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Hana Waterfall Hike 11 Hours


Hike Maui – Hana Waterfall Hike 11 Hours

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Discover the Best Hike in East Maui’s Secluded Rainforest

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Oheo Gulch, a sacred site where Hawaiian kings once bathed. Delve deep into the heart of the rainforest with Hike Maui’s Hana Waterfall adventure, hailed as the best hike in Maui. Experience the awe-inspiring sight of breathtaking waterfalls and discover hidden clear pools nestled amidst lush greenery.

These Maui activities promise an unforgettable journey into the wonders of nature.

Journey Through Time on the Road to Hana

Embark on an unforgettable adventure that kicks off with a breathtaking 2.5-hour backcountry drive along the legendary Road to Hana. Traverse through mesmerizing landscapes, including striking lava beds and lush rainforests, immersing yourself in a diverse range of climatic zones that will leave you spellbound. Each zone holds its allure, inviting you to discover the wonders they hold.

Hana Waterfall Hike: A Walk in Paradise

The trailhead for the remarkable Hana waterfall hike is conveniently situated in the pristine Kipahulu Valley, nestled within the National Park just south of Hana. The Hike Maui Hana Waterfalls tour offers an unforgettable 4.5-mile round-trip hike through Maui’s ultimate waterfall wonderland. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of cascading waterfalls, ranging from heights of 45′ to an astonishing 400′.

Discover hidden networks of crystal-clear pools, nestled outside the National Park, inviting you to take a refreshing dip. As you traverse the trail, surrounded by towering forests of bamboo, the enchanting sounds and mesmerizing sights of the jungle will envelop you, creating a sense of tranquility and harmony with nature.

Hawaii Hike Inclusions & Safety Measures

Hike Maui provides every hiker with essential gear such as day packs, mosquito repellent, rain gear, and first aid supplies, as well as comfortable shoes. With more than 25 years of expertise, Hike Maui has earned a reputation as the leading hiking company in Maui. They are dedicated to sharing their passion for the pristine Maui rainforest and ensuring a safe and enriching experience for all.

The guides at Hike Maui are certified in first aid, knowledgeable about Hawaiian foliage, and well-versed in the history of the area. By choosing Hike Maui, adventurers can embark on unforgettable journeys and explore the wonders of nature with confidence.

Booking a Hiking Tour Information & Guidelines

Reservations in advance are a requirement for participation, ensuring a seamless hiking experience. Please note that a minimum of four hikers is necessary to confirm all hikes, promoting a safe and enjoyable outing. It is important to mention that expecting mothers and individuals below the minimum age indicated in the provided information are not permitted to join.

In the event of weather-related cancellations, Hike Maui ensures a 100% refund for your convenience.

Hawaii Guided Hike Tips & Menu

Please ensure that you bring a swimsuit and towel and consider packing an extra set of clothes. The menu will provide options such as turkey, garden burger, veggie, or PJ sandwiches. Additionally, water will be included as part of the offerings.

More Hawaii Adventures Await

Hike Maui provides a range of exciting activities to explore the natural beauty of the island. You can embark on the adventurous Kayak and Waterfall Hike, a thrilling 7-hour experience. Another option is the 4-mile Haleakala Crater Hike, which takes approximately 8 hours to complete. For those seeking enchanting waterfalls, the East Maui Waterfall Hike is the perfect choice, lasting around 5 hours.

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