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Lanai Dolphin Snorkel

Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Sea Turtle)Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Snorkeling)Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Snorkelers)Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Photography)Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Whale Watching)
Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Ocean Voyager)
Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Sea Turtle)
Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Snorkeling)
Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Snorkelers)
Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Photography)
Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Dolphin Snorkel (Whale Watching)

Pacific Whale Foundation – Lanai Dolphin Snorkel

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Manele Bay is the snorkel site on this Maui snorkel adventure on the Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Dolphin Snorkel tour. Yes, there is only one snorkel spot, but if truth be told, it’s the finest snorkeling on Lanai or Maui for that fact. As you approach Lanai, spinner dolphins race down the coast playing in the wake of the boat. It’s an awesome sight, so make sure your camera is ready. Manele Bay looks like a scene from an adventure movie. Its narrow entrance is protected by tall cliffs on the right and a smaller ridge to the left. The bay doesn’t really widen much once the boat begins its entry to Manele Harbor. The water is crystal clear with calm waters. The charter moors in a sandbar about 100 yards from the harbor entrance. You have to swim about 100 feet to the reef. The reef is like an underwater rainbow exploding in colors all around you, once you enter the area.

The swim to the reef area is one of the most interesting parts of this Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Dolphin Snorkel adventure. As you push off from the boat the water is about 25 feet deep. The bottom is pure white sand. As you approach the side of the bay the depth decreases and what looks like small petrified trees begin to sprout up from the ocean floor. The closer you get the sand begins to give away to a forest of coral swaying in the currents. The water becomes more shallow. As you begin to turn your attention forward, the reef leaps out at you like a bursting rainbow with hundreds of species of marine life.  They rise from the floor like pinnacles covered in blue, yellow and orange.  

You can actually dive down and touch the sand pockets between the pinnacles. Usually, you will find some nice size bottom fish hanging out eating the algae off the sand. As you get close, they will scatter. The fish are everywhere, big, small and every color you can imagine. The reef extends to the harbor break wall. You can cruise on top of the water to the break wall, but it gets very shallow with some surge. The larger fish begin to disappear, but there are hundreds of smaller fish swimming and feasting off the algae.

Tip of the Day:
Bring a towel & sunscreen
Large shaded cabin
Freshwater shower
2 decks
Two restrooms
Easy access from the back of the boat
All snorkel gear provided
Snorkel 101 in the main cabin on the way to Lanai
The boat does not land on the island, it moors in front of Manele Harbor in a sandbar.

Assorted Island Fruit
Tropical Breads & Stuffed Bagel
Coffee, Juice, Water

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
Taro Burgers
Maui Hot Dogs
Traditional Pasta Salad

Beverage & Bar:
Soft drinks, juice, water
Beer, wine and Mai Tais

A valid photo ID is required to consume alcohol.

No handicap access on the Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Dolphin Snorkel

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Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Snorkel

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Meet in Lahaina at Pacific Whale Foundation Logo Store.
GPS: 612 Front Street, Lahaina Hawaii 96761

Provide photo ID of proof of age prior to boarding to receive a bracelet required to consume alcohol
All trips are all NON-SMOKING
Vendor requires a waiver be signed by each guest when checking in.

Available Days:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Check-in 6:30am, Departs at 7:15am.
Return 1:00pm.

Maui Tickets For Less Cancelation Policy:
A 72 hours notice is required for a refund. Only exception is a note from a local doctor.
No-shows” will be charged full.

