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This truly one of a kind Lanai adventure has no competition. Exploring the waters around the pineapple island has never been more fun than with Ocean Riders. This all-day HBI circumnavigation tour is only possible with Ocean Riders!

The Pineapple Island

Once home to one of the worlds largest pineapple operations courtesy of Dole pineapple plantation. Now majorly owned by Larry Elisson CTO of Oracle, The island is a unique tourist destination with hopes of one day becoming a self-sustaining and an example to the rest of the world.

The unique topography and sea surrounding Lanai make a circumnavigation of this island an amazingly special experience. Some of the sights you will see, include a World War II shipwreck, sea caves, and much more is in store for those who embark on this tour. That is not all that this tour has in store for you. This one of a kind experience has a lot to offer.

The Experience

Long before Uncle Larry came into the picture Ocean Riders originated the Lanai rafting adventure in 1988. As the only HBI , ridge-hull inflatables, that circumnavigates Lanai Ocean Riders offers an amazingly unique experience. This all-day adventure will take you to amazing snorkel sites as well as a beach landing.

This tour takes you to amazing reefs for snorkeling where you will see some of the most unique marine life Hawaii has to offer. Thousands of dolphins call the island of Lanai home, along with sea turtles, and many other creatures.

Wold-class snorkeling, amazing views, and much more await you. If you want an experience like no other company can offer you should definitely Consider Ocean Riders and Maui Tickets For Less guaranteeing the best deal. Book online or call 855-268-0387

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