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Sail Maui

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Sail Maui is the provider of some of Maui’s most excellent ocean experiences.  This impressive sail boat touring company has a lot to offer. Not only does the company offer several snorkeling tours, but it also offer an amazing Sunset Dinner Sail. Speaking of vessels, Sail Maui boasts an impressive fleet of 3 sail boats!

The Vessels of choice for this smooth sailing company captain are the Paragon, Paragon II and the Paragon III. The Paragon and the Paragon II are both an incredible 625 square feet with 90 Horse Power. The Paragon III is even more Amazing. At 872 square feet, the Paragon III is large and in charge and has an impressive amount of power at 250 Horse Power. All Sail Maui boats include a shaded cabin, bar and restroom for guests.




Snorkeling with Sail Maui is one of the most fun ways to snorkeling on an actual sail boat. The captain and crew take up to 30 guests a day on their coveted Lanai Snorkel Excursion. Lanai is a place teaming with sea life and warm clear waters. In addition to Lanai, you also have the opportunity to explore the incredible Molokini Crater. The Molokini Snorkel aboard Sail Maui is an unforgettable experience. In Molokini, Maui’s oceans truly come to life. With a myriad of tropical fish and colorful reefs, this historic and ancient volcanic crater provides and unbeatable snorkeling experience.

Sail Maui is a great experience for everyone in the family to enjoy.  As always, Maui Tickets For Less guarantees the best deal. Book online or call 855-268-0387 to start your adventure.

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