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Pacific Whale Foundation
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Pacific Whale Foundation
Based on 520 reviews
Chloe B.
Chloe B.
I would like to say the positives out way the negatives on every trip.I've been cruising with PWF for years.Snorkeling, sunset cruises, stars with...
Brian H.
Brian H.
This was so much fun! My husband and I had a blast, neither of us had much experience snorkeling, but the wonderful crew made it a breeze! I managed to get...
Danny B.
Danny B.
I went on a dinner cruise. Which going on dinner events can be awkward at times as someone who travels with me, myself, and I. I can tell you this one was...
Joana G.
Joana G.
We went on the snorkeling tour to Molokini and Turtle Arches and it was awesome! It was our first time snorkeling and they did a great job of getting us set...
Benny H.
Benny H.
Took a tour with them today, and overall it was a solid experience. Staff was on top of everything we ended up on a five hour journey. We saw whales and...
Laura H.
Laura H.
Amazing staff and perfect day. Extra cleaning during covid times including railings!! Food was simple but good. Staff answered all sorts of questions and...
Georgia T.
Georgia T.
Our family just had a 7:30 am whale tour and we had such a fun time! The crew was amazing, and COVID guidelines where followed very well. We saw a good...
Carson W.
Carson W.
This was SUCH a fun outing. Worth it at twice the price. 2 hour discount whale watch is perfect for kids etc. you are out long enough for that captain to...
Katherine N.
Katherine N.
Took teenagers on snorkel adventure. We snorkeled in turtle town and molikini crater. The kids had a great time. The crew were wonderful especially...
Melani M.
Melani M.
I have been a long time patron of PWF since I took my 4 year old daughter snorkeling off the coast of Molokini 8 years ago. We have been on almost all of...
Peter B.
Peter B.
We did the deluxe option and it was well worth the extra money. Three hours, food, drinks, and extensive knowledge of whales! Thanks to Josh and the crew...
Eyal B.
Eyal B.
Here we go again, friendly staff, reasonable price and good Covid-19 arrangements.But, this is not enough. If we go on whale watching cruise we expect...
Charlene B.
Charlene B.
Hubby treated me to a sunset dinner cruise -with premium seats! The seats and view were right in front-upper deck. Absolutely gorgeous views from these...
Ashley B.
Ashley B.
Awesome experience with experienced and funny staff! This is a non- profit organization that funds whale research and education. It didn't take us much...
Rich C.
Rich C.
Actually do what they say they will do for Covid guidelines. The Covid plan was laid out at the start and the crew followed thru with assigned seating, no...
TheNhestbech .
TheNhestbech .
Did a 3 hour whale watching tour on the catamaran. Was incredible experience, saw a ton of whales, one even came right up to the boat to investigate. Also heard whale songs below the boat with my bare ear. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
Chris Johnson
Chris J.
Went on the 9am whale watch. Saw our first whale at 0908 AM. Awesome mix of both sides of the boat so everyone could see. Had several breaches. Super informative and supporting a non profit. Had a couple sea sensitive people in our group that were fine with a ginger pill. Highly recommend! Awesome experience!!!
Tonya Matelski
Tonya M.
Had an amazing time and saw plenty whales. We did the early morning whale watching sail tour. Captain Anna, Jack, and Desmond did a great job and were very informative. We also did the Captain's sunset dinner tour and Heddie was really friendly and informative as well. We couldn't have asked for better service!
Kim S
Kim S
Whale watch with an experienced team who are also researchers. I experienced whale watching while learning about their behaviours, history and conservation efforts. If you’re looking for a tour where you can also feel good supporting and protecting wildlife then this tour is for you. The whales came so close to us we had to cut the engines as they were inside the 100yard range and the whales came closer to check us out. We had a mother calf on both sides and it was incredible and quiet too. There was a distinct reverence for what we were witnessing. As soon as the whales moved away a safe distance we started up and moved away to give them a break from us tourist. We went off in search of new ones. We also saw dolphins and you know it’s good when the people who do this day in and day our are beyond excited. What an amazing trip!!
Jennah K.
Jennah K.
Jenna and Lianna were our captain and guide on the boat. We went on the latest guide out. Parking was hard to find so try to come early. Bring a sweater...
Joya Pandya
Joya P.
We did a 7am snorkeling tour with Pacific Whale Foundation and it was worth every penny. Both the locations were great and we had fun snorkeling. Being our first time snorkeling, the crew made sure we were comfortable in the water and helped us in every way possible. We also saw lot of whales throughout the tour. The crew was friendly and took great care with food and drinks. I would highly recommend this snorkeling tour.
Ace Boyd
Ace B.
What a great experience. First at their store Andrea was awesome, she helped book our dinner cruise and was extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable! My parents were visiting so I wanted to take them on something special. John was the captain and Dylan our server and it was fantastic. Whales everywhere, breaching and with calves. The sunset was breathtaking and the food was excellent. The entire crew was awesome. We loved it. We stopped by store after cruise to thank Andrea. Highly recommend!
Sharon M.
Sharon M.
Sunset cruise with the humpback whales .We saw so many and they were so close to the boat. Boat is staffed by marine biologists who answer any and all...
Bill S.
Bill S.
Very, very cool!I've done dozens of cruises, lots of tour boats, took other vendors here to Molokini......this is the BEST!First the vessel was...
Glenn R.
Glenn R.
This was definitely the highlight of our visit to Maui.We showed up early for a launch on a large, comfortable vessel. We took off at a good clip towards...
Stephen Vogler
Stephen V.
Exceeded every expectation. This was absolutely wonderful. Captain Paul was fantastic (extra points for saying how awesome my shirt was) and the crew were very knowledgeable and friendly. The snorkeling was amazing: beautiful location, plenty of time, and TONS of fish. We got to swim with a sea turtle, so... It was great!
Shayne Ruettgers
Shayne R.
Great attention to detail and a wonderful sunset dinner cruise. Friendly staff and great crew. Feels a little rushed but they were missing one of the waiters. I don't know if it would have changed anything but would I would go again.

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