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Ironwood Ranch

Ironwood Ranch

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Ironwood Ranch contains one of Maui’s most pure and pristine riding areas. Whether you are a seasoned equestrian, or brand new to horseback riding, Ironwood Ranch is the a great way to ride. As a company who has been guiding tours for almost 4o years, Ironwood is a great choice for groups of all sizes.  Located in atop the West Maui Mountains, Ironwood Ranch is an easily accessible horse rider’s dream. The ranch is also know for breeding and taking care of the Best Horses on the Island.

The backdrop that Ironwood Ranch offers it’s riders is second to none, known for it’s vast open fields and dense tropical valleys, they environment is scenery is High Definition in real time. Along the path you will be taking are some of the ruins of Ancient Hawaii. In addition, you will have the opportunity to traverse the lush rain forest of the Maile Pai Valley, something few people travel through on their own.



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One of the things Ironwood Ranch take’s a lot of pride in is it’s horses. The ranch is able to maintain a large size stable with a variety of horses. What does this mean for you as a guest?  There is always the right size horse available for you, no matter your size, age, and height. Horse temperament is also taken into account. The expertly trained and qualified staff will make sure that the horse you are paired with is the right fit for you level of skill and confidence. In a salute to the greatness of their horses, Ironwood has named all of their horses after their favorite celebrities. You may just get to ride Lucy Liu or Ludacris! Wouldn’t that be, well… Ludicrous?


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