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Molokini Snorkel

Seafire Charters - Express Molokini Snorkel (Rock)Seafire Charters - Express Molokini Snorkel (Bubble)Seafire Charters - Express Molokini Snorkel (Seafire)
Seafire Charters - Express Molokini Snorkel (Pink Boat)
Seafire Charters - Express Molokini Snorkel (Rock)
Seafire Charters - Express Molokini Snorkel (Bubble)
Seafire Charters - Express Molokini Snorkel (Seafire)

Seafire Charters – Molokini Snorkel

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Think Fun! That is the definition of the Seafire Charters’ Molokini snorkeling trip. Seafire is a 40 foot power boat that specializes in small groups. Seafire Charters is also known for its friendly captain and crew as the company is family-owned and operated.  They arrive earlier at Molokini, before any other charter boat, giving you time at the crater without any crowds.

Seafire has been operating Molokini snorkel tours for over 30 years. During that time, they have taken thousands of guests to experience the wonders of Molokini Crater. When you snorkel Molokini, you will discover amazing coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life. Your morning snorkeling at Molokini will be entertaining, that’s for sure.

Molokini Crater is designated as a National Marine Reserve. Protected and cherished, Molokini Crater is also a wildlife refuge. While snorkeling at Molokini you will be amazed at the variety of marine life teeming within the crater. Seafire may, if the wind permits, snorkel the back wall of the crater. That is a special treat that the larger catamarans are unable to participate in due to their size and schedule. 

Being in a small boat is more intimate, less crowded and less prone to motion sickness. They are less prone because they don’t move through the water slowly like a catamaran. They are quick, to the point and provide an adrenaline rush. A Maui rafting adventure doesn’t include all the amenities of a catamaran. There are no restrooms, covered decks or BBQ lunch aboard this vessel. They are a quick, inexpensive and fun trip designed to get the job done in a stealth-like manner. You will save money, time and best of all have a wonderful experience.

Kihei Boat Ramp is the departure point for Seafire Charters Molokini snorkel. Simply put the charter boats that go snorkeling at Molokini from Kihei are all rafts, which means fewer people and a more exciting ride on the boat.

Snorkeling Molokini is a must-do Maui activity for every first-time visitor. Like the thousands before you, you will probably return again and again. Like many, you will be using the Seafire again.

Tip of the Day:
Bring a towel and sunscreen. It is a good idea to know how to swim.
Seafire provides all the snorkel gear, snorkel 101, flotation devices. Wetsuits for rent.

Seafire provides a snack of fresh Maui pineapple, muffins, and cold drinks.
You may also B.Y.O.B. Plastic or cans only.

No children under 4 years old.
No pregnant women.
Those who have had recent surgery should use discretion. Consult with your physician before booking this trip.

With an early departure and a quick trip (5 minutes) to Molokini, Seafire Charters has the edge on snorkeling in Molokini. This 3 hour snorkel trip arrives before any other charter boat giving you Molokini Crater to yourself for a little over an hour. Once the crowds start to arrive, Seafire heads off to another Maui snorkel site. Depending on the water conditions the second site may be the back wall of Molokini or St Anthony’s wreck. Seafire has a special snorkel spot with loaded with green sea turtles in swallow water which gives you a close-up encounter unlike any other Maui charter boat. Now, that is a “Plus”.


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Meet Location: Kihei – Kihei Boat Ramp
GPS: 2800 South Kihei Road, Kihei, Hawaii 96753

Days Available:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Closed Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Check-in 7:00am. Departs at 7:30 am
Return 10:30am.

Check-in 30 minutes prior to activity start time.

Maui Tickets For Less Cancelation Policy:
A 72 hours notice is required for a refund. Only exception is a note from a local doctor.
No-shows” will be charged full.

Molokini as a snorkel destination is at the discretion of the captain. The captain may select another snorkel site during inclement weather.

