose Surf Club upholds the convenience of its budding surfers. Whether the weekend works best for you, or you are a weekday person, fret not for there is a time and day for you. Simply book your lesson, select your day, and arrive at the academy – towel, bathing suit, and sunscreen in hand, and the will to learn in your hearts.

If you need the motivation to learn and are hesitant in going alone, Hang Loose Surf Club has something in store for you too. Book group lessons. Allowing a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 students per group, the group surf lessons ensure the right amount of personal attention alongside immense fun.

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Maui Wave Riders

Situated in Lahaina and Kihei, Maui Wave Riders is another wonderful academy providing surf lessons to all. It prides itself on catering to people of all age groups and providing personalized surf lessons accordingly.

Each of the sessions lasts approximately 2 hours, which is divided into two parts. The first 10-15 minutes are spent teaching on land. The basic surfing guidelines are given, alongside safety precautions for when surfing in the ocean lining Maui. After this, the remainder of the lesson is spent on the water, as you begin to try and surf the incoming waves.

There are 4 types of sessions that cater to 4 different types of surfers. For children and those who love working in groups, the group session is the best choice. Those who wish to have personal attention, or want an advanced lesson on surfing can opt for the private lesson. While for intermediate to advanced surfers, the Surf Safari works wonders. There is another great lesson type which is best for a group of friends or a family of budding surfers – the semi-private lesson. Consisting of 2-12 students, consider it a small party whereby children and adults learn hand-in-hand – fun and learning? Yes, please!

Goofy Foot Surf School

As cute as the name sound, the Goofy Foot Surf School is one of the best Maui has to offer for surf lessons. Located in beautiful Lahaina, this school was opened in 1994 by Tim Sherer, who wished to introduce the people of Maui to the charm of surfing and its connection with Mother Ocean.

Similar to its other counterparts, the Goofy Foot Surf Schools offer two sorts of surf lessons; private and group. Teaching you the basic fundamentals of surfing, alongside instilling respect and awareness within you about the ocean, the school differs from the others in its way of teaching.

Goofy Foot Surf School considers it a privilege to make others aware of the beauty of surfing and thus does not necessarily entail monetary gains. How so? As you sign up for the 2-hour long group session, it is guaranteed that you will successfully be able to ride at least one wave. If you don’t, the session goes free!

On the other hand, the Private Surf Lessons work hard in ensuring you leave the lesson having learned a lot of surfing, and drastically increased your wave count. You can opt for a 2 or 3-hour long session, whatever suits you best.

Wish for pictures to capture these beautiful learning moments on film? Goofy Foot Surf School also has on hand photographers to fulfill your wish.

Can’t wait to surf your heart out? Visit Maui, learn this sport, and jump in (the water of course!).

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