Wailua Falls – Road to Hana Guide

Wailua Falls – Road to Hana Guide

Wailua Falls – Road to Hana Guide

Wailua Falls – Road to Hana Guide

Wailua Falls

The Highlights

Wailua Falls is visible from the Hana Highway and easily accessible. Regarded as one of the most scenic waterfalls along the Hana Highway, Wailua Falls is located just past mile marker #45. This is one of the most photographed waterfalls on the island. This nearly impossible to miss site has a small parking lot and a short walk to a plunge pool at the bottom. The falls are approximately 80 feet high and the flow depends entirely on rainfall. In the summer months, the waterfall has less volume than in the winter months. If you’re planning to stop by it would be best after it has recently rained if you can. There are usually vendors in the parking lot where you can pick up snacks, souvenirs, and more. This is a nice stop to take a break and get some photos in before continuing on to Koki Beach, or toward Oheo Gulch, depending on which way you are heading.

Directions to Wailua Falls


1. Take the Hana Highway (Hwy 360) pass Hana Town. (If you reach Kaupo you’ve gone too far!)

2. It is at Mile Marker #45

3. GPS Coordinates:20.6834° N, 156.0305° W

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Enjoy and Let Enjoydon't be trashy

Before you leave this amazing and scenic natural landscape, remember that the beauty of this magnificent beach is very fragile. Treat it with respect it deserves. Help preserve this rare eco-system by remembering to remove anything that you brought with you. There are no trash facilities or disposal services at the beach. It is important to be conscientious and maintain the magic you’ve experienced here. Help future visitors experience the same sense of awe and wonder that you have just enjoyed.

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