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Goofy Foot Surf School - All Surf Lessons (Store)Goofy Foot Surf School - All Surf Lessons (Waves)Goofy Foot Surf School - All Surf Lessons (Family Activity)Surfing in Maui - 2669
Goofy Foot Surf School - All Surf Lessons (Girls)
Goofy Foot Surf School - All Surf Lessons (Store)
Goofy Foot Surf School - All Surf Lessons (Waves)
Goofy Foot Surf School - All Surf Lessons (Family Activity)
Surfing in Maui - 2669

Goofy Foot Surf School – All Surf Lessons

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If you’re interested in surfing while you’re here on Maui, lessons from a school recognized for their safety record and teaching ability are the starting point. Goofy Foot Surf School has been teaching surfing on Maui for many years, so they definitely know how to get you upright on a surfboard.

Goofy Foot Surf School provides a safe personal surfing lesson for the beginner. It’s not hard and all the lessons are guaranteed. This means you will “surf da wave”. Goofy Foot Surf School is located in Lahaina at 505 Front Street. The surf spot is just around the corner from the “Surf Shop” and is a proven surf location for the beginner.

Goofy Foot has been doing surfing lessons for over 20 years and they have provided safe surf instruction to thousands of students. All lessons are guaranteed!

Check in is 30 minutes prior to the lesson at the surf shop in Lahaina located at 505 Front Street. The lesson begins with the instructor teaching you how to paddle your board and set up for the wave. This takes place on the beach. All of Goofy Foot’s instructors are certified surf instructors. When the instructor feels that you are ready, then it’s time to “catch da wave”

First time surfers will learn on a long board that will provide the novice a little more stability in the water. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands with Goofy foot Surf school and theirs are the best Surf Lessons. Maui is the perfect place and they are surf lesson experts. Since the long boards are longer and a little wider there is more foot room on the board for the beginner to become accustomed to standing up on the surf board. The surf lessons provide an insight into some of the issues that a novice would not pick up on their own. Balancing yourself while rising to your feet and the steps to take to remain on the board are just a few of the helpful hints that you’ll get from the lesson. Your instructor will make sure your experience is one that is safe and fun. Who knows, you may want to learn to ride the Big Waves after this!

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2 Hour Group Surf Lesson

  • Best Price Guarantee
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  • Free Cancellation
per Adult $79.95

Ages 9 and Up

Total $0.00

Meet at Goofy Foot Shop @ 505 Front Street Lahaina
GPS: 505 Front Street Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

No Surfers under 9 years old
No Expecting mothers
Each surf lesson is 2 hours

Available Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm. Duration 2 Hours

For Surf Lessons, each instructor can take up to 5 students.

Maui Tickets For Less Cancelation Policy:
A 72 hours notice is required for a refund. Only exception is a note from a local doctor.
No-shows” will be charged full.

