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Maui Costco

Maui Costco

Maui Costco

Stock Up For Your Maui Vacation

If you’re familiar with Costco, then you already know the potential for savings as well as the wide selection of items they offer. And, the same holds true when shopping for provisions in Maui. There are multiple benefits to shopping at Costco in Maui versus other options including Safeway or Walmart. From having access to a wide selection of Hawaiian grown produce and locally made products to better gas prices and toys for the beach. Whether you already live in Maui, are visiting on vacation, or preparing to move to the island, check out the following information about the Costco Maui location.

Maui Costco Hours and Location

Maui has a single Costco that is located in the city of Kahului. It is quite close to the Kahului Airport, which makes it convenient for visitors that rent a car at the airport and need to stock up on supplies. From the airport, the Costco warehouse is just off Haleakala Highway at the Dairy Road intersection, at 540 Haleakala Highway, Kahului, HI  96732. The location is convenient from all parts of the island with Hana being the furthest away, requiring a 2 to 4-hour commute. However, from Kihei, Lahaina, Pa’ia, and Wailea, it is a much shorter journey. It’s also close to Air Maui Helicopters.

You can shop at Costco 7 days a week, with the exception of certain holidays. Each day, the warehouse opens between 9:30 and 10 am and closes between 6 pm and 8 pm. Simply call the store at 808-877-5241 or check the website for store hours.

Costco Maui Shopping Benefits

The bulk items available in Costco often equate to lots of savings. Because inventory is purchased in bulk, they pass those savings on to customers including produce, coffee, seafood, party beverages, and even standard household goods. So, while in Maui, whether you plan to prepare most of your meals, want to have a selection of premade meals, are feeding multiple people, or merely want a one-stop-shop for gathering all the basics needed during your stay, Costco is the best option.

In addition to an array of packaged microwave meals, paper products, entertainment essentials, and all the basics, Costco Maui has items that are locally grown or manufactured. You will have easy access to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as Aloha shirts, and books about Maui, plus you will be the local economy, unlike other big-box stores. Costco does sell luaus as well, making them a competitor, but we do guarantee to match or beat any of their prices.

The Costco Maui store also offers gas prices that are sometimes as much as $0.25 cheaper per gallon in comparison to other alternatives. Additionally, you will find discount cards for local venues that can help save money. There’s no denying that Maui can be quite expensive, but when you make smart choices like shopping at Costco, you’ll see how much further you can stretch that dollar.

Costco is especially convenient for those living in Wailuku in subdivisions like Kehalani and Maui Lani, with just a short drive to go pick up the essentials, living in Central Maui has its benefits.

Enjoy Extra Savings

You can enjoy savings on items that will undoubtedly be used during your stay in Maui. Costco offers great deals on an assortment of items such as disposable plates and cutlery, grab and go snacks and meals, large packs of bottled water, macadamia nuts, and breakfast items. You can also pick up freshly prepared foods at the deli and bakery including plump roasted chicken, baked goods, and desserts, and don’t forget about the available deals on local restaurants and activities.

The discount cards available in Costco will enable you to enjoy dining and activities at lower costs. For instance, a pack of two $50 gift cards valid at various restaurants can be purchased for $79.99 versus the face value of $100, giving you a 20% savings upfront. There are also discount cards for activities, both on land and in the water to help you experience Maui in a variety of ways. Plus, if you’ve not yet purchased your airline tickets or reserved that rental car, Costco Travel offers deals that beat almost every other competitor.

Another benefit of shopping at Costco is the free food samples. While you might have to stand in line for a bit, the free samples are so abundant on certain days that you can fill up on them rather than preparing or buying a meal.

Conveniently located in the city of Kahului, shopping Costco Maui offers a wide selection of multiple items ranging from grocery to fun that will enhance your time on the island and help you stay within budget. 

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