Maui Tickets For Less operational policies provide details on what you can expect from us, what we need from you and how we implement the terms and conditions of your purchase.

What you can expect from Maui Tickets For Less:

1: We will create a voucher and confirm every event scheduled.

2: We will e-mail you a confirmation for every event.

3: If there are any minor issues we will adjust your request to be as close as possible to what you requested and include a note in your confirmation regarding the issue.

4: If there are any serious issues we will call you.

5: Following your e-mail confirmation you will receive a set of driving directions to every event that requires you to drive to the activity or meeting location. Please note that this service is impossible if you don’t provide the exact name of your accommodations or the side of the Island you are staying on.

6: All requests for cancellations will be addressed immediately. When we receive your cancellation request we will cancel it with the vendor. Our policy is to e-mail you a cancellation notice for your records.

7: If there are any issues regarding your e-mail address, we will call you to obtain your correct e-mail address. We will then resend your e-mail confirmation and driving directions.

What Maui Tickets For Less needs from you:
In order for us to provide a positive experience for you and your family, there are some things we require from you. This helps us in providing the correct information to the vendor and scheduling your events.

1: Add our e-mail address to your address book.
This is important as you may not receive our e-mail confirmations, driving directions and vouchers without doing this as spam filters and firewalls sometimes prevent our e-mails from reaching you.

2: Check your spam folder carefully before doing a mass delete. All of our e-mails to you will include the word Maui or text pertaining to your vacation activities you have scheduled with us.

3: Print out everything we send you and bring all of it with you.

4: If for some reason you haven’t received anything from us within 24 hours of making your reservation request, please call us.

5: Cell phones are a great contact tool. Most vendors ask for one. It’s how they contact you to reconfirm. A cell phone contact is also helpful for us if there are any sudden issues pertaining to your activities. It enables us to contact you and keep you informed. So it’s a really good idea to include one with your reservation request. If you haven’t done so, please e-mail us with it. Please keep your cell phone on and charged.

6: Your arrival date is critical. You need to be accurate as that is how we determine when to process your vouchers. If you review your reservation request and they are incorrect, please e-mail us with the correct arrival and departure dates.

7: Please reply to us when you receive your vouchers. This is the only way that we know you have what you need.

8: Sign the tickets and bring them with you.

How do I receive my tickets?

Voucher Delivery:
All vouchers are electronic. Our processing policies are to process your vouchers and credit card the day we receive your reservation request. The only exceptions are if you request an extension in ticket processing due to split credit cards, large groups or delays by the Maui Tickets For Less in the vendor confirmation process. You need to print the vouchers, sign them and bring them to Maui. Please note that each vendor requires a signed ticket from you.
If your smart phone receives e-mail, you can use it to show the voucher when checking in for the activity.
If you haven’t received them for some reason, please call us immediately. We will resend them.

Refund Policy:

1)    Vendor cancellations for any reason including weather related or mechanical are 100% refundable.

2)    All cancellations by the customer regardless of the reason are subject to a 15% processing fee once the credit card is processed.

3)    Cancellations within 48 hours of the activity check-in time are non-refundable. A doctor’s note written on the stationary from a valid Health Care Clinic on Maui stating the medical reason for the cancellation will be accepted for the cancellation, minus the processing fees.

4)    Road closures due to traffic accidents or fires are 100% refundable.

5)    One day tours involving Airline travel are non-refundable once the reservation is made.

6)    Terms & conditions as displayed for each activity on the Terms & Conditions | Cancellation – Refund Policies apply.


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