Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel

Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel

Ultimate Lanai Snorkeling

Ultimate Rafting Snorkel Lanai 93Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Up Close)Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Ohana)Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Slip 17)Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Yellow Raft)
Ultimate Rafting Snorkel Boat - 94
Ultimate Rafting Snorkel Lanai 93
Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Up Close)
Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Ohana)
Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Slip 17)
Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel - Lanai Snorkeling (Yellow Raft)

Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel – Lanai Snorkeling

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Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel is truly an Ultimate Rafting trip. It is a one of a kind Maui snorkeling and rafting tour. With 2-3 Lanai snorkel sites and the dolphins you’ll see along the way, there is no better way to get up close and personal with dolphins or whales (seasonal). You will snorkel at some of the finest reefs on Lanai teeming with marine life. Take your snorkeling adventure beyond the usual and explore Lanai with Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel.

They’re known as Ultimate Rafting Adventures because it’s the ultimate Lanai snorkel tour. Some snorkel spots on Maui are tame, like Molokini. Lanai is wild, remote, unspoiled and best of all, there are no crowds.

It takes about 45 minutes to travel the channel from Maui to Lanai. Your journey will take you to two or three snorkel sites along the coast of Lanai. Specific adventures with Ultimate Rafting and Snorkel changes according to the ocean currents like everyone else. They zoom north to the isolated regions of Lanai that few get to experience. Here you will enter sea caves, see blow holes and snorkel won some of the finest reefs in the world. There are shipwrecks, rusting from decades of being battered by the sea. Most have been there since World War II. They were blown off course during storms and sit, a reminder of the power of nature.

There are dolphins, turtles, flying fish and so much more. I think the finest snorkeling in Hawaii can be found in Manele Bay. This is the last snorkel site you will experience during the day. Its also the best. Like an aquarium, Manele Bay is a living example of a healthy reef. Exploding in colors, teeming with hundreds of varieties of fish, both big and small, Manele Bay set the standard for snorkel trips on Maui.

It’s been over 20 years since Ultimate Rafting first made the journey across the channel to Lanai. During that time, Ultimate Rafting has awed thousands of guests with the wonders only found on Lanai. They discovered the best Lanai snorkel sites long ago, then sticking with the best through the years has earned them the recognition of one of the best rafting trips on Maui

During the winter months, the Humpback Whale makes its annual journey to Maui from the cold waters off the coast of Alaska. This time of year is always exciting for snorkeling on Lanai. You will see whales and Ultimate Rafting will provide you with an ultimate whale watch. It won’t be nearly as long as booking a Maui whale watching tour, but you will get your fix. Then it’s off to your snorkel adventure.

We know first hand that the service is awesome, the snorkel sites provide a day packed with fun and excitement.

Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel is owner operated with over 20 years of snorkeling adventures on Lanai to their credit. The snorkeling reviews are great and the trip is an exceptional value.

The Raft:
Built similar the rafts the USS Coast uses, Ultimate Rafting offers a smooth ride with the ability to scoot across the channel quickly. Certified for 24 passengers, the guest count is kept small for comfort. As most rafts, this one has a shaded area and easy access to the water from the rear of the boat.

Tip of the Day:
Bring a towel and sunscreen
All snorkel gear provided
Snorkel 101
No restroom
Wetsuits for rent

Light Continental:
Banana bread, topped with lilikoi cream cheese
Fresh Fruit

Maui Style Chips
Juice and water

Menu is prepared by Down the Hatch gourmet kitchen daily
You can bring beer or wine, no glass containers, please

No children under 5 years old
No pregnant women
No people with bad backs

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Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel

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per Adult $121.95

Ages 13 and Up

Ages 5-12

Total $0.00

Meet at Lahaina Harbor Slip 17
GPS: 675 Wharf St. Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

No children under 5 years old
No expecting mothers
No people with bad backs
BYOB no glass please

48 hour cancellation policy

Available Days:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day

Check-in at 7:30am. Departs at 8:00am
Return 12:00pm

Destination: Island of Lanai, exploring 2-3 snorkel spots, looking for remote areas with the best snorkeling for that day. Dolphins are the priority in choosing the direction we go.

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Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel
Based on 348 reviews
Ted J.
Ted J.
If you are wanting to whale watch while you are in Maui. STOP - this is the only company you should book with. The staff is truly family, they love what...
Michaela Maldonado
Michaela M.
Such an incredible experience!!! Gabe and Clint were fantastic guides with an amazing balance of knowledge, patience and humor. Whale watching is one of my favorite things to do when visiting Maui and I will only be coming back to Ultimate Whale Watch. The boat was small so you felt like you were on a special quest. Can't wait to return!! Thanks for an incredible experience!
Sydnee Schaffer
Sydnee S.
This was a last minute add on to our Maui trip! The raft, I think, allowed the whales to feel less intimated, and ended up hanging out right at the raft! The staff members definitely made it fun by stealing another boats whale. Apparently, Whales love attention. Who knew! For the price, and what we got out of it, this is the BEST whale watching tour in Maui.
Ana V.
Ana V.
Amazing! One of the best experiences I've ever had!We encountered our first sighting within ten minutes and one breach! The whales are beautiful! We also...
Robert Jones
Robert J.
My wife and I did the 3 hour whale watch with Brittany and Heather this morning. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. The three hours absolutely flew by. Brittany was a great captain and Heather did an amazing job sharing so much information about whales. We would highly recommend ultimate watch over the competitors. The smaller boat and crowd allow for such a great experience on the water. We might try to get another trip in this week!
Magda M.
Magda M.
Had a wonderful tour. Saw plenty of whales! It was a 7am trip and the water was calm, the weather was perfect. Thanks Ultimatw crew for a lovely morning ride.
Lynn H.
Lynn H.
Excellent excellent excellent. We saw multiple whales and two jump. The first mate (Hannah was her name?) was excellent at answering questions and...
Jordan Chesbrough
Jordan C.
We chose Ultimate because it was affordable but we were blown away by the professionalism and our experience. We’ve been on the $$$ excursions and this trip matched in quality. The shorter 1.5 hour trip was perfect for our young boys and it we definitely got our money worth. The smaller boats also meant we got great photos and a personal experience. The crew was friendly, knowledgeable, and fun! If you’re looking for a great whale watching experience this is it!
Steven Courtney
Steven C.
This is the ONLY way to go whale watching. Been doing tours with this company for several years now. I would do it every day if able! The boats are great, the crew is great and very knowledgeable. Cannot recommend them more highly. No 2 whale watches are the same, no matter who you go with, but this company does a great job. Go early in the morning it's a great time to be out on the water with great views!
Robyn Swensen
Robyn S.
We went for a whale watch the first day they had available Dec 1st, since it was our last day in Maui. We were treated with quite a show from the young male whale! We saw a couple more whales as well, but we knew it was early in the season and were very pleased with what we saw! Our group liked being in the smaller boat. The crew of our boat was amazing, answering any and all questions we had about whales and anything else in the area. Super friendly and a true respect for the animals we were trying to view as well. Would highly recommend!
Anna C.
Anna C.
Maybe it was bad luck. The current was too strong in the spots that our guides, Hanna and Peter, wanted to take us to, so we went to some alternate spots....

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