Whale Watch by Raft

Whale watch on Maui 256Hawaii Ocean Rafting - Whale Watch by Raft (Rafting With Whales)Hawaii Ocean Rafting - Whale Watch by Raft (Whales with Dolphins)Maui whale watch Hawaii 260
Hawaii Ocean Rafting - Whale Watch by Raft (Rafting Adventure)
Whale watch on Maui 256
Hawaii Ocean Rafting - Whale Watch by Raft (Rafting With Whales)
Hawaii Ocean Rafting - Whale Watch by Raft (Whales with Dolphins)
Maui whale watch Hawaii 260

Hawaii Ocean Rafting – Whale Watch by Raft

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Maui whale watching tours, such as the Hawaii Ocean Rafting Whale Watch, on a raft, are much different than on the larger boats. They are very up close and personal! Being eye level with the Humpback Whale is thrilling, especially when they breach close to the raft. Everyone gets wet! There have been many occasions where the whales come right up to the side of the raft and you can look them right in the eye. Whoa…. From Hawaii Ocean Rafting Whale Watch, you can really get an idea of how big the Humpback Whale really is. They are much bigger than the raft. You can feel their power, see the barnacles and soaked when they spout. A whale watching tour in Maui from a raft is unique as it is fun. Hawaiian Ocean Rafting Whale Watch is known for getting to the whales extremely quick. This provides more time to watch the magnificent Humpback Whales. The boat they use is a zodiac rigid hull raft. Zodiac rafts usually are certified to carry 22 guests. Hawaiian Ocean Rafting keeps the passenger count to 18 for comfort. There is shade aboard, but not much. Because of the number of passengers allowed on each tour, they sell out quickly. You should schedule your whale watching tour

Hawaiian Ocean Rafting Whale Watch keeps the passenger count to 18 for comfort. There is shade aboard, but not much. Because of the number of passengers allowed on each tour, they sell out quickly. You should schedule your Hawaii Ocean Rafting Whale Watch tour early, before you arrive on Maui, then you’ll have a front-row seat to the best show on Maui – featuring the Humpback Whales.  Schedule your Hawaii Ocean Rafting Whale Watch on Maui today and discover the magic.

Fun Fact:
The Humpback Whale winter home is Hawaii. During the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, the whales prefer the cooler waters off the coast of Alaska. Alaska is their feeding grounds. While our annual visitors are enjoying the warmth of the tropics in the winter they do not eat. Although whale watching tours can be had from any island in Hawaii, the best ones are from Maui. Maui is a whale sanctuary. They seem to know as more whales are sighted off Maui than any other island.
In the 1990’s whale watching was more or less out of control, with charter boats trying to get within a couple of feet of the Humpback Whale. Environmentalist got together and petition the State Legislature to pass laws limiting the distance a charter boat can come to the whales. This act alone resulted in less whales being struck by boats, resulting in less injury to the whales. The federal government also added the Humpback whale to the endangered species list about the same time. Once a population in decline, the Humpback Whale is now flourishing. Each year there is a whale count. Volunteers man their boats and count all the whales around Maui. The population has grown significantly since they were added to the endangered species list.

Tip of the Day:
Wear a hat
Bring sunscreen
Dress to get wet
Make sure your camera is charged and has space for your photos
Bring bottled water

There is no food or beverage during the tour.

No pregnant women
No people with bad backs or necks
No children under 5 years old
No handicap access

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Meet Location: Lahaina Harbor Slip 8
GPS: 675 Wharf St. Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Days Available:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Saturday
Closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

7:00am, 9:30am, 12pm, 2:15pm, 4:30pm

Check-in 30 minutes prior to activity start time.

