Marriott Te Au Moana Luau

Marriott Te Au Moana Luau

A Wailea Favorite

Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Kalua)Marriott Maui dancers 136Maui Marriott Luau 133Luau dancing kids 135Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Fire Dance)Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Kids Activity)Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Fire Dancer)Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Hula Boys)Maui Best luau 132
Marriott Luau Hawaii performers 137
Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Kalua)
Marriott Maui dancers 136
Maui Marriott Luau 133
Luau dancing kids 135
Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Fire Dance)
Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Kids Activity)
Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Fire Dancer)
Marriott Te Au Moana Luau - Regular Seating (Hula Boys)
Maui Best luau 132

Marriott Te Au Moana Luau – Regular Seating

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The Marriott Te Au Moana Luau in Wailea is the only luau that has an unobstructed ocean view from every seat, it’s also one of our very favorites. With the backdrop of the stage the Pacific Ocean, the sunsets are incredible. Photo opportunities overlooking the beach make for a great souvenir. Local craftsmen display their wares which can be purchased for gifts or as a keepsake of your Maui vacation. As your evening begins, you will embark on a journey through the South Pacific with the pulsating syncopated drum dances of Tahiti. Enjoy the ancient chants, the beauty, and grace of the lovely hula girls; the rascal nature of the male hula dancers and warriors of New Zealand. Fall in love again to the romantic presentation of the “Hawaiian Wedding Song”. Be mesmerized by the daring and skillful fire knife dance, the ‘Siva Nifo Oti’. Finally, experience the true meaning of “Ohana” or family as you are invited to join in and dance the “Tamure”.

Sponsored by Tihati Productions the Marriott Te Au Moana Luau at the Wailea Marriott Resort has reinvented itself and has become one of the best luaus on Maui. With a combination of ambiance, an outstanding show and extensive buffet the Marriott Te Au Moana Luau is the perfect choice for a luau in Maui.

Considered a Polynesian Revue, the Marriott Te Au Moana Luau takes you on a journey through time sharing the legends of Hawaii and the South Pacific. From ancient hula to the modern era of Hula dancing the show is flawless. Each graceful movement, the beautiful costumes, the chant with the beat of the Palau Drum weaves a story from the culture of Hawaii.

Most critics believe the best luaus on Maui are in either Lahaina or Kaanapali. They probably haven’t attended this Maui luau. If you are staying in Kihei or Wailea, it makes sense to avoid the long drive to the west side for a luau when the Te Au Moana is minutes away from where you are staying.

As the sun arks in the late afternoon, the sun’s reflection off the water is bright. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, you will need them until the sun sets below the horizon line.

Regular Seating

Regular seating is also called standard seating. The second row of tables and back is considered standard seating. They are great seats. The Wailea Marriott luau is the only luau where standard seating is as good as the premium seating. Why waste the cash on a seating upgrade when the regular seats are just as good?

The menu at the Marriott Te Au Moana Luau has all your favorites that live up to the standards you would expect from the Marriott Hotel.

Te Au Moana Luau Menu

Kalua Pork
Fresh Fish
Stir Fry Chicken
Teriyaki Steak

Garden Greens
Tropical Fruit Salad
Lomi Lomi Salmon
Fried Rice
Macaroni & Potato Salad
Molokai Sweet Potato
Rolls & Butter

Dessert Bar:
Coconut Cream Pie
Guava Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Mac Nut Cream Pie
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Coffee & Tea

The Wailea Marriott Luau includes an open bar that features tropical blends, mixed drinks, Mai Tais, beer and wine.

Juice, soda, and water are available for children.

Please note a valid photo ID is required to consume alcohol.



Call To Reserve

Meet at the Wailea Marriott Hotel
GPS: 3700 Wailea Alanui Drive, Kihei Hawaii 96753

Free covered garage parking with validation

Advance Reservations Required

48-hour cancellation policy

Tip: Arrive at 4:30 pm for the best seats. They are first come first serve. You can sit at any table you like in the section your tickets are geared for.

