Maui Food & Drink

Maui – From tours of lush forests to activities on pristine beaches, there’s something for everyone everywhere you turn. Everyone has to eat sometime. Why not choose something extra special and give some of our favorite restaurants a try? At any given corner and in any given town sits a local secret eatery just waiting for your visit! The menus vary greatly; some are rustic and cozy, and others are high-end design marvels. Choose one, pick two or three – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your taste buds never leave disappointed.

Whether you already live here or are just visiting, these are some of our favorite places to feast and revel! So indulge yourself in these culinary delights and enjoy Maui as you’ve never enjoyed it before!

Maui Costco

Stock Up For Your Maui Vacation If you’re familiar with Costco, then you already know the potential for savings as well as the wide selection of items they offer. And, the same holds true when shopping for provisions in Maui. There are multiple benefits to shopping at Costco in Maui ...

Top 7 Best Maui Restaurants You’ll Love

Maui has many wonderful restaurants, so narrowing it done to 7 is a difficult mission. We love these 7 restaurants and know you will too.

Maui Swap Meet

Maui’s Best Kept Secret: The Maui Swap Meet The Maui Swap Meet Has a Diverse Collection of Vendors Check out the video HERE! When people think of Maui they think of the sunshine, the beaches, the turtles, and of course, all the fresh fruit, souvenirs, artwork, and food to be ...

Maui Things to Do

 Maui Things to Do When you find yourself on the Valley Isle, you’ll be in need of a few ideas for things to do on Maui. This list is by no means exclusive and it’s also by no means in order. There are so many fun Maui Things to Do ...

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