Maui Waveriders

Maui Waveriders

Maui Waveriders

Maui Waveriders Surf School offers professional surfing lessons for students of all skill levels. The company  has been providing excellent surf lessons since 1997. As such, This family owned and operated company teaches with the spirit of Aloha that makes you and your family feel warm and welcome.  The company provides lessons at both their Kihei and Lahaina Locations making it easy to catch a lesson no matter your location on Maui.


Maui Waveriders is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to learn to surf. The company provides group lessons for groups of 5-6. This keeps the lessons very intimate. Instructors are very committed to getting students to stand up by the end of their lessons. Surfing, which originated in Hawaii is an incredibly fun experience, and Maui Waveriders is dedicated to your transition from land walker to wave rider.

Each member of your group will first be taught how to simply stand on your board. This is usually accomplished quickly, but no one is left behind. Once each group member has learned to stand up, the real fun begins. You and your fellow students will be taught surf etiquette and techniques that you can build upon for the rest of your surfing journey. This 2-hour surf lesson is all you need to get started on the exhilarating path to becoming a surf enthusiast.

Maui Waveriders is a great experience for everyone in the family to enjoy. As always, Maui Tickets For Less has the best deal guaranteed. Book online or call 855-268-0387 to start your adventure.

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