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Extended Horizons

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Since 1982 Extended Horizons has offered a variety of scuba diving options on Maui and Lanai. With over 35 years of experience in these waters, their small group dives are perfect for everyone. Beginners and Pros alike can find something that will be fun, safe, and an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

One of a Kind Dives

Extended Horizons is in the Trip Advisor top 10 for Boat Tours & Water Sports in Lahaina. Join guides on tours that highlight marine behaviors. It’s one thing to point out a turtle, but it is another to have a dive guide that knows the names of the fish and can interpret the behaviors of different marine wildlife. This ensures that all divers get the most out of their dive time.

Head out on the ONLY 100% Biodiesel commercial marine tour boat on West Maui. Extended Horizons’ commitment to being environmentally friendly is 80% better than comparable petrol diesel vessels.

Extended Horizons offers numerous specialties that help to conserve, protect, and rehabilitate the marine ecosystems. With a focus on coral reef and ocean conservation, divers will learn to become citizen scientists. This important because on these dives you will gather valuable data for the scientific community. This 100% aware dive center organization offers dives that include collecting debris off the seafloor, counting fish, and monitoring coral health.

Dive Lanai

This 2-Tank dive off of the island of Lanai with Extended Horizons is one of the best scuba diving experiences Maui has to offer. The tours can go to the world famous Cathedrals and Caves off the south shore of Lanai. Often times divers can come into contact with some of the most fascinating marine life the Hawaiian islands have to offer. For the very fortunate that can include Dolphins, Lanai is home to over 3,000!

If you’re planning on getting out in the water to scuba dive while here on Maui make sure to Consider Extended Horizons and Maui Tickets For Less guaranteeing the best deal. Book online or call 855-268-0387

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