Available Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

4:30pm Check-in, 5:00pm Luau

Total Duration: 3 hours

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Te Au Moana
Based on 468 reviews
Te Au Moana Luau
Based on 345 reviews
sherry a.
sherry A.
I have to give credit to this team for giving a great performance during a pandemic! The wait staff was awesome as were the performers. Everyone had a...
This is really a 3 1/2 star review. The food was probably the best I've had for a luau. The bread and desserts were really good, I also liked the pork and...
Kirsten S.
Kirsten S.
WOW! This luau does it so well! Especially with COVID guidelines and restrictions. Staff make you feel safe and they have the tables arranged per party. So...
Judy B.
Judy B.
Great Luau! The show was amazing. We arrived at 4:30pm and didn't leave til 9:30pm. They drinks were open bar unlimited and the food was all served at each...
Ted F.
Ted F.
If you feel like you have to go to a Luau when you're in Maui, this feels like a good pick. Full disclosure this is the only Luau I've done, but I can't...
Andy S.
Andy S.
Really awesome experience! The hotel is also really nice to walk around. I'd suggest getting their early as the line gets very long and the earlier you get...
Sydnee Schaffer
Sydnee S.
What an amazing experience! The dancer's were entrancing, and the hostess's voice was angelic. The food option's took care of all dietary restrictions, and the bar had a great selection of beer. Definitely a gorgeous setting with the backdrop to the Ocean. This will be my go to for future visits to Maui.
Jeff Christensen1
Jeff C.
This was a spectacular show, a great way to spend 3+ hours. Dances were diverse with the dancers changing custumes multiple times. The show is educational and includes some (optional) audience participation, including with your kids. It was all over about 8pm.Preferred seating was worth the extra paid: Arrived at 4:45, virtually no line to be seated at the event, taking your pick of seats, and first shot at the buffet as they sent us up table by table.Parking in the garage is free, valet parking is $40 if you aren't staying at the resort.It's a decent walk to the luau, but people with walkers were in attendance plus a woman celebrating her 90th birthday. Beautiful grounds and sunset location.They take a picture of your crew as you enter that you can purchase when you leave for $40 if you want: Price includes a nice 8 x 10 in a folder and a link to a digital download.A few vendors were set for no pressure trinket selling.The food was very good but, not 5 star dining. There was something for everyone, even vegetarians. The open bar in the back had a decent selection to choose from. I can't imagine a trip to Maui being complete without attending a luau like this at least once.
Claudia R.
Claudia R.
I'm so glad we chose this Luau, it was a beautiful background and I loved the performances. The pork was amazinnnng, the show was so good, beautiful, do...
Jeremiah McCluney
Jeremiah M.
I went here for 40th birthday. I had a great experience. It was fairly interactive. The food was good as well. I especially liked the pork and the vodka punch cocktail. The juice they had for everyone was good too. They told the stories of many South Pacific islands, not just Hawaii. It was informative to learn about the shared cultural elements amongst the island peoples. My absolute favorite part was the host. The night I went there was a young lady emceeing. Her voice was amazing. A couple of nights later while walking along the trail I stumbled upon the luau again. This time the host was different. I didn’t like him quite as much but he still seemed engaging. My only complaint was the people letting their children run around despite the request to keep them out of the way.
Christine Guibord
Christine G.
I spent a lot of time researching the various luaus on Maui before we settled on this one and I am very happy we did. It was definitely a highlight of our trip. The grounds are stunning, the food was excellent and the pre-show entertainment was good as well. The show itself was very entertaining and my two kids can't stop talking about it. The fact we could get discounted tickets off Costco's site was a bonus. Highly recommend this luau, you won't be disappointed.
Yang S.
Yang S.
Location - most of the Luaus are located in Lahaina. If you are like me staying in Kihei and prefer not to drive much, then the Te Au Moana Luau is a good...
Casey Curtiss
Casey C.
Awesome Luau! My first ever, good company, entertainment, food, drink, everything! They were sold out of preferred seating, so we just got there very early. Other than melting in the sun for an hour, we got great seats and re-hydrated at the bar.
Raymond Tirheimer
Raymond T.
I had a great time. There is no way to get an experience like this. The There might be similar venues, which are probably a good thing. This was busy, energetic, informative, and warm. The visitors around me,all were enthusiastic and involved. All of the performers displayed their art,and it was very impressive. Make sure you visit the vendors! That is were I bought the souvenir I now possess. Expense should not be an issue, You visit to enjoy the customs.Here they were on display. A great time period!
Sachin Kumar
Sachin K.
Excellent show. Lot of food options in the buffet which caters to people with all kinds of dietary restrictions including gluten free options.Location of the theater makes the perfect backdrop for the show especially near sunset when you get beautiful views. Show is very entertaining too.
Freya G.
Freya G.
The food was not bad. Just normal luau food.The bar was not as good as Old Lahaina Luau. Very limited selection.The venue was nice. The Marriott resort...
Mark F.
Mark F.
Great food, great show, great location. Yup, that's it. Well Yelp doesn't really like short reviews so I will elaborate. The food was great, the show was...
Vince N.
Vince N.
Visiting friends and family brought me to the Te Au Moana Luau show located at the Wailea Marriott. In Maori, "te au" means the trend. "Moana" in Hawaiian...
Great time! Great show! Super friendly staff, always with a smile. 100% worth the VIP tickets. Wayyyyy shorter line to get in, up front seats, and first dibs on the buffet too. Show up a bit early to beat the line if VIP sells out.
Color Me Oregon
Color Me O.
This show was awesome! The resort is beautiful, the host was amazing, the dancers were fantastic and the food was delicious. We arrived at 4:30 and roamed around the resort for a few minutes and took some photos in front of the Aloha sign that is at the entrance of the lobby. We stood in line until 5:00 when they started getting people checked in. Getting there earlier definitely got us a better seat near the front. They kept the night flowing well with the kid activities, unearthing of the pig, luau lessons and even recognizing couples for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. I’m not a huge fan of the sweet/sugary cocktails they were serving. I did try them, but ended up asking for wine in the end and they did accommodate. The food selection was spectacular. My daughter even found food she liked and a few new favorites, and they did let guests go back for seconds. The show was super fun and interactive and all of the outfits were beautiful. It was such a fun experience all around and definitely worth the money, in my opinion. It was kid friendly, had a beautiful view, super interactive for guests, great menu and just such a fun time overall. The only downfall was that the photo they take of you in the beginning is $40 to buy, but other than that it was a wonderful time and I would definitely recommend.

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