Burn'n Love


Burn’N Love Maui has become something a cult phenomenon. Who would have expected an Elvis show to climb its way to the very top of the Maui Activity list on TripAdvisor and stay there for such a long time? I certainly didn’t and after my, cough cough, FOURTH TIME seeing him perform, I’m reminded why this is so much fun for everyone.


You can see it in the eyes of everyone there, young and old, there is something about Elvis that is so iconic and so embedded in the culture of America and even Hawaii, that his image and his music will simply live forever. Elvis began a revolution in the American music industry that still has shockwaves today, he opened the doors for a whole new way of expression and dance. At a time known for its social conservatism, he was an electric shock to everyone and his vision still delights fans to this day. The Maui Theatre is the perfect setting for Burn’N Love and Darren Lee is the only man on the planet who can bring Elvis back to life in such a believable way, you’ll forget you’re watching a performance and you’ll simply be caught up in the show. Gentlemen beware, Elvis does like the ladies and he will definitely be around to hold some hands.

Classic Hawaii

Hawaii has changed a lot since Elvis was here in the 60’s. His music, and especially, Blue Hawaii, will transport you back to the Hawaii of the Beach Boys and of Don Ho. A very pure and classic form of paradise, where relaxation and ease are central to the culture. Burn’n Love Maui will also showcase some very talented ladies who will all but steal the show with their choreographed moves. Elvis isn’t alone in the musical department either, the talented line-up of musicians is on display throughout the entire performance as you’ll hear other great oldies as well. Fun fact. Little known to most, Sansei Kapalua has Karaokoe Night on Fridays and Darren(Elvis) has been known to make a special guest appearance here and there, the last time this writer saw him, he was performing Quiet Riot, Come on Feel the Noise, that was quite a scene! The tickets are cheap, the location is perfect, so, don’t miss the chance to witness a one of a kind performance in the heart of Lahaina Town with Burn’n Love, now available with the Diamond Luau featuring a fantastic buffet meal before the show.

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