Waimoku Falls – Road to Hana Guide

Waimoku Falls – Road to Hana Guide

Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls

The Highlights

Waimoku Falls is situated at the end of the world-famous Pipiwai Trail. The nearly 4-mile round trip hike that leaves from the Kipahulu Visitor Center. The waterfall drops and impressive 400 feet down a lava rock wall. Waimoku is one of the tallest accesible waterfalls on the island of Maui and is one of Maui’s best waterfalls.

As one of the primary destinations along the road to Hana, millions of visitors make this trek every year. You will most definitely come across tourists while along the trail. Many amazing sights are along the Pipiwai trail including Ohe’o Gulch, Seven Sacred Pools, and much more.

Word of Cautioncaution symbol

Depending on the time of year the area along the trail and the falls itself varies greatly. After heavy rain, which can come without warning on this part of the island, this area can become overrun with water. Waimoku means “water that cuts, severs, amputates, or breaks in two”. The stream following the falls often times does just that. So take care to pay attention to the water levels, signage, and information provided at the Kipahulu Visitors Center. The Road to Hana has many such waterfalls.

Make sure to wear sturdy shoes along this hike. Wet rocks, constantly changing terrain, and much more are in store along the trail. Use caution when on bridges, crossing streams, and exploring. There is a boardwalk that is maintained by the National Park Services, but it is under constant repair due to the conditions of the area.

If you intend to camp nearby or spend some extended time in the area know that the nearby Kipahulu campsite does not have drinking water. However, drinking water is available for purchase at the visitors’ center. There are two general stores in Hana Town about 10 miles away. Make sure to have all of your supplies before making your way to Kipahulu.

As mentioned earlier the Kipahulu area is also known for weather that can be somewhat unpredictable. Make sure that you are prepared for rain, harsh sun, and mosquitos. Also, note that emergency medical services are about an hour away due to the area’s remote location.

Haleakalā National Park is an ever-changing landscape combine that with unpredictable weather and you have a recipe for uncertainty. Please be advised of all warning signs in the surrounding areas. There are many signs posted, but please make safety your number one priority. This is a beautiful place and should be enjoyed safely.

Enjoy and Let Enjoydon't be trashy

Before you leave this amazing and scenic natural landscape, remember that the beauty of this magnificent beach is very fragile. Treat it with respect it deserves. Help preserve this rare eco-system by remembering to remove anything that you brought with you. There are no trash facilities or disposal services at the beach. It is important to be conscientious and maintain the magic you’ve experienced here. Help future visitors experience the same sense of awe and wonder that you have just enjoyed.

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