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Goofy Foot Surf School
Based on 253 reviews
David S.
David S.
I'm 61 years old so not as nimble as I once was. Surfed once 11 years ago so basically I have no experience.  Phillipe from Goofy Foot gave great...
Brenda K.
Brenda K.
The group intro lessons are perfect if you just want to experience surfing. If you really want to learn, I recommend going for the private lessons. I...
Jenning P.
Jenning P.
Tim is a fantastic teacher! Our girls had a blast & successfully stood up several times! If you are looking for a fun experience, this is the place!...
Nina M.
Nina M.
Today I took a lesson with Fabio, and it turned out to be one of the best day, if not the best day of my honeymoon. We have been here for 10 days and took...
marie l.
marie L.
Literally just landed from our Maui vacay. We decided to give our girls(8 & 12) a belated and advance birthday gifts-private surf lessons. They had Shane...
Ryan C.
Ryan C.
This place is awesome! Tim, the owner is a great person and takes the time to talk to you and get you set up for what you need. If you're looking for...
David N.
David N.
Went back to rent a couple boards and my daughter and I were lucky enough to be in the water at the same time the owner, Tim, was out there giving a private...
David N.
David N.
Amazing experience at Goofy Foot! Beth gave us great tips on when the conditions would be best to maximize our experience, and everything was ready the...
Jason P.
Jason P.
Excellent customer service! Nice gear, provides everything you need for a safe and fun outing. Great beginner break right in front of store.
Soraya K.
Soraya K.
This is an awesome surf school. Philippe is a patient and thorough instructor. We had such a great time we came back for a second day to do so even more...
Beth W.
Beth W.
My 14 year old son took a group lesson with Fabio. It was perfect! Fabio is an amazing instructor! He made my son feel comfortable and confident. His...
John A.
John A.
Badass surf school. They are so helpful here, I can't imagine any other surf school doing more than Goofy Foot. And I bought a bunch of cool shirts for some...
Nicole D.
Nicole D.
Our 3 teens (2 girls & a boy) had an amazing experience with Fabio @ Goofy Foot Surf School. We were thrilled w/his excellent instruction that set them up...
Brian F.
Brian F.
Goofy Foot Surf School was a highlight of our trip. Our instructor, John "Corto" Cortez was great with the kids and made them (and us) feel super safe. He...
Jessica S.
Jessica S.
My husband arranged surf school for himself and our daughter to attend. We arrived and all the employees were very friendly. They got my daughter and...
Ellie Erickson
Ellie E.
Uiam was our instructor, he was great! Got everyone up on the board and gave some great tips. Another cool thing about this company is that everyone gets photos from their lesson, INCLUDED, in the price!
Gabrielle Holmberg
Gabrielle H.
My dad and I just had an amazing experience with them. Surfing was always on my bucket list. Getting out and ridding the waves with no experience was fantastic. The instructor Carter was friendly, knowledgeable, and made us feel like we were friends of his out catching waves. I would highly recommend them. There was another instructor of Goofy foot out there as well and we were just a big ohana.
Casey Curtiss
Casey C.
Wonderful Stand Up Paddle beginner lesson in December. My 50 year old parents and I did a Stand Up Paddle lesson. First time any of us had surfed or been on a board! We tried some boogie board a few days before, we were awful. We all stood up on the paddle boards, but my dad took a tumble and was content to stay on his knees for the rest of the lesson. A couple of us even rode some of the smaller waves like a surfer! If my parents can get past their bad knees and SUP for the first time, then I'm sure a huge variety of people are capable of it! It is very taxing on your ankles and knees, that's where all the balance comes from. Taylor was great, switched out our boards when one of us was struggling standing. Lots of tips on shore that we put into practice for the next hour and a half. Perfect amount of time for a lesson. I think this is the best value of any Maui activity we did on this trip. $80, comes with 100+ photos from their photographer from shore, a hat, and discounts on future rentals.
Tanner Carnley
Tanner C.
Your never to old to learn new tricks. Went surfing for my 1st time on my 48th birthday. This was the perfect surf school to learn to surf.
Yuri A.
Yuri A.
My boyfriend and I were vacationing in Maui and decided on a whim that we wanted to take surfing lessons. We checked the different Yelp reviews and decided...
Ashlyn Staples
Ashlyn S.
After a few months processing, I am finally ready to leave a review. Back in June I took a beginner surf class with Goofy Foot. I had a great time, and got some great pictures from the company. My issue came once we were out of the water. My fiance pointed out to me that I was bleeding. Sure enough at one point I fell off my board and cut my leg/ foot, but didn't notice it until after. We tried washing out the cuts, but the bleeding would not stop in my foot. Goofy Foot provided us with a first aid kit that contained a few measly band aids and variety of hot sauce packets. There was more hot sauce neatly organized in the box than actual medical supplies. I understand it is not the company's fault that I got cut nor their responsibility to bandage me up, however an aqueduct first aid kit would have made a big difference. The staff was not taking my injuries seriously at all and could barely tell me where to go for medical help. Considering what can happen to beginners surfing over a reef, it would be beneficial to have a staff who are well versed on where to send clients who need medical attention. We ended up at a local Minit Clinic where my cut received a good cleaning, x-rays, 2 internal stitches, and 5 external stitches. Again- I know I signed a waiver and I accept full responsibility for the cut and did not expect the staff to treat my cut, however it would have been nice to see an actual stocked first aid kit and a staff that was trained to tell us where to go for these injuries. While I was getting stitched up, all I could think about was how I was so glad that happened to me, an adult, instead of one of the small children in my group.
Avery Morgan
Avery M.
My daughter and I took the beginner group lessons on Monday with JB and he was great. He gave a good lesson on the beach, as well as additional tips once we started surfing. My daughter didn't enjoy surfing, but that had nothing to do with the instructions. She simply didn't enjoy the activity. I, on the other hand, absolutely loved it. I went back for a second group lesson on Thursday. My instructor was Kevin, and he did an equally wonderful job teaching. After I caught my second wave, Kevin had me stay out there to keep practicing on my own, while he continued with the group lesson. Kevin occasionally called me over to provide additional tips. After the lesson, I rented a board for two more hours and went out on my own. Several of the other Goofy Foot instructors were out giving lessons, and would occasionally give me tips and critique. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. In addition, the school provides free photographs after the lesson. I'm very pleased with the quality of instruction and rental prices. I plan to rent a board one more time before we leave Maui tomorrow.
Chris G.
Chris G.
If you surf in this area you have two choices of where to go - we went Goofy Foot. Tiffany at the front was awesome, she got us outfitted and prepared for...

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