Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses have been available since the 1980s when former fisherman Jim Richards made it his mission to develop sunglasses that not only protected eyes from the harsh damaging rays of the sun but also improved visual clarity for everyone wearing them in a stylish fashion.

The History of Maui Jim Enhancing the Colors of Maui

The Maui Jim company was created in 1980 when founder Jim Richards, the original ‘Maui Jim,’ began selling his sunglasses on Ka’anapali beach in Maui. The vision began with the desire to create sunglasses that provided UV protection without hindering one’s ability to enjoy the sights when peering through the sunglasses. Within a few years of, Maui Jim sunglasses were engineered with patented Polarized Plus2 lens for vividness and full protection from UVA and UVB rays, and the ability to eliminate glare.

Although Jim Richards sold the company in 1991, and the line of Maui Jim sunglasses has expanded, the company is still independently owned and the designs and quality standards are still tested in Lahaina, Maui nearly 4 decades later. We recommend these sunglasses above all others, especially if you’re doing one of our whale watching tours.

The Superior Technology of Maui Jim Sunglasses

With more than 125 styles of sunglasses, the Maui Jim sunglasses provide excellent eye protection without glare, enabling wearers to enjoy the brilliant views wherever they are, whether on the beach, golf course, at a ski resort, or in the water.

Most everyone has experienced the frustration of being unable to fully experience beautiful natural scenery because of sun glare. Maui Jim knew that was an issue, which is why the company developed its patented Polarized Plus2 lens as a solution. Another great thing is that it’s always easy to get your Maui Jim’s repaired.

The lenses incorporate six different technologies that reduce glare by 99.9% with the unique mirror effect that covers lenses from top to bottom. And, unlike most standard sunglasses that blur colors in order to shield the eyes from dangerous UV rays, the Maui Jim sunglasses actually enhance detail and color. The lenses are designed so as to use the natural light as a filter that heightens the various hues, making everything pop. The anti-reflective treatment on the lenses also reduce glare from behind by blocking light reflections, and with the patented Clearshell Treatment, the lenses are waterproof, extremely durable, and designed to repel oils from fingerprints or even suntan lotion. So regardless of the environment, when Maui Jim sunglasses are used, you will see clearly and benefit from superior eye protection as well. 

Why Eye Protection is Important in Hawaii

Sunglasses are available in an array of styles, colors, and prices, but it’s important to realize that not all sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. According to experts, the lower quality shaded sunglasses that aren’t designed to block ultraviolet rays may be more harmful to the eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all. This is because the tinted lenses will cause the iris of the eyes to dilate just as they do in darker rooms, thus allowing even more exposure of ultraviolet radiation to the eyes.

While it’s normal for us to squint our eyes or shield them with a hand or visor, without proper UV protection, there is an increased risk for developing cataracts, ocular melanoma, macular degeneration and even some forms of cancer. UV rays can burn the eyes and eyelids just as the skin can burn without proper protection. Further, statistics indicate that up to 10% of skin cancers occur near the eye area. Thus opting for quality sunglasses that cover the sensitive skin around the eyes and offer anti-reflective and UV protection is ideal.

The Maui Jim sunglasses with the special patented lenses and designs offer full eye coverage as well as polarized lenses and UV protection. So before you’re tempted to buy that cheap pair of sunglasses purely for style or budget, consider the health of your eyes and make a worthy investment.  

The Noticeable Difference of Maui Jim and Maui Jim Repair

Maui Jim Sunglasses has always been dedicated to providing exceptional quality sunglasses and superb customer satisfaction. From the very beginning when these sunglasses were made and sold in Hawaii, the values and ethics of the ‘ohana’ (family) way have never ceased in being a major component of the company.

The Maui Jim brand will always be dedicated to providing friendly, prompt personal customer service, and quality products. With the unique patented features indicative of the brand, combined with an expansion of services that now include action-sport polarized goggles and prescription sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with Maui Jim. To get Maui Jim repair, you can always visit the location in Lahaina and they charge a small fee to change out the lenses if they have gotten scratched.

Wide Selection of Products

Even with the scientifically acclaimed eye protection offered by Maui Jim Sunglasses, style is not neglected. You can enjoy choosing from various styles and colors sure to please any fashion preference. If you take your Maui Jim’s in for repair, you can even switch out the lenses. With frame choices including everything from classic and aviator to rimless and rectangular, Maui Jim makes sunglasses for every occasion.

Whether you’re in the market for daily wear sunglasses, or in need of something specially designed for running, boating, hiking, or tennis, you’ll find it at Maui Jim Sunglasses. The brand routinely makes the top 10 lists for men and women. For example, the Maui Jim Lighthouse Polarized Rootbeer/HCL Bronze is popular among men and women, and the Maui Jim Unisex Big Wave Translucent makes the list too. When you choose Maui Jim sunglasses you can walk around with confidence knowing that your eyes are protected while accommodating your own personal style too.

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