Maui Underwater Odyssey

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Atlantis Submarines
Atlantis Submarines (Scene Underwater)
Atlantis Submarines (Helmsman)
Atlantis Submarines (Fishes)
Atlantis Submarines (Submerge)
Atlantis Submarines (Behind the Scene)
Atlantis Submarines (On Top)
Atlantis Submarines (Things To Do in Maui)

Atlantis Submarines

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Atlantis Submarines departs from Lahaina Harbor. You will board a ferry to the Submarine. It’s a nice ride down the coast to Launiupoko Park. About a quarter mile out from the park is the dive site. The views during the ride are fantastic. The ferry ride to the submarine is about 10 minutes or so. When you arrive at where the tender is waiting, you’re there. At this point, the submarine surfaces with the guests from the previous dive. They disembark at this time and you’ll get onboard. Once everyone is seated, the submarine begins its dive beneath the waves on its way to see the Carthaginian shipwreck. The waters outside your window turn bubbly white as Atlantis blows its ballast. As you descend to the ocean floor, it becomes darker outside and the lights flick on. The submarine dives down over a hundred feet beneath the waves. At first, it’s kind of eerie. The floor of the ocean is silent and barren, the lights fade into darkness yards away from the sub. Then the reef begins to appear. It’s huge. The lights of Atlantis bring it to life with colors beyond description with fish darting about. The closer the submarine approaches the reef, the more exciting it becomes.
Just beyond the reef is a sunken ship. At one time, it berthed in Lahaina Harbor and was known as the Carthaginian. The Carthaginian was a replica of a whaling vessel that use to ply the waters in the whaling era of Lahaina. This is when Lahaina, Maui was the whale capital of the world. Sailors from the east coast of America and Europe used to hunt the Humpback during the winter months. The State of Hawaii and Atlantis teamed up and sunk the ship to create an artificial reef. When you look at the ship, it’s amazing that after they sunk it, it ended up upright on the ocean floor. The Carthaginian is the highlight of the dive. There are some big fish that inhabit the ship today. Barnacles have formed on the sides, decks, and masks.

Restrictions for Atlantis Submarines:
Must be 36″ Tall & Able to Descend Steep Ladder

Days Available:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

9:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

Check-in 30 minutes prior to activity start time.

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Meet Location:  Atlantis Submarines checks in at their logo store in the Pioneer Inn.
Pioneer Inn – Lahaina
GPS: 658 Wharf Street, Lahaina 96761

