Snorkel Molokini

Snorkel Molokini

Top 6 Things to Know

Snorkel Molokini

Snorkel Molokini

Snorkel Molokini (Top 6 Things to Know)

Choosing a tour to Snorkel Molokini? Check out these 6 things

Snorkel Molokini
Molokini Crater is a Geological Masterpiece

1. Molokini Crater was formed by a volcano.

Some 230,000 years ago an underwater volcanic eruption led to the creation of Molokini Crater which is partially submerged going to depths of over 300ft. This islet, as it is also known, is a sanctuary for marine life below and birds above making it the perfect snorkeling destination.

2. Anyone Can Snorkel Molokini.

You don’t need to know how to swim to Snorkel Molokini. All of the tour operators, such as our personