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Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Family)Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Kids)Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Lady Surfer)Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Board)Stand Up Paddleboard Maui - 2425
Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Surf)
Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Family)
Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Kids)
Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Lady Surfer)
Hang Loose Surf Club - All Surf Lessons (Board)
Stand Up Paddleboard Maui - 2425

Hang Loose Surf Club – All Surf Lessons

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Hang Loose Surf Club is a small company, founded by two brothers and is owner operated. Their passion for surfing has inspired them to teach the sport of Kings to visitors seeking surfing lessons in Maui. If you take a moment to consider quality in a surf lesson on Maui for instructing students, then the Hang Loose Surf Club is a perfect choice. After all, a couple of surf boyz who grew up surfing in Lahaina is a perfect fit. They teach surfing in Maui from old traditions that have been handed down from their fathers, you will learn to surf the Hawaiian way. It’s traditional surfing at its best. We think this is one of the things that separates Hang Loose Surf Club from all other surf shops and one of the best things to do on Maui.

Traditional Surf Lessons:
The lesson focuses on technique. How to stand up on the surfboard without falling off. Like all Maui surf lessons, it begins on the beach with the instructor showing each student the art of standing up while paddling to catch a wave. They will also share with you surf etiquette and how to conduct yourself while out in the water with other surfers around. After all, more than one person will be trying to ride the same wave as you. After the instructors feel the group has mastered the technique of standing up on the board, you’ll head out to the water to test your new-found skill. Don’t be overly surprised if it takes a couple of attempts to stand up on the board. Wiping out is part of the fun. Hang Loose Surf Club only instructs small groups of no more than 5 students. This allows them to provide detailed instructions to each student. The boyz and their instructors are all certified in CPR and water safety. Their knowledge of surfing in Maui is a life experience. They grew up in Lahaina and have surfed every break on Maui. We are sure that your experience surfing on Maui will lead you into a new direction, new sport and a passion that only surfing can instill. Join us today for your surfing lesson on Maui and open a new world of excitement. We are confident that you will be hooked on surfing and each year you return, you will feel the call of the sea. See ya at the beach!

Fun Fact:

Honolua Bay is one of the premier surfing spots on Maui. Each year there are surf competitions that are conducted there and the boyz compete in all of them. They are big wave surfers who have a passion for surfing that is rarely seen. After all. They grew up surfing Maui. Once you surf da wave, you will understand the passion, the thrill and take up the sport of kings.

No children under age 9
No expecting mothers


Group Surf Lessons

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Ages 9 and Up

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Group Paddleboard Lesson

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Meet Location: Lahaina @ Hang Loose Surf Shop
GPS: 624 Front Street, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Days Available:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Surf times are: 8:30 am, 11:30 am, 2:30 pm
Check-in 30 minutes prior the activity start time.

Total Duration: 2 hours

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Hang Loose Surf Club
Based on 49 reviews
Hang Loose Surf Club
Based on 80 reviews
Roger Maddocks
Roger M.
Arriving in Hawaii for the first time, my number one goal was to get up on a surf board during the trip. I dragged my reluctant wife along and took a lesson with John at Hang Loose Surf Club. To our surprise, we both surfed for a couple hours with great success. My wife and I both agreed this experience ended up being the highlight of our entire trip! Abner runs the shop and has an incredible thing going, I cannot wait to make it back here and surf again. They worked with us in every way they could, and offered surfboards on days that we weren't even taking lessons. Thank you for the experience, would recommend it to anybody 100x over.
Zoeline Bonnee
Zoeline B.
We decided to try out Hang Loose Surf Club as we had a Groupon for it. Booking went smoothly and the instructors were really nice. The reason I am giving this 3 stars is because first of all, the instruction on land seemed pretty short and I had some trouble remembering exactly how we were supposed to get up on the board (albeit once you're out on the water you kind of figure it out yourself). Second the area where you're actually surfing is VERY shallow, and the bottom is rocks and coral. They tell you to fall flat on your back if you can to avoid cutting yourself, and I only got a minor scratch, but 2 taller people in our group got cuts on their hands, which was a little alarming. The instructor warned us about this before our lesson, but pretty much told us to avoid cutting ourselves because of bacteria and whatnot. Although he did warn us, I didn't fully feel comfortable falling into the water. At the time we went (10:30am) there were also many other groups and the area with waves was a little packed. I almost crashed into another surfer at one point. The last thing is some of the waves weren't all that big, so expect smaller waves during your lesson. They are easier to manage but some die off quickly and you don't really get much "surf". Overall my experience was decent. If you go here for lessons, just expect shallow water and smaller waves, and unlike me, don't expect more than that.
K P Larson
K P L.
Todd was awesome! He had us all up and surfing right away. We had a great time. Joanna took fantastic photos. Our family would highly recommend lessons here!
Jen G.
Jen G.
Purchased grp lessons for my 2 grandkids. Had a great spot to view the class - what a great experience for them! They felt so accomplished to get up on the...
My husband and I are first timers in Hawaii and wanted to give surfing a shot. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that interested in surfing, more of my husbands interest but I’m so glad I did it. Todd was an amazing instructor and made the whole experience fun and memorable. There were 4 of us in our group and we each caught about 7-10 waves.
Kiersten Newtoff
Kiersten N.
My partner and I had a great time with Hang Loose/Opelu Surfing! These guys have the inside scoop of Maui but also have the permits in place to make it so you don’t have to carry your boards all the way to the beach! They have very large training boards which pretty much guarantees that you will ride some waves. We did a group surf lesson but lucked out that it was just us two. Your lesson (as well as rentals) come with water boots and a rash guard, two really important pieces of equipment. The beach we go to is shallow (which was great for me as I can’t really swim) with small, practice waves. Todd was our instructor and not only was he great at giving advice and preparing us, but we also had good conversations about work, surfing, living in Hawaii, and all sorts of things. They even have a nice backdrop at the shop and will offer to take pictures for you! Really enjoyed our lesson, will recommend everyone and will definitely do a rental from them in the future!
Elisia Schrauth
Elisia S.
We had a great time with Hang Loose Surf club. There was great communication with their team the whole time, and they were very accommodating when we had to reschedule. Our lesson with John was fantastic, he was very friendly and gave us individual feedback. We caught a lot of great waves and made some wonderful memories.
Scott F.
Scott F.
Todd was a great instructor. Know that your 2 hr time starts when you start walking to the beach and ends when you get back. When I mentioned that had not...
Alysa Monèt R.
Alysa Monèt R.
We were visiting Maui and knew we wanted to try surf lessons and found Hang Loose on Groupon. We were confused about how to book using our Groupon so we...
Josephine M.
Josephine M.
We had such an amazing time with Todd! We booked two semi private classes, Todd was our instructor both days and we had so much fun! The waves were perfect...
Nikki Grasty
Nikki G.
Awesome all the way! They where great we loved Todd! He was so good at teaching it was amazing to see how fast the kids picked it up! This is a forever memory! This is the school you want to go to they take so much time with you and help you find what works for you! They had no booking left for us but found a way to make it work! Abner was so nice to speak with and made sure we got our time with the waves! Thank you all so much!

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