Hike Maui

Hike Maui

Kayak and Waterfall Hike

Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Waterfall Hike)
Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Hana Hike)
Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Maui Falls)
Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Anatomy)
Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Waterfall Hike)
Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Hana Hike)
Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Maui Falls)
Hike Maui - Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours (Anatomy)

Hike Maui – Kayak and Waterfall Hike 7 Hours


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Hike Maui has created a tour that combines a kayak tour with snorkeling and a short waterfall hike. For those who seek adventure, this Hike Maui Kayak and Waterfall Hike is a perfect fit for you. The morning is the best time of day on Maui and the best way to start a day outdoors is with a Maui kayak tour. Hike Maui partners with Kelii’s Kayaks for combination tour with the two most prolific tour companies in Maui. Both are the best in their niche of Maui activities. The tour begins with a kayak paddle along the Makena Coast. The morning is more suited for a Makena Coast kayak adventure than the afternoon. With its pristine reefs and abundance of marine life, it’s a great way to start your day. The paddle from Makena Landing is refreshing as it is easy.

After the kayak adventure, you’ll returns to the beach, at that point this Hike Maui Kayak and Waterfall Hike will pick you up and the second part of this tour begins with a short van ride to the hiking location on Maui’s lush east side along the Hana Highway. The hiking spot is the same as the East Maui Hike offered by Hike Maui, except the trail is different. This hike takes you to the lower part of the stream. Very few people walk this path as they believe the best part of the hiking on the Hana Highway is above the road. The fact is the road less traveled holds just as many wonders as the upper trails do.

The pools are crystal clear with ledges to jump off. With dense rainforest hemming in the stream, it’s like walking into a land forgot since Maui rose from the sea. The colorful flowers, fruit trees, and bamboo groves mix with the warmth of the tropical sun and bring peace to the soul. Book Hike Maui Kayak and Waterfall Hike today.

Hike Maui has been discovering the hidden secrets of Maui for over 25 years. Their passion for the Maui shows every time they lead a group of visitors to the treasures hidden inside the forest. They will share with you the history of the area on this Hike Maui Kayak and Waterfall Hike, the types of flora and the wildlife that inhabits the region. Each guide is a certified naturalist and expert in the terrain.

Today’s Tip:
Swimming is an option with this hike. You should wear your swimsuit under your clothes. We always recommend that you bring a change of clothes for after swimming.
Bring a towel.

Turkey, Ham, Garden Burger, Veggie, PJ sandwiches and water.

Equipment: Kelli’s Kayaks
Kelli’s Kayaks provides all the snorkel gear, kayak and life vests for the kayak tour.

Equipment: Hike Maui
Hike Maui includes day packs, mosquito repellant, rain gear, and first aid.

No expecting mothers
No children under age 6
Minimum age per hike as displayed in brief
Takes 4 hikers to confirm all hikes
Takes 2 hikers to confirm a resort pick-up. They don’t have to be associated with your reservation

This kayak waterfall hike combo begins with a relaxing kayak snorkel tour in  Makena with Keliis Kayaks. Snorkel with the green sea turtles and a wide variety of tropical marine life on colorful reefs.

Hike Maui will arrive in their air-condition shuttles to take you to the trailhead where you will enjoy the Short Waterfall Hike. This hike takes you into a lush tropical valley on the North Shore of West Maui. During this Maui eco-adventure, you will hike up a stream through the rainforest. You will visit 2 waterfalls ranging in height from 10′ to 20′. Here you can relax and swim in the pools. Enjoy jumping off the rocks into a crystal clear pool and experience the beauty of the rainforest on Maui.

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Kayak and Hike

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per Adult $168.95

Ages 8 and Up

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Meet Location:
GPS: Makena Landing in South Maui
Just before the Pali on the West Side

Days Available:
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day.

Meet at 6:45am
Return 2:30pm

Total Duration: 7 hours

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Review Summary

Makena Landing Park
Reviewed from Google

4.7 out of 5 stars

Felicia L
Felicia L

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

A pretty good place for snorkeling! There is a restroom and outside shower to rinse the sand off, and some grassy park areas. The coral in this area was pretty bleached, so please use reef safe sunscreen!

We were able to see a variety of different animals while snorkeling, and it wasn't too windy while we were there.

John Kownacki
John Kownacki

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Has to be one of the best shore diving spots around. Turtles, eels, sharks, caverns and caves. Go with someone that knows the spots first as you might pass them by. Easy entry into the water. Try this spot or the Lahaina Pier dive. This is much easier entry however.

Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I came by boat on a snorkel tour. I think this is the closest beach you can get to the rocks where the turtles are. I saw so many turtles while I was snorkeling today. Hopefully I can post some pictures from my go pro later. Definitely check out this spot. Just be careful because the surf is rough and will run you into the rocks if you aren’t careful and you aren’t a strong swimmer.

Javier Rey
Javier Rey

3 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

There a tiny beach and a little snorkel spot. A lot of boats come here but I'm not sure why because the snorkeling is not great. Maluaka is just down the street and has better snorkeling a nice large beach and turtles also.

Janet P
Janet P

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Great place to snorkel! Nice for children. First place we scuba dived. Great location for families. Good bathrooms and public shower too.

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