Maui Tickets For Less Terms & Conditions

Maui Tickets For Less operational policies provide details on what you can expect from us, what we need from you, and how we implement the terms and conditions of your purchase.

What You Can Expect from Maui Tickets For Less

1: Once you place an order online we will create a voucher in our reservation system with your information and confirm every event requested. Your card is not charged immediately, only once we have confirmed availability. Our online calendars are not real-time.

2: We will then e-mail you a confirmation with an electronic ticket for every event once we have confirmed with the activity company.

3: If there are any minor issues with availability we will work with you to find a date and time that works.

4: We will contact you while we are confirming reservations to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want. If you need to cancel or adjust a reservation, you may do so up to 48 hours prior to the event, excluding activities that do not allow, such as inter-island flights.

Who We Are 

Maui Tickets For Less is a locally owned and operated family business. Born from a passion for traveling and enthusiasm for having fun in Hawaii, Maui Tickets For Less was created to assist visitors to Maui in making their activity reservations.  Our electronic voucher delivery system allows you the freedom to order at any time and receive tickets on the go, so you have more time enjoying Maui, which is what your vacation is all about.

You will find that as a company we are more than competitive across the board with every web site promoting Maui activities. Our “Price Guarantee” ensures that you will receive the best value for your dollar with every activity. Our service is free, no gimmicks, no timeshare and no voucher pick-up. We do not add a fee for using a credit card or inflate the tax to the retail rates on discounted prices like many of our competitors do.

Take your time and browse the website. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. Our toll-free number is 855-268-0387. Or you can use our direct line: 808-856-3500.

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Thank you very much for allowing us to serve you.

Cancellation | Refund Policy
1. There is no penalty for canceling any activity before we process your tickets.

2. Within 48 hours of the check-in for the activity all activities are non-refundable. There is no exception to this policy. Some vendors have a greater period of up to 72 hours for canceling. If this is the case, the greater cancellation policy per the vendors’ request will be detailed in the voucher notes for that activity. The 72-hour cancellation policy stated in the voucher notes pertaining to that specific activity supersedes all other cancellation policies. No cancellation fee for canceling on time.

3. All one day tours that involve airline travel are non-refundable once they are scheduled. Any rescheduling is subject to standard airline rescheduling fees. Correction of spelling in the name as stated in your photo ID is subject to standard airline change fees.

4. If any activity is canceled by the vendor for any reason we will refund the entire value of the ticket 100%. This includes any issue with weather or any other factors out of your control such as mechanical failure aboard any charter boat, van tour or any other activity that is powered by mechanical means. This doesn’t include delays.

5. Traffic accidents: From time to time there are traffic accidents leading into West Maui (Lahaina) on the Honoapiilani Highway (30) that prevents you from reaching the activity. This is out of your control as the road is probably closed. We will either try to reschedule the event if at all possible or credit you. We do recommend you leave early to allow for traffic delays. These decisions are made by the activity vendor.

6. You are liable to the terms and conditions of the credit card you used for processing your vouchers regardless if you attend the activity or not.

7. Refunds: All refunds are handled timely. Usually the day of, but can take up to a couple of days for us to process. Once we process the refund, the credit back into your account is in the hands of the credit card issuer. We will e-mail you a refund notice that will include a copy of your credit card receipt.

Non-Refundable Cases:
Maui Tickets For Less non-refundable cancellation policy is stated below. All the clauses listed are deemed non-refundable.

1. All activities within the 48 hour prior to check in. No exception. Maui Tickets For Less is the point of origin for the reservation. Our cancellation policies supersede the vendor’s in all cases.

2. You no-showed the scheduled activity for any reason.

3. The vendor refused your participation in the activity for any reason regarding the requirements of the activity.
Any requirements required by the vendor are listed in the activity brief for the event. This also includes the guest assuming that any measures taken to by-pass the requirements will allow them to participate. This includes recent injuries, older nagging injuries that create a physical health risk in any capacity, intoxication, pregnancy, broken bones, surgeries, weight requirements, heart conditions, bad backs or any other medical condition that not acceptable to the vendor. If you have any questions regarding any of these requirements, please call us.