48-Hour Cancellation Policy

Advance Reservations Required

Must be 36″ Tall to Ride

Total Duration: 90 minutes

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Atlantis Submarines
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Atlantis Submarines Maui
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Atlantis Submarines Maui
Based on 277 reviews
Ashley D.
Ashley D.
Had a great trip with our family. Great process for getting on board and good tour guide. Wish we had seen more fish.
Miss Q.
Miss Q.
We unfortunately have not had the pleasure of experiencing this yet. We just canceled our honeymoon to Maui due to the COVID-19 crisis. :(We booked the...
Scott Wolf
Scott W.
How many people can say that they were able to take a ride on a real submarine and go down 130 feet below the ocean? The trip starts out in the beautiful Lahaina harbor where you board a boat that will take you out to the submarine. The trip out takes no more than 15 minutes. The boat is very comfortable. If you take a trip during the winter months, there is a good chance you will see whales on the way. Once you reach the submarine you get the opportunity to watch it surface, which is really cool. Once the previous group exits you get on board. The submarine is small and holds about 24 people, so expect to be in close quarters to others. You then dive down and cruise along a reef where you can see many types of fish, coral, and other things that live on the bottom. You may even see some scuba divers. Along the way you get to see an actual sunken ship! If you are lucky you may even see a shark or two like we did. After the sunken ship you are taken down to the bottom of the ocean where you sit on the sea floor at 130 feet. The group before us even saw whales! The sub surfaces and you get loaded back on the boat for the short trip back to the harbor. Prices were about $125 per person and children 12 and under can be free. It is well worth the money. Kids and adults alike will love it. If you have problems being in tight spaces, you may want to figure out if this Adventure is right for you. I have some issues with claustrophobia, but the submarine did not bother me because my mind was on trying to see everything I could out of the windows. There are plenty of windows for everyone to see and they make sure to position the sub so that everyone has a chance to see everything.
Aaron Jessop
Aaron J.
This was a fun trip under water to easily see Ray's, turtles, and fish for those not wanting to get wet snorkeling.
Cynthia McMullen
Cynthia M.
Highlight of our trip! This was FUN, informative, and we saw so many fish, octopus, amazing manta rays swimming by, even a shark in a shipwreck. All 5 of us loved it. Highly recommended.
Gary Sinner
Gary S.
Great staff, nice people, saftey concerned. Most of the fun is getting onto the sub and diving down to the coral reef . Saw sunken boat that was really cool. Wish there was more Coral and fish to look at.
Suellen Nelles
Suellen N.
This was a fun and unique way to see Maui sea life. The staff make it interesting and fun, with lots of facts. A bit pricey and I wish we had spent more time underwater. Just saw a few fish and sunken treasure but not much more.
Curtis Gibbon
Curtis G.
Worth it. Not obviously a unique experience, but also done very well. Start off by taking a boat to the submarine where they brief you on safety and give information regarding the various sites on your way there. The Submarine itself is of course cramped, but not uncomfortably so (my friend was 6'7" and didn't complain). We saw scuba divers and manta ray which set our tour slightly apart from the rest.
Frank O.
Frank O.
Absolutely great way to spend the morning. I thought it would be gimmicky and lame but it was fascinating - sub itself is great and there are no bad seats....
Lillian L.
Lillian L.
You can purchase $100.00 gift cards for about $80.00 each at the Costco in Maui. This will save you some money as these tickets are expensive. We went on...
Kausalya Paila
Kausalya P.
I would highly recommend this trip for those who have kids that love submarines. You get to see some sharks and rare sea life when you are under. Its a sight watching the submarine go under and surface up again. The captain and crew were very kind and helped my kid getting a chance watching out the window. Some adults can e over curious and block your kids view, so watch out for these cases. In our case, the crew told the other guy to not block my kid’s view.
Alisa H
Alisa H
My kid got sick the night before and they were able to accommodate a reschedule despite being outside the cancellation period. So glad they could because it was a great trip. Kids age 4 and 6 had a wonderful time. And the 43 year old kid had a great time too. We will do it again.
Tom Daley
Tom D.
For us, this was so much better than snorkeling or scuba diving. The sub is big, lots of room, the guide is informative without being annoying, and the entire support team works hard to make this easy, safe, and fun. Hint: Catch the first cruise of the day. You'll get an easy parking space on Front Street, the boat won't be full, and you might get to see more if the sub is less than half full.
Yelsha R.
Yelsha R.
Amazing experience! Worth the price. Need to do at least once in your life. Allow extra time to find parking. Front Street can be madness. We almost...
peter saechao
peter S.
Overall the hype is overrated. Was expecting a little more from the experience for the premium we had to pay which was over $100 a person. It started out with a 10 -15 min boat ride to middle of the ocean where the submarine was located. I'm glad the host (Steve) was funny with his corny punch lines and 'Dad' jokes. Once we arrived to the location of the submarine, we waited for the sub to surface which was pretty cool to see. We had to wait for the previous group to board onto our boat and then we boarded. The layout of the sub is 2 entrances on the top - one in the front and and the other on the back. Inside the sub were 2 rows of seats - one of the port and the other facing the starboard side. (I think it could for fit up to 40 people but we had 28 people in our group). Once ready, we submerged to 100ft deep and started the tour - that's where everything went mediocre. Also, the viewing windows are positioned too low and the person had to lean over and stick their neck awkwardly to get a good view out of the window. Don't get me wrong, we saw fish, coral reef, a sunken ship but it got boring really quick. We made 5 stops in the ocean which lasted approximately 90 mins.
Seetha G.
Seetha G.
What a fun experience!!! We booked our tickets via the adventure & experiences concierge at our resort- the Hyatt. The tour starts off in a boat which...
Samuel Lau
Samuel L.
Got to see a lot more fishes than I expected including a very neat ship wrack. The staff were very professional and the sub was very stable, roomy, and comfortable. It's a bit pricy but worth a once in a lifetime experience.

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