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Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (SUP)Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (For Kids)Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (Ohana Activity)Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (Surfer)
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Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (SUP)
Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (For Kids)
Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (Ohana Activity)
Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons (Surfer)

Maui Wave Riders – Surf Lessons

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Maui Waveriders conducts their surf lessons in Maui from both the south side in Kihei and from Lahaina. After you check-in at the Maui Wave Riders surf shop, they escort you across the street with your board in hand. The lesson begins on the beach with the surf instructor teaching you the basic fundamentals of surfing which is learning to stand up on the board without falling off. They will also explain surf etiquette and the rules of the wave. It takes a short period of time to master the technique of standing up on the board. Once the instructor feels like to group has mastered this, it’s out to the water. The instructor will accompany the group to make sure everyone is adapting to the lesson. There is a difference between standing up on a surfboard on the beach and in the open ocean. The beach doesn’t have the current to deal with. Your Maui surf instructor will show you how it’s done by catching the first wave. Then it’s your turn to catch the wave.

It’s an awesome feeling riding a wave on a surfboard. Expect to wipe out the first couple of times. The bottom is more sand than reef at Kamaole Beach Park III, so it’s not much of a wipeout. But, it’s part of the activity, so you have fun falling into the water also.

In Kihei, they are located across the street from Kamaole Beach Park III. It’s the best place to learn to surf in Kihei. Kamaole III has a sand bottom, so it’s a soft landing when you wipe out.

In Lahaina, Maui Wave Riders are located on Prison Street. It’s about a 100-yard walk to the surf spot. The surfing area is known as break wall and sits just south of Lahaina Harbor. The waves are small and it’s the best surfing location for beginners.

Surfing on Maui has been an ongoing sport in Hawaii since the Kingdom of Hawaii, hundreds of years ago. It was known as the sport of Kings. For most of that time, it was only heard of in Hawaii. Fast forwarding the clock, surfing is now a sport that is enjoyed worldwide. There is a good reason for that, it’s fun.

Maui Wave Riders surf instructors are local born and have been surfing their entire life. They compete in surf competitions around the world and are considered experts on surfing. They are all certified in CPR and water safety. One of the things that separate Maui Waveriders from everyone else is their instructors display “Aloha” not because they feel they have too, but because that is who they are. Big difference.

Fun Fact:
Surfing began in Hawaii. Due to Hawaii’s location, there are always waves to surf. One of Maui Wave Riders surf instructors is a descendant of Duke Kahanamoku who is considered by many to be the founder of modern surfing. In the days of the Duke, surfboards were carved from the Koa Tree. Today the boards are made of polyurethane or polystyrene foam covered with layers of fiberglass cloth, and polyester or epoxy resin. They are much easier to handle today than back then.

Tip of the Day:
Bring a towel
Wear a swimsuit
Bring sunscreen

No food or beverage is provided during the lesson

No children under 8 Years Old
No expecting mothers
Waiver of liability required
Should know how to swim for surf lessons





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  • Best Price Guarantee
  • E-Ticket Delivery
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per Adult $56.95

Ages 8 and Up

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Meet Location: Kihei – South Maui
GPS: 1975 South Kihei Road, Kihei, Hawaii 96753

Meet Location: LahainaWest Maui
GPS: 133 Prison Street, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Days Available:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Stand Up Paddleboard and Regular Surf Lesson Times Differ
Kihei: 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:30am

Lahaina: 7:30am, 10:00am, 1:00pm
No 1:00pm on Saturday

Check-in 30 minutes prior to activity start time.

Total Duration:  2 hours

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Maui Wave Riders - Surf Lessons
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Maui Waveriders
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Maui Waveriders Lahaina
Based on 311 reviews
Morgan H.
Morgan H.
Lenten is the best. Very laid back but great instructor. Naomi is very friendly and helpful. They have everything you need and keep on schedule.
charlene honcik
charlene H.
Dalton was the best instructor I've ever had. No pressure, super fun and extremely talented at helping to figure out what I'm doing wrong and correct it the next time. Can't wait to get back out with him again!
Casey Skibo
Casey S.
Loved learning to surf with Freddy and the folks we met through MWR. Would highly recommend them to anyone in the area and can't wait to go back and rent from them in the future!
F. H.
F. H.
Fpund this school by checking out Yelp reviews. Not sure if this is the one I went to but I learned to surf about 25 years ago in Lahaina and got hooked....
Martin Pec
Martin P.
Me and my girlfriend had an awesome group surf lesson this morning. I can totally recommend the earliest morning session because there are less people in the ocean. The spot is perfect for beginners, small but constant waves that allow to make great first experiences. The surf instructor was very nice and gave some great tips how to improve. In the end you also got a certificate and a trucker cap which I already wore the whole day because I liked it so much. Would definetly recommend this place to anyone being in Maui and trying to surf.
Ana F.
Ana F.
Met Mason who turned us on to this surf shop/school. Awesome honest people who want to ensure you have a good and safe time out in the water. Whether it...
Karen M.
Karen M.
What an excellent outfit to surf with!! Great crew to learn surfing with for the first time - just a super team!! Husband opted for a private lesson and...
Bram Whillock
Bram W.
Amazing customer service! Kyle is the man. He advised us, set us up, and got us going during our great week of hanging out and surfing in West Maui. My wife had a fantastic lesson and I rented boards almost all week.
Rose Leshner
Rose L.
Amazing customer service and great experience renting surf boards. The employees were all super helpful and set us up for a great day surfing! They helped us load the boards onto our car and recommended near by beaches to surf for beginners and have directions. Highly recommend this place for surf rentals!
Love M.
Love M.
My nine-year-old son and I decided to take surf lessons with Maui wave riders. It was a fantastic experience and our teacher Jimmy was amazing! Highly...

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