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Maui Adventure Cruises

Maui Adventure Cruises

Company and Vessel

Maui Adventure Cruises is the proprietor of some of Maui’s most hands-on ocean excursions. With Maui Adventure Cruises Charter’s you can guarantee and amazing snorkeling and whale watching experiences.  This company is an expert when it comes to individual and group fun at sea.  In addition, Maui Adventure Cruises has the biggest tour raft on Maui.


Maui Adventure Cruises uses its Explorer Super Rafts as the vessels of choice. These 55-foot rafts are the largest in the entire state. With 650 horsepower, these powerful, United States Coast Guard certified rafts are fast and safe. Each excursion can hold up to 42 passengers but is capped at 36 for maximum comfort. For guest comfort, the rafter features freshwater showers and a  bathroom. Complimentary cold drinks are also provided.




Snorkeling with Maui Adventure Charters is very exciting.  The crew will navigate you to the island of Lanai for an incredible Dolphin Snorkel. Due to the awesome speed and power of their boats, guests are able to quickly zip from on-site to the next during this incredible tour. Depending on the weather, this excursion usually allows passengers to visit at least two prime Lanai Locations. The captain is an expert and knowing when and where to find incredible dolphins to watch during the trip.

Another great way to enjoy a Lanai Snorkel with Maui Adventure Charters is through their Lanai Landing Snorkel.  In addition to everything you get with the classic Dolphin Snorkel, this tour allows you time off the boat to enjoy Lanai. One the boat docks at Manele Harbor guests are invited to walk around, or go uphill towards the fantastic, white sandy beach, Hulopoe.

If snorkeling isn’t enough, during whale season, which spans December 15th to April 15th, Maui Adventure Charters provides an incredible whale watching experience. Whale watching itself is an incredible experience, but nothing beats doing it on a raft. These up-close and deeply personal encounters really allow guests and whales to communicate. Known for being playful attention seekers, the whales you will encounter are full of personality, and friendliness.

Maui Adventure Charters is a great experience for everyone in the family to enjoy. Maui Tickets For Less guarantees the best deal. Book online or call 855-268-0387 to start your adventure.

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