Circle Island

You can now see the entire island of Maui in one 60 or 90-minute helicopter tour. Perfect for those on the island for a short period of time trying to see as many cool things as they can or for those who have already seen Molokai. On one of these circle island tours, you can see West Maui and Haleakala as well as Hana. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers the most comprehensive circle island tour with the eco-spectacular 90-minute tour in their upgraded eco-star helicopter. Kahului heliport is your departure point for all of these tours and serves a convenient central location for all of Maui’s helicopter tours. The interior valleys of West Maui provide an impressive detail of what is actually a sunken caldera of a collapsed volcano. Hundreds of thousands of years ago West Maui was a volcano but has since collapsed inwards upon itself creating a web of dramatic valleys and waterfalls. Advance reservations are required for these tours.

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