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Hiking on Maui has a new twist with Rappel Maui. Extreme activities in Maui have taken a foothold for those who seek a real adventure. The best-hidden treasures on Maui are discovered on private property. Most private property is fenced off with “Keep Out” signs posted everywhere. The only way to find these magical places is with a guided hike or something a little more extreme like Rappel Maui.  Along the road to Hana lies the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden sits on acres of gardens created by those who share in the concept of a peace and beauty on earth.  It’s a gorgeous place filled with exotic plants, trees, and foliage of every color, shape, and size. To just visit this enchanting garden, commands an entrance fee. The fee covers the upkeep of the property. Once Rappel Maui arrives at the garden, there is a short hike into a valley tucked in the rainforest. Here is where your fun day really gets started. Your guides will show you the correct method of rappelling. Gear you up and it’s off to the first cliff where you will get hands-on experience, rappelling down to the jungle floor below.

There are 3 rappelling exercises. The jungle walls vary in height. The trainer wall is 60 in height.  The second wall rappels down a waterfall into a pool. The third rappel is a shorter wall, but more difficult. There is hiking between rappelling walls to round out the experience. If time permits the shorter rappel is repeated.

To discover the best of Maui, a guide is necessary. Not only do the permits they have help, but the guides experience is worth the price of the tour. Safety for our visitors today is mandatory, even if you believe you don’t need to be saved from yourself.

Course Layout:
60-foot dry jungle wall – this is where the training takes place
50-foot waterfall rappel into a large pool
30-foot falls, technically more difficult
Time permitting, do the 30-foot again

Tip of the Day:
Men should wear swim trunks or light-weight pants & a quick-drying shirt.
Women should wear surf shorts, yoga pants or quick-drying pants. A tank or bikini top is fine.
Do not wear just a swim suit
Wet suit top – you can rent one from any dive shop, winter months only
Bring a change of clothes
Bring a towel
Keep personal effect to small items only: wallet, cell phone and a camera only. No purses, fanny or backpacks.
No restrooms beyond the trailhead.

Snacks include granola bars & bottled water

No children under 10 years old
No expecting mothers
Due to the nature of the activity, handicap people should not book this event
Must sign a participation agreement
Minors must be accompanied by an adult
Harnesses will fit waist sizes from 22-54 inches. If you are outside the harness size, do not schedule this activity.
Takes 2 to confirm activity




Rappel Maui Group Tour

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Ages 10 and Up

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Meet Location: Garden of Eden – 26 miles down the Hana Highway
GPS: 10600 Hana Highway, Haiku, Hawaii 96708

Days Available:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed on Sunday

Advance Reservations Required

8:00 am, 9:15 am, 11:45am & 1:00pm
Total Duration:
3.5 hours

Maui Tickets For Less Cancelation Policy:
A 72 hours notice is required for a refund. Only exception is a note from a local doctor.
No-shows” will be charged full.

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