Maui Sunrise Tour

Of all the tours on Maui, the sunrise tour is certainly one of the most unique and special tours. The sunrise at the top of the house of the sun at Haleakala National Park is an ‘event’ that Maui is blessed to have every morning as the sun breaks the horizon and the lucky few get a rare moment to capture of glimpse of something truly spectacular. Due to an increase in demand for this event, the National Park Service has begun restricting entry to the park for the sunrise for protective purposes. Beginning in 2018, the number of Maui activity companies that can bring visitors to the park has dramatically decreased, fewer seats means higher prices and less availability. This sunrise event with or without the bike ride down is something that you will need to schedule weeks in advance. Maui Tickets for Less is dedicated to getting you the lowest possible prices on this and all other Maui activities, give us a call to see if we have last minute seats or other promotional offers at 855-268-0387 or by tapping the icon below.

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