4. The following events have requirements listed in the web site.
   4-A Zipline Tours: The zip line vendor refused your participation in the activity for any reason regarding the requirements of the activity.
All requirements for participating in the zip line tours on Maui are listed in the activity description. Any attempt to by-pass the guidelines on your own without informing Tickets For Less of the issue is unacceptable. If the zip line vendor refuses your participation, you are still liable for the tickets. This includes recent injuries, older nagging injuries that create a physical health risk in any capacity, intoxication, pregnancy, broken bones, surgeries, weight requirements, heart conditions, bad backs or any other medical condition that not acceptable to the vendor. If you have any questions regarding any of these requirements, please call us.
   4-B Bike Tours: Requirements are that all riders must be at least 12 years old and at least 4’11” in height. No pregnant women. No people who have had broken bones or surgery within one year of the tour date. If you are refused participation by the vendor at the time of the activity due to failure to disclose any injury, recent or otherwise, is non-refundable. You should be able to safely steer a bike down steep hills and through sharp curves. If you haven’t ridden a bike in 20 years you should reconsider this event. This is not the place to get reacquainted with riding a bicycle. This activity is not for everyone. It can be quite intimidating riding a bike down Haleakala. This event is not for the casual bike rider who is looking for a thrill. This can be a dangerous downhill bike ride which could result in serious injury or death. For your own safety, know your limitations.
   4-C Scuba Diving: All certified scuba dives require a dive certification card. If you forget to bring your c-card on your vacation and are denied by the dive master because of it, there is no refund. If you are a certified diver and you did forget to bring your dive card, please let us know. It is not difficult to get PADI or NAUI to send out a copy. This also includes the guest failing the medical questionnaire that is required by the dive companies for you to fill out before diving. The questionnaire is listed on the scuba diving page. The questionnaire is given to all divers, whether introductory divers or certified diver and is mandatory. Please be familiar with this medical questionnaire as there are no refunds if you are denied the dive due to failing the questionnaire.
   4-D Parasailing: The minimum weight for a single is 125 pounds. For tandem (2 going together) the maximum weight is 425 pounds. The parasailing company requires this selection at the time of the booking. If you decide not to parasail once you have boarded the boat, we will not downgrade the ticket to an observer. If you have a fear of heights, you should not book this event.
   4-E Rafting: Any and all rafting adventures listed have the following guidelines: no expecting mothers, no children under 5 and no back or neck problems. If an injury of any type occurs before your vacation to Maui, call us so we can cancel the activity. Showing up to the activity with a recent injury without disclosing the injury to us is non-refundable. This includes every rafting charter on our website. Motion sickness is not grounds for a refund.
   4-F Helicopters: This includes any helicopter company listed on our website. All helicopter companies are required by the FAA to weigh every passenger before the flight. The maximum weight allowed is 250lb per guest. If you exceed 250lb and are not honest regarding your actual weight, the ticket is non-refundable. Your weight as stated to us will be included in the notes of the voucher. The helicopter company will weigh each guest and compare the weight to the weight we listed in the voucher. Any weight discrepancies that require extra payment for a comfort seat are at the expense of the guest. Accurate weights are vital to the load limit of the helicopter that involves the safety of all guests. Canceling the flight at the time of determination by the helicopter company is non-refundable.
   4-G Horseback Riding: All stables listed in our web site have age and weight restrictions. The guidelines are as follows per stable.
   1. Mendes Ranch: Age is 7 years old and up. Maximum weight allowed is 260 pounds. No expecting mothers or people with bad backs.
   2. Ironwood Ranch: Age is 8 years old and up. Maximum weight allowed is 210 pounds. Minimum height is 4. No expecting mothers or people with bad backs.
   3-H Resort Pick-Ups: All bike companies and coach tours on our website provide resort pick up. If you haven’t provided us with the correct resort, it becomes impossible for them to pick you up. Getting the actual name of your resort is paramount in being picked up by the vendor. Missing the shuttle service for providing incorrect resort information or any other reason is non-refundable. When we e-mail you your confirmation, the name of the resort you are staying at, as you provided it to us, will be listed in the schedule of events. If you don’t address the error by calling or e-mailing us with the correct resort, is non-refundable. All vendors on our website who provide resort pick up will call to reconfirm the day before. They do this to touch bases with the guest to reconfirm the pick-up time and location. There may have been some changes to your reservation that require notification. If you provided us with a cell phone contact, they will call you. Please keep your cell phone on and charged.
   3-I Maui Kayaks: The age requirement is 8 years old and up.

4. One Day Tours: All one day tours that require an airline carrier such as Hawaiian Airlines or any other air carrier that offers one day tours to other Islands in Hawaii, are non-refundable once the reservation is placed.
These events are considered standard air travel with the policies that are normally included in airfare purchase. The following policies apply and are non-refundable under any circumstances.
   4-A: You forgot to bring a valid photo ID. All airline travel requires a valid photo ID.
   4-B: You forgot the ticket and the vendor refused your entry or participation. All one day tours require a voucher or ticket to be presented upon checking in at the airport. Being refused boarding because you forgot your voucher or ticket is non-refundable.
   4-C: All airline carriers require your full name on the reservation exactly as it appears on your valid photo ID. Any rescheduling is subject to standard airline rescheduling fees. Correction of spelling in the name as stated in your photo ID is subject standard airline change fees.

5. Submarines: The minimum height for Atlantis Submarines is 36 inches. You must be able to navigate a steep ladder when entering the Submarine. All children regardless of age must be 36inches tall and be able to navigate the steep ladder by themselves.

6. Expeditions: This vendor is governed by Home Land Security as they are a transportation company. You must have a valid photo ID for any of the Expedition activities listed on our website. This is required. We have provided a data field that requires you to enter every person going on Expeditions first and last name. This includes all children no matter how young.

7. Charter Boats: Motion sickness is not grounds for a refund. This includes all snorkel charter, fishing charters, sunset cruises, whale watching charters, parasailing boats, rafting charters and submarines listed on our website.

You can contact us from anywhere. Our toll-free number is 1-855-268-0387. Maui Tickets For Less is open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily Hawaiian Time.
Our direct line for international calls is 808-856-3500. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Be on the lookout for our e-mails and we will all have fun and be happy. It’s that easy!

Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you.


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