How To Enjoy The Maui Lavender Farm

How To Enjoy The Maui Lavender Farm

How To Enjoy The Maui Lavender Farm

How To Enjoy The Maui Lavender Farm

Maui Lavender Farm

If you are visiting Maui, you’ll certainly hear about the wide variety of activities offered. From glorious beach days relaxing by the shore to explorations under the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. On Maui you can go snorkeling or kiteboarding, go on ATV tours and beautiful cruises, Maui offers its visitors with a bit of everything. However, in upcountry Maui, there is a hidden experience offering sensory overload, seldom known to many; the Maui Lavender Farm also known as the Alii Kula Lavender Farm.

Lavender: The Queen of Herbs

Lavender Farm Maui

Called ‘Ali’i Kula Lavender’, the farm centralizes around the queen of herbs: Lavender. This purple beauty is famous worldwide for its gorgeous hues and enticing fragrance. However, it is also popular for its role in essential-oil production, acting as a pain-reliever, treatment of respiratory problems, and aiding blood circulation.

If you wish to explore the many aspects of Lavender and revel in its glory, a visit to the Maui Lavender Farm is a must.  The way to the farm is an adventure in itself. Located about 4,000 feet high, you will find the Maui Lavender Farm on the slopes of the Haleakala in upcountry Maui. As is the charm in most upcountry districts, the area shines with all the culture and heritage it represents. Exhibiting a calm and heartwarming vibe, the area emits a certain feeling of familiarity and being at home. If you wish to ‘actually’ discover the culture of any area, the way of living of the locals, and look at the vicinity in an up-close-and-personal manner, a visit to the upcountry area is the best way to achieve all that and more.

Maui Lavender Farm Tickets

First things first, how to get the tickets for the farm? A very easy feat indeed, you visit the Maui Lavender Farm and appreciate the wide variety of lavenders (and other flowers) available at any time for a mere fee of $3. The fee is only for the upkeep of the farm, and of course, some State payments which are mandatory. However, even the small fee of $3 witnesses many concessions. For the Military, senior citizens, and Kama’aina, the fee is reduced considerably, whilst children below the age of 12 are free to enter. The fee can easily be paid at the entrance of the parking, giving you access to a world of beauty beyond. Visit the Alii Kula Lavender Farm website here.

The Maui Lavender farm stretches up to 13.5 acres, housing around 20 different species of lavender, and a total of 55,000 or so lavender plants. One may wonder when visiting Maui, that how can such a wonder of lavender exist here in such abundance, even though this purple beauty is not native to the area. The credit goes to the Mediterranean-type climate of Kula, and Ali’i’s gardening skills who initiated the plantation back in 2001, which has now thrived to fill an entire farm visited by numerous tourists around the globe. Although lavender isn’t a flower to bloom all year long and is mainly showcased in summer, there are approximately 9 varieties on exhibit for the whole year.

However, the farm isn’t a mere walk through the park. With a number of activities, there are guided tours to facilitate visitors in exploring the area and its rich culture and history. Wondering what these tours entail? Let’s take a walk through them.

Guided Lavender Farm Tours

Maui Lavender Farm Tours

If you are visiting with children who are bound to wander off if left on their own, getting a cart tour is one of the best options. These 5-seater carts have comfortable, cushioned seats, ensuring a journey of ease. Get on board and take off for your exploration of the 13.5-acre land. Travel through the farm, watching the beautiful lavender plants as a gorgeous landscape. The Lavender Farm is built on an inclination being the slope of Haleakala. This means on a height of approximately 4,000 feet, the views are unlike those you could visit anywhere else. Just imagine, arrays of lilac-hued flowers filling the horizon for as far as the eye could see, with sunlight streaking through the plants, whilst the rugged terrain shined in the background.

The guided cart tours begin at 2 designated times; 10:30 am for the early risers, and 2 pm for those who either have other business to attend to in the morning or simply do not want to wake up as early. Either way, the tour lasts for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, costing a mere $25 per person. It is always better to register and book your seats beforehand, especially if you want the entire cart for yourselves.

A lovely way also for those on honeymoon to get some private time paired with wonderful views and a feeling of peace and solitude, the guided cart tours are a great feature of the Lavender Farm, Maui.  

Guided Walking Tours

Have you ever seen movies that end with little children running through the fields, smiles on their faces and the sunlight stroking their hair, as the plants brush their clothes as they run along? Even if you haven’t, I am sure an enticing picture might have developed in your head up till now. If you think this is a pictorial representation of what peace and happiness look like – you are probably not wrong.

Tired of the world’s worries and every day’s hectic schedule, if you wish for the happiness of this sort for yourself – to go for a stroll through nature and lose yourself in the accompanying beauty – the guided walking tours courtesy of Lavender Farm Maui are your best bet.   

These tours are available throughout the day in 5 different times to allow ease for everyone. With each tour beginning after approximately one hour since the last one began, the times are as follows: 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm. Lasting for about 30 to 40 minutes, the tour includes an up-close and personal time with nature, leaving you with a longing to retake the tour.

The guided tour is special not only for the long walks it offers in the midst of gorgeous varieties of lavender, but the main charm is in the enlightenment offered by the guide. A visit to an unfamiliar land remains incomplete if you aren’t able to immerse yourself in local culture and history completely. For this, the guides come to the rescue – enlightening us with the history of the farm, how it developed, the many talents of Ali’i Chang, and his remaining legacy.

Costing $12 per person and giving you a concession of $2 if you reserve the tour in advance, the guided walking tour is a lovely way to explore and discover the charms of the vicinity.

Treasure Hunt at the Lavender Farm

A peculiar offering of the Maui Lavender Farm is the treasure hunt. The hunt begins from the Gift Shop, whereby you are handed a treasure map. The directions on the map take wandering through the farm, even though the less-traveled areas. A great way to discover the surroundings, search for the treasure takes you through the Peaceful Path as you explore areas you probably wouldn’t have had it been a regular visit.

After you finish your hunt, of course, there is the mighty prize at the end. Pick your treasure from the Gallery Gift Shop. Open from 9 am until 4 pm, the scavenger hunt allows people to join in, with the last entry being at 3:45 pm.

Especially if you are visiting the Maui Lavender Farm with children, this Treasure Hunt is a surefire way to keep them hooked and busy, whilst also having tons of fun. 

Finding the Lavender Farm

Lavender Farm Views

The Maui Lavender Farm is located in a very picturesque part of Maui known as Poli Poli with incredible sweeping views. The height, the beauty – makes the visit all worth it. However, go a bit further on the Waipoli Road, and continue traveling in the same direction until you pass a bridge, whereby the road turns to a rough, dirt patch. This dirt path ends at Poli Poli Spring State Recreation Area. Covering 10 acres of the Kula Forest Reserve, the park offers much to visitors. Whether you wish to go camping or are more fond of hiking or hunting – you could opt for anything you wish. On the other hand, if you don’t want such adventure-related activities, a simple picnic in the midst of lush greenery is another great option.

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