Royal Lahaina Luau

Royal Lahaina Luau

The Myths of Maui

Royal Lahaina Luau, Royal Lahaina Resort-494
Royal Lahaina Luau, Royal Lahaina Resort-494

Royal Lahaina Luau

Rated 3.6 out of 5

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The Myths of Maui – Royal Lahaina Luau

The Royal Lahaina Luau is on everyone’s shortlist of best luaus on Maui. With a beachside setting at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Kaanapali, this luau features the largest buffet menu, renowned fire-knife dancers as well as a special kid’s menu and a child-friendly rate. These are just a few of the amenities that separate the Royal Lahaina Luau from all other luaus in Maui.  Join us for an evening of myths, legends, and tradition with a Polynesian Revue that spans the different cultures of Hawaii with dances from the islands that represent ancient Polynesia. The Royal Lahaina Luau is also known as “The Myths & Legends Show” and was the first Maui luau to introduce multiple fire-knife dancers to its show. The Royal Lahaina Luau is the longest running Maui luauThe show has evolved over the years as most luau shows do and is generally considered the best luau on the island by many. You can take home the memories with a souvenir photo that is taken when you enter the luau. There are local craftsmen’s offering handmade jewelry; traditional statue carving, local attire and much more that make great gifts. With a live Imu Ceremony and an audience participation with the lovely hula dancers, your evening under the stars will be long remembered after you return home. The exciting conclusion to your evening of entertainment is 7 fire dancers with some twirling poi balls igniting the night with circles of fire!

VIP Seating – Treat Yourself

The best seating is VIP. This is the first row of seats directly in front of the stage. The VIP section tables are spaced a little further apart providing a little more room to move around. It also gives you early entry into the luau grounds.

Royal Lahaina Luau Menu

The buffet is legendary. It’s the largest buffet out of any luau and the only one that caters to children. Even during the challenging years for the visitor industry, the Royal Lahaina Resort has never removed selections from the buffet line as other Maui luaus have done. Known for their children’s buffet bar you can be assured that your kids will eat and you will be amazed at the immense variety of delicious food.

Entrees – Roasted Kalua Pork, Roasted Kalua Turkey, Fresh Island Fish, Asian Style Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Steaks 

Salads & Sides – Tossed Green Salad with Island Dressing, Fresh Fruit, 7 Assorted Salads, Corn on the Cob, Fried Rice, Poi, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Taro and Guava Bread, Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes 

Children’s Buffet Bar – Mac and Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Hot Dogs 

Dessert Bar- Coconut Cream Cake, Chocolate Cake, Haupia (Hawaiian Pudding) 

Bar & Beverage – The Tiki Bar offers all your favorite tropical blends and beer on tap.

After dinner, sit back and enjoy the magic of Polynesia as the hula dancers weave their stories rich in culture and tradition. The ocean stage captures incredible ocean views, especially at sunset. Your worries will melt away and the kids will watch wide-eyed as the islanders perform the graceful hula to melodic Hawaiian music. You will be immersed in the simplicity and friendliness at the Royal Lahaina Luau where Hawaiian Aloha and Ohana (family) come alive. This is a great experience for, one where your family will connect with the ancient Hawaiian culture still alive in the islands.



Royal Lahaina Luau

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Location for Royal Lahaina Luau:
Royal Lahaina Resort.
GPS: 2780 Keka’a Drive Lahaina Hawaii 96761

Royal Lahaina Luau Available Days:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Summer Only).
Closed Halloween.

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Winter: 4:45pm Check-in, 5:15pm Luau
Summer: 5:15pm Check-in, 5:45pm Luau

Check-in 30 minutes prior to the start of the Royal Lahaina Luau.

Duration: 3 hours

Tip of the Day:
The only seats you don’t want at the Royal Lahaina Luau are the seats along the hedgerow that separates the luau grounds from the beach as they are too angled for good views of the stage.

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Review Summary

Rated 3.6 out of 5
Myths of Maui luau
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3.6 out of 5 stars

countessdd Challenge days
countessdd Challenge days

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Awesome experience! Great food! Fantastic entertainment! We got there at 10 after 6, late due to traffic. No parking fee! Still made it before anything started. Lots of yummy food to choose from, tender meats, delicious sides, desserts and juice. Talented MC and dancers showing and telling the history of the islands. Hawaiian dancing is so soothing and peaceful. My family of 9 really enjoyed themselves. Plenty of room to sit. All seats are good. Fun to dance with my husband to a song for lovers by the ocean. A couple married for 60 years were honored and the first to start dancing. Low key no pressure, fun time~

Fred Torns
Fred Torns

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Full disclosure, this was my first and only luau. My wife and I had a good time, it was an interesting show they put on, but I don't believe it was worth the $120 for each ticket. The show was fine but the seating arrangement wasn't great. I couldn't sit next to my wife and the way the tables were situatied I had 3/4 of the stage behind my back. The fire dancer also dropped his baton during the show.. that wasn't great and kind of put a damper on the crowd.

When it was time to eat I was also rather disappointed. The shredded pork was not warm (and rather dry). The fried fish that they served was more cold than warm, if that makes sense. Also they only serve house liquors, unless you want to pay an extra $5 per drink. If you want a frozen drink that's an additional $15 (you get unlimited refills but who is to say you will enjoy it?).

Our ticket also said we could get some photos with the cast but they were not around before/after the show... Due to all the above I would not highly recommend this show/meal.

Paul DiCuirci
Paul DiCuirci

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Family had a good time at this Luau. Entertaining and good food. Probably a bit overpriced, but the experience and view was really good. Food was decent. Wouldn’t buy stuff from vendors again. Charged way to much for a necklace you can find for 1/2 the price elsewhere.

Janneke Holzner
Janneke Holzner

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

So, given some of the reviews of this (which I only read after I booked it), I was a little bit nervous about what we would encounter!

But it feels like they have been acting on the feedback. We maybe queued for about 5 minutes to register - and as soon as the queue started getting longer they brought out extra staff.

The seats weren't close together at all - we had more than enough room!

They called up the tables logically to the buffet so again there was maybe a two minute queue. They brought drinks round all the time so there was no real need to go to the bar (but most of the time that was queueless too!).

Admittedly there were only two ladies toilets, but there were also lots of signs where there were alternative facilities.

So! The logistics of it all were much better than expected. BUT, we were left with a very sour taste in our mouths being asked to pay $5 to park. After spending $200 on tickets it just seemed a little petty and money-grabbing.

The actual show was great - and we really liked the Christmas twist. All in all, it was a great experience as part of our Maui trip.

Emilee K
Emilee K

2 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

The show was great for my young kids, but we picked this luau for the kids buffet . . . and it was disgusting!! I don't know how you can mess up mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, or hot dogs!, but they did!!! The adult buffet was equally sad. Very few options, and what they did have was super blah. Even the desserts weren't very tasty, and I'll eat ANY dessert. I'd recommend the Grand Wailea luau over this one - it's the same price if bought thru Costco. Much better food, and a better show at GW. The 2 stars are for the show only - food would make this ZERO stars

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