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The best deep sea fishing in Maui departs from Lahaina Harbor. Once a bustling whale town with busy docks, unruly saloons, Lahaina was the sailors port of call during the whaling days. Lahaina has a rich history of fishing on Maui.  From the very first Hawaiians who settled Maui to today, the fishing history of Lahaina runs deep. Start Me Up has been fishing Maui waters longer than most. Their Maui sportfishing awards have grown considerably through the years. Year after year Start Me Up has been a leader among Maui charter boats for catching fish. They have led in every category.  From weight caught to marlins brought in by their guests, Start Me Up has proven to be a tough competitor in the Maui fishing industry.

Six-hour share boat charters are about perfect for an experience in deep sea fishing on Maui. They aren’t too long. yet long enough to reach the deep shelves where the catchable fish usually are. Most of the good fishing spots on Maui lie beyond the southern coast of Lanai the in open ocean. A six-hour share will get you there, increasing your chances of catching a fish. Charter boats that depart from Lahaina Harbor get there quicker with a much smoother ride than the small boat harbor in Maalaea.

When selecting a fishing charter on Maui, most anglers opt for the least expensive charter. Before making your decision, you should look at their fishing record and experience of the crew. Those are the two most important item to research before scheduling a fishing charter. This will give you a good understanding of the dedication and passion for fishing of the charter boat company. You can ask around the harbor or make calls before you arrive to get a better understanding of this.

Start Me up has state of the art boats. Each is a Bertram class sport fisher with all the amenities to keep you comfortable during the day. Like all charter boats in Maui, Start Me Up will provide the ice, ice chest, all the bait, music and a frig. Each boat is equipped with a restroom and kitchen.

One thing to remember about fishing in Maui, it’s called fishing because your catch is not guaranteed by the charter boat. We wish you good luck and hope your dreams of reeling in the big one come true on Maui. The best thing to remember is if you are staying in a condo, you would want to schedule your Maui fishing trip during the first couple of days you are on the island. The theory behind this is you can enjoy fresh fish from at your condo all week long. Certainly beats paying the high prices that the restaurants command and the overpriced per pound at the grocery store.

Start Me Up was the first Maui charter boat company to allow their guest to keep their catch. They will clean and filet your fish. Hmm… Fresh filet fish for dinner! Showing your appreciation by tipping the boat is a good thing.

Boat Specifications:
Start Me Up is a 42′ (L.O.A.) Bertram Sport fisher outfitted with Yanmar 350hp-diesel engines with a cruising speed of 22 knots. Top speed is 26 knots. Start Me Up ports in Lahaina Maui, using slip 12 in Lahaina Harbor. Start Me Up uses only experienced and USCG licensed Captains on all their charters. Only 6 fisherman per charter.

Tip of the Day:
No food is provided, but you can bring whatever you like.
Beverage is not provided. You can bring whatever you wish.
Alcohol & beverage in cans or plastic bottles only
Bring a hat and sunscreen

No glass
No Bananas
Not recommended for expecting mothers
Not recommended for people who suffer motion sickness



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Location: Lahaina Harbor Slip 12.
GPS: 675 Wharf St. Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Days Available:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day.

Advance Reservations Required
48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Check-in at 5:15am, Departs at 5:30am.

Check-in 30 minutes prior to activity start time.

Total Duration 6 hours

Need Help?

(808) 856-3500

Start Me Up - All Fishing Charters
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Start Me Up Sportfishing Charters
Based on 109 reviews
Start Me Up Sport Fishing Charters
Based on 146 reviews
Beatriz Adriana G.
Beatriz Adriana G.
I was a bit nervous about booking after coming on here and reading the reviews and seeing the star rating but the trip wasn't bad at all. We caught 2 Onos....
Ashley B.
Ashley B.
Five of us went out on Christmas Eve with Captain Timster and Matt. They were very sociable and knowledgeable. The communication before hand was very...
Ignacio V.
Ignacio V.
Captain Tim aka Timster was amazing , so knowledgeable we went on a 4 hour fishing trip and I caught a 300 lb Marlin my son in-law caught a mahi-mahi it was...
Jessica G
Jessica G
Just got back from our trip with Josh and Joel. They were great! We caught plenty of big fish after catching our bait fish in the morning. If something wasn't working we changed it up, and started catching again. They let us participate as much as we wanted. We even saw a bunch of whales. We brought our own food and drinks, but they had a full size cooler of ice for our stuff. We ended with some really nice fillets to last us the rest of our trip. We fished up until the last minute of our 8 hour trip, even after the fish stopped biting. This was WAY better than the charter we went on in the Florida Keys!
Tales from a not so fabulous Block
Tales from a not so fabulous B.
These guys know the area and where the fish are. You are paying for a fishing trip - not a guarantee you get a fish, just like any other time you go fishing. You are using their boat and tackle and they will do anything they can to get your fish landed. We spent a full week in Maui and checked different boats while we were there, a lot had no bites or smaller fish. This was the best performing outfit. Once a fish was hooked, they worked hard to make sure you didn't lose the fish, coaching you through it and helping you win the battle. We will definitely use them again
Jim Alford
Jim A.
Had a great time out on the boat. Captain Ross and Deckhand Jameson we’re both very friendly, social and knowledgeable of the local waters, fish and the gear required. I did not read reviews posted before mine but I don’t see how it could be a 1 star. A couple of things that aren’t super awesome and I just want to make those known:It can be super rough, purchase seasick pills or patches before hand just in case it is rough. Second, the diesel smoke from the exhaust can be overpowering inside the boat or down on the fishing deck. I recommend going to the top deck where the views are best anyway.Other than that, it’s about an hour long boat ride to the fishing grounds, we did BOTH high speed troll and bottom fishing. No luck on the troll but we did get some bites doing it. We did get one fish bottom fishing. Overall, it was a fun experience, saw whales, sharks, and dolphins. BYOB works too, especially if doing the 8 hour trip. To comment on other reviews:We never were “forced” to give up our fish. They will give you the whole fish if you want it.No one expressed any comments regarding a tip, even if customary. (We left what we thought was more than fair and they did not complain)I would/will do again when in Maui.
Maximilian Maier
Maximilian M.
Went fishing with Captain John and Deckhand John on the 2nd January! Left harbour at 2 am at night to be at the Tuna fishing grounds at sunrise! Tuna action right from the start. Life bait on board. John and John know what they are doing and they want you to catch fish! We left the spot after some time to go trolling. Another yellow fin tuna and a blue marlin! Super fun and nice crew. I hope I'll have the chance to go on another trip with them!
Kelly C.
Kelly C.
My buddy Mike and his daughter raved about Start Me Up Sport Fishing, Maui. They said clean boats, great crew, nice people and hard workers. Results were...
Cyndi Ruyle
Cyndi R.
My husband and cousin has the BEST time with Start Me Up Sportfishing. We will definitely be going back to them!
Jacqueline A.
Jacqueline A.
I have never been fishing before and Johnny gloves and Captain catfish made this trip the most memorable part of my trip. We had an amazing experience. Had...
Michelle V.
Michelle V.
We had a blast on our fishing trip today! Our crew was the best! Captain Tim was upbeat and kept us all smiling with his contagious personality and Kana...

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