Total Duration: 2 hours

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Hawaii Ocean Rafting
Based on 66 reviews
Hawaii Ocean Rafting
Based on 113 reviews
Tex F.
Tex F.
We booked a whale watch through Viator provided by Hawaii Ocean Rafting. I have to admit, I thought a bigger boat might be better than this sea-going...
Carlie W.
Carlie W.
We had a great time!! Our captain and assistant were great!! They were super knowledgeable and shared a lot of fun facts! We will be back for sure!
Christina G.
Christina G.
I cannot say enough great things about this crew for whale watching!! What an incredible experience!! I found them on Airbnb and booked not knowing what to...
Tess A.
Tess A.
10/10 this crew was AWESOME. We got to snorkel, saw dolphins AND whales! We got the whole package on this trip. The crew was helpful, patient and so...
Michelle M.
Michelle M.
Wonderful adventure and a great staff! Enjoyed seeing dolphins and whales as well as tropical fish near Lanai.
Sarah Y.
Sarah Y.
We were pretty underwhelmed. We went on the "Half Day Dolphin + Snorkeling from Maui to Lanaī". The snorkeling was pretty good, but we spent the majority of...
Adam B.
Adam B.
Such an epic adventure with Will, Sean and Matt guiding us! We absolutely loved snorkeling Lanai, seeing the dolphins swim with the boat and watching the...
Claudia S.
Claudia S.
Being avid water/ snorkeling enthusiasts and hearing that Hawaii Ocean Rafting was resuming their tours. We decided that we would book a snorkeling tour to...
Jared Young
Jared Y.
These guys are the BEST! We had been on one of their trips seven years ago and they were our first stop when we traveled back to Lahaina! Mona got us our tickets on site and we snacked on pineapple and cake while we waited for the tour to start. It's migration season so there were lots of whales out, but a good captain is essential and our captain - Captain Jeff and assistant Angela - were awesome! They helped everyone relax and get ready for a great time, and we saw tons of whales!! We had a very energetic baby that must have breached 8 times while we were hanging around the area they were in. Captain Jeff wanted to give the momma and baby a break so we went looking for more and did we ever find them! We had a huge momma (or male escort) breech three times in front of us and it was magnificent!! Then her baby followed suit and practiced their breech several times ... truly magnificent. Angela and Capt Jeff shared all kinds of knowledge with us, and their respect for these beautiful animals was greatly appreciated. Will be back for sure - probably before we leave this vacation! Thank you MONA, CAPTAIN JEFF, AND ANGELA!!
Briana C.
Briana C.
AMAZING! My husband and I came to Maui looking for a very chill relaxed vacation but the one thing I wanted too do hands down was the up close whale...
Scott Bisch
Scott B.
Great outing with the boys of Hawaii Ocean Rafting - we found the whales right off the start on the 7:00 am trip 2-22-20. Great information and knowledge about the whales and kept us on the downside of the sun so we could take photos when they showed up. I would recommend these folks as a first rate group - Mahalo
B D.
B D.
Wahooooo!!! What an amazing experience. We saw so many whales on our tour. Angela and Captain Sean were so knowledgeable, friendly and FUN! Our group of 5...
Nico Lam
Nico L.
I booked this knowing that whale watching is a great thing to do on Maui. My girlfriend and I ran into car trouble and so had to call Mark. We explained our situation and that we were going to be late. Mark understood and let me know that it would be alright to reschedule us for a different time. That was my first indication of how awesome this was going to be. Nice people running a great operation.We got to the wharf and the staff was friendly and helpful. Sean and Angela were onboard with us during the excursion. They were knowledgeable, welcoming and extremely professional. They explained facts about the whales, made sure to answer all our questions and make us feel safe. I highly recommend them!
Nico L.
Nico L.
I booked this knowing that whale watching is a great thing to do on Maui. My girlfriend and I ran into car trouble and so had to call Mark. We explained...
Linda Shackleton
Linda S.
What an amazing afternoon! We received this excursion as a gift from our daughter who lives on Island ... she said it was the best and she did not disappoint! I wish I remembered the names of the Skipper and the Guide, because they were both so knowledgeable and personable. And, I know this is a small thing, but it stood out, they were asked about other companies and how they compared. Their answer was they are all friends on the island, they share information, and they support each other. I don't know if that is true or not ... but I thought that was such a classy answer and I love it that two women will represent us in that way. But on to the trip ... I felt safe, it was fun running around on the ocean, and wow, are those whales incredible! Yes, I wish one would have decided to come over to take a closer look at us as I saw in a picture, but I have no complaints at all. Everywhere we turned we saw splashes, tails in the air, mommies with their babies. Honestly, just being in their presence was was enough for me. I felt honored. Two hours was the perfect amount of time. I recommend highly and would go again in a heartbeat.
Kenn and Jamie Hanson
Kenn and Jamie H.
What a great snorkel trip we had. Our guides were excellent. Provided a lot of knowledge about the area and took us to great snorkel spots. We had the good fortune of being able to view humpback whales up close which was awesome. While this was a snorkel trip it turned into the BEST whale watching trip ever. Snacks on the boat were perfect. Everything about the adventure was great. We will do this again for sure with this company the next time we are in Maui.
Athena Greer
Athena G.
Paul and Captain Sean are amazing and fun! I had the BEST Lanai Snorkel trip today where I saw Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and had the most extremely awesome up close Humpback Whale encounter!! They came right up to our boat, two young males and looked right at us for a long time!! It was an experience I will never forget!
Corry P.
Corry P.
Had a fantastic time with Captain Sean and Emily did an outstanding job today. Great ride and they were able to find a mother and her calf. They know what...
Julie Cohen
Julie C.
I cannot say enough about Captain Sean and Miss Noni! They gave my family and I a once in a lifetime day, complete with fish, sharks, turtles, dolphins and amazing reefs. The personalized service was better than any other snorkeling trip we have been on. Noni took our boys under her "water" wing and showed them how amazing the ocean can be. The added bonus of seeing a submarine emerge from the depths was fantastic. Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing day and for taking such great care of the boys! We will remember it forever!Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!

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