Best Maui Snorkel Trips (Top 7)
The 7 Best Maui Snorkel Trips #7 Best Maui Snorkel Trips – Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel Go to Lanai on a fast speedboat that departs ...(see more)

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101 Maui Things to Do (#40-#101)
 101 Maui Things to Do #39 Maui Things to Do – Northshore Zipline One of our very favorite activity companies on Maui is located upcountry ...(see more)

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Best Maui Luaus and Shows (Top 7)
Best Maui Luaus and Shows Looking to book a Maui Luau for the upcoming Maui Vacation? You are in luck because we have put together ...(see more)

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Best Family West Maui Beaches
Best Family West Maui Beaches Traveling across the vast Pacific Ocean with your family can be daunting enough. Once you finally get to Maui and ...(see more)

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The Road to Hana
Choosing Your Road to Hana Experience Doesn’t Have to be Difficult   Road to Hana Tours (Guided or Self-Guided) The Road to Hana spans the ...(see more)

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One Night at a Maui Luau
Maui Luaus (Why They are Popular) On the top of the list for things to do on Maui is an authentic Polynesian or Hawaiian luau. ...(see more)

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Alii Nui For years, dozens of different companies have been taking Maui visitors out to Molokini crater to snorkel in the incredibly clear waters and ...(see more)

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Burn’N Love Maui has become something a cult phenomenon. Who would have expected an Elvis show to climb its way to the very top of the ...(see more)

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