Maui Fishing Charters & Sportsfishing

Maui Fishing Charters & Sportsfishing

Maui Sportfishing & Bottom Fishing ChartersMaui Has World-Class Fishing

Maui is home to some serious watersports & activities and no water activity is more cherished by the locals than fishing. All types of fishing. Sportfishing, bottom fishing, spearfishing, Maui people love to fish. There is a wide variety of Hawaiian fish that are beautiful and delicious and Maui is certainly known for its bounty.

Visiting Maui in the long chain of Hawaiian Islands, we reach the destination with hopes for a time of solitude and serenity. While some may achieve this by laying on the shore, their beach chair hiding under the shade of the umbrella, sipping their Pina Colada, others may have entirely different plans instead. For those, a visit to Maui remains dissatisfying until they head out in the ocean, fishing rod in hand, and the desire to have the biggest catch of the day.

Choosing How You Want to Fish on Maui

Tourists are not necessarily required to possess a fishing license to go fishing in Maui, however, everything has some restrictions which must be upheld. Fishing is prohibited in areas like the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. On the other hand, some areas are also greatly intertwined with the lives of the locals, and thus the locals may not be comfortable with a foreigner fishing in their waters. Thus, in such areas where locals remain protective of their fishing spots, such as Hana, it is best if you seek permission before throwing in your bait. Good places for fishing remain Baldwin Beach, near the Lahaina Pier, outside the Black Rock in Kaanapali, and on the northern side of Charlie Young Beach.

People love to fish in various ways. Some believe inshore fishing is best– standing along the ocean and throwing the fishing line in with each wave. While others are intrigued by the newer sport of spear-fishing, in which you free dive in the water with three-pronged spears or a spear gun, eventually rising up to the surface with a big Ulua or helping the reef by eliminating the Roi population.

However, deep-sea fishing charters continue to be one of the favorite ways of fishing. Not only do you get to catch your fish, but also enjoy the ride of the boat, and the calm, deep waters with the opportunity to bring in a trophy fish like a Marlin or Ahi.

Sport Fishing Charters on Maui

A popular form of fishing, sport fishing – also known as recreational fishing – is whereby you fish for deep-sea pelagic trophy fish. Numerous fishing charter companies offer charters for sport fishing. Start Me Up Sportfishing has charters departing from Lahaina. With 37-foot Bertrams, the powerboat includes a fishfinder, GPS system, air-conditioned cabin, and two television sets for your entertainment. If someone in the family is not fond of fishing, they can entertain themselves via the amenities onboard, while others try their luck at capturing Mahimahi, Ono, and Ahi.

Another famous charter, Reel Luckey is best for near-shore fishing trips. With its 38 feet Mediterranean Sportfisher, the boat has an air-conditioned cabin and just the right apparatus for catching fish. Departing from the Lahaina harbor for a 4-6-hour fishing trip, the people onboard have the opportunity to catch Barracuda, Amberjacks, Hawaiian Salmon, and more.

Maui Bottom Fishing Charters

As the name suggests, bottom fishing entails trying to catch fish from near the bottom of the ocean. Easier said than done, the charters do support fishing at a depth of 75-200 feet, which is primarily where most of the fish reside. Thus, for a first-timer, fishing in the hopes of getting their first big catch, bottom fishing almost guarantees they achieve what they wish.

Lahaina has some of the calmest waters in Maui which make it a great location for bottom fishing. With Aloha Blue Charters, you can fish alongside locals by getting onboard the Hokua in the months spanning May to November and depart on your bottom fishing experience. From cushioned seating to walk-around decks, and some of the latest electronics, the Hokua is well equipped for a trip of the ocean. With this type of fishing, you have a greater chance of catching some of the large fish of the lot – namely the Grey Snapper, Peacock Razor Fish, and Giant Trevally.

For another wonderful private fishing charter experience, the crew of the Pamela is also commendable in the services they provide. As a marine fishing boat, the Pamela can seat as many as 6 passengers. Apt for smaller groups, this charter integrates many different techniques than the usual charters due to the smaller capacity of the boat. As you indulge in newer fishing techniques, the crew also allows the use of live bait – trebling the fun of the bottom fishing experience.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Hawaii

This style of fishing includes traveling afar in the ocean, into the deep waters, where the depth of the water should at least be 30 feet. Maui allows for deep-sea fishing from a variety of places. Whether you book your charter from Lahaina, Kaanapali, Wailea, or Maalaea, the choice of charter companies remains endless. The sort of fish you would catch in deep-sea fishing is also vastly different from the other fishing types. Here, you would reel in fish like the Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, and of course the evergreen Mahimahi.

A top-of-the-line charter is off the boat Piper, a 47-foot Cabo manned by Captain Jeff Kahl. Exuding a luxurious vibe, the boat is air-conditioned, with 2 HDTVs, a proper stereo system, and a comfortably spacious deck. Departing from Maalaea harbor, this charter can accommodate up to 6 passengers, with an age limit of 10 years and above. As it takes you deep into the ocean, it assists in catching Marlin and game fish.

The beauty of Maui fish charters lies in the abundance of choice. Numerous companies and boats to choose from, and you could decide the harbor you wish to depart from. There is also the choice between private and shared charters, making this an experience to not only aids fishing but enhances socialization while being pocket-friendly too.

Book your Maui fishing charter now, and we will see you in the water!

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