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Seafire Charters
Based on 46 reviews
Seafire Charters
Based on 146 reviews
Zenia B.
Zenia B.
10/10 would go snorkeling again with Seafire! My husband and I took the 3 hour Molikini tour. We were both newbies to snorkeling and Kelly and Wendy, our...
kevin o.
kevin O.
The hospitality was more than perfect, no idea how a group can be so patient with tourist. They kept us engaged, entertained with a side of education. They...
Alex A.
Alex A.
Excellent adventure and crew for the Molokini snorkeling tour. The good/great: Great crew - nice, friendly, pointed out some good stuff. Tour was smaller...
Miriam G.
Miriam G.
Best snorkeling experience ever! Our guides were great, got to Molokini before other snorkel charters and went to two other locations. They provided yummy...
Trisha P.
Trisha P.
They were awesome! All around great trip and very affordable. Crew was very nice, attentive and knowledgeable. It was great family like feeling from the...
Michael S.
Michael S.
Seafire was outstanding! I've made a few trips out to Molokini on the bigger boats, and they're fine, but this was so much more enjoyable. Leaving from...
Brad H.
Brad H.
WOW!!!. I know this is a rough way to start off a review. My family had been cancelled off of another charter company due to what they said was bad weather....
Tyler H.
Tyler H.
What a great Molokini snorkeling tour! It's hard to differentiate the various tour services, so I went with Seafire off of a friend's recommendation. Let's...
Paul K.
Paul K.
The best excursion to Molokini hands down. Kelly and Melissa take care of you and are so knowledgeable. I normally do not hang around guides when it...
Keith R.
Keith R.
We took the Seafire to Molokini to snorkel s d it quickly became the highlight of our trip to Maui. Let me start by saying the only reason I gave them 5...
Scott A.
Scott A.
Fantastic snorkeling experience. Molokini, variety of fishes, eels, octopuses, turtles & dolphins. Crew really took care of the guests with snacks,...
Lori F.
Lori F.
Fantastic morning out at Molokini with Captain Don, Melissa and Kelly. Kelly was an amazing snorkel guide, in the water with us the whole time. She pointed...
Susan L.
Susan L.
Seafire just got the OK to start running tours again last week. They are doing private and semi-private charters with 2 crew and up to 8 passengers at the...
Danielle P.
Danielle P.
I booked this for my family visiting in Feb and am very pleased to say they loved their snorkel charter with Seafire. With so many choices, it's hard to...
Sheila C.
Sheila C.
Excellent trip to snorkel at the Molokini crater. I was a little hesitant as I'd seen reviews that didn't really mention seeing many fish. We saw lots! We...
Adam Sevy
Adam S.
This sea fire charter is amazing. The entire crew were extremely friendly and helpful. Very reasonably priced compared to other local charters. The experience of snorkeling the crater and the turtles was a memory we won’t soon forget! Thank you to that boat crew and staff. I’d highly recommend!!
Sam Bellestri
Sam B.
Fantastic experience. Crew was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the ocean life. Highly recommended!
This was the most amazing experience! The captain and his assistant (Kelly?) were awesome. Smaller sized but extremely stable boat for a better, more personal experience. We did three stops, including the back side of the crater, which should not be missed, so glad I jumped in even though several of us were intimidated at first. You could hear whales singing, and on the ride back we were treated to better whale sightings than our whale watch. The crew did a great job explaining what we seeing and pointing out interesting things we came across. Even saw a baby octopus. They give you plenty of time at each stop, it was well worth the reasonable price and the time.
Reina A.
Reina A.
Really recommend this when visiting Maui! Everyone in the team were amazing and very knowledgeable. They really know what they're talking about and they...
Elizabeth Darnick
Elizabeth D.
Amazing snorkeling experience! The crew was awesome and so knowledgeable. They got around and talked to everyone which made the smaller group a bonus. We saw an abundance of marine life in two places and then the turtle stop was my favorite! Oh, and the snacks were great!
Pippy Park Ladies League
Pippy Park Ladies L.
Great outfitter. The crew was awesome, and it was great being out on the water with a small group. No more than 20 on this unsinkable boat. It was a short trip from Kihei to Molokini Crater, and the snorkelling at the crater was awesome. The water is clear so you can see so many fish at the top of the water and at the bottom among the coral. Because it is a small group, there was no bumping into others. The crew was in the water with us making us feel safe. We snorkelled two spots in the crater, and then on the return we swam with the turtles close to shore. The pineapple, muffins, drinks, etc were perfect. The money was spent on the snorkelling adventure and it was money well spent. We would highly recommend it to others. We did not feel rushed getting on the boat, getting in the water, and getting on board the boat. It was easy entry and exit all the way. Thank you to the crew.
Lucia M.
Lucia M.
Mahalo Nui! Beautiful day on the water with Seafire charters. Melissa and Sarah lead a fantastic tour. Thank you Capt. Don for keeping us safe.
Luis Meza
Luis M.
This is the place to book your next snorkeling tour in Maui!!! My son (12) and I booked 2 days before, and all we needed were our towels; they provided the snorkel gear as part of the booking fee. The reservation process was easy, as well as check in, which Vicki did a great job. Once on the boat, the crew (Wendy and Melissa) were outstanding, and took care of us. We visited molokini crater at which point we saw sooo many fish, that it was amazing. We then went outside the crater and did a drifting snorkel where we saw more amazing fish, and simply different terrain; this was only possible due to small boat we were in. Lastly, we visited the turtle area and we got to swim with sea turtles, which was an amazing once in a lifetime experience.They had yummy treats and drinks on the boat as well.Absolutely outstanding crew and overall experience!!!!!
Amanda Lin
Amanda L.
Seafire offers small snorkel group. We love it. It was less crowded and better experience. Staff Sarah and Tommy are very helpful and friendly. There were three snorkelling stop. The third one seems to be the best place for turtles and reef sharks but we were unable to get into the water due to tiger shark alarm. Bummer! But we still got to see several turtles from the boat. And then they took us to another place with a shipwreck. Overall it was a enjoyable trip. Highly recommended!
Avery H.
Avery H.
I tend to get a little seasick on charters, but this time was different. Despite some light chop, our boat made it smoothly out to the Molokini Crater in...

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