Maui Luaus (Why They are Popular)

On the top of the list for things to do on Maui is an authentic Polynesian or Hawaiian luau. Being fortunate enough to work in the Maui vacation industry, I’ve been able to go to every single one of the luaus on Maui, and I can honestly say, I’ve never had a bad time. Not that I couldn’t compare, analyze, and highlight some pros and cons of each luau, it’s more that the th

Luau Feast

ought of “going to a luau” has always inspired a sense of appreciation and relaxation within me that allows me to enjoy the experience of going to feast in paradise with friends and family. Many will say that one luau is the best or that another luau doesn’t have something that another luau does, its as much about what YOU bring to the luau as what the luau has to offer you. With the proper amount of Aloha, there isn’t a luau on Maui that isn’t the best. One of my favorite luaus is only available two days a week and by most people’s standards isn’t considered a popular luau, its the Sheraton Luau at Black Rock in Kaanapali. It is modest, has a modest setting and doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy the natural beauty of Maui and to enjoy a beautiful meal with entertainment. That being said, there is still a higher demand for a handful of luaus that is only strengthened year after year, here’s what you need to know.



Book in Advance!

Book early! I don’t say this to encourage sales. The sales will happen, in great quantity, so will the disappointment we regularly see when a group has their heart set on a specific luau, i.e., The Old Lahaina Luau. If you’re not able to get The Old Lahaina Luau, rejoice, all hope of a beautiful evening, contrary to the belief of some, isn’t lost. There are many options on Maui for a beautiful luau. The Feast at Lele is also known for a signature experience. Take my word for it though, if you’re staying in a particular resort area, Kaanapali or Wailea, take advantage of that and book a luau close to home. Wailea has two fantastic productions at the Grand Wailea Luau and at the Marriott Wailea Luau. Kaanapali is home to the Drums of the Pacific Luau, the Sheraton Luau, and perhaps the real champion of luaus, the Royal Lahaina Luau.

Don’t Overdress!

A Maui luau is a casual affair, leave the Vegas nightclub outfit in the closet! Wear what’s comfortable and cool, even though the luau is at night, you’ll appreciate the lighter, cooler clothing.

Maui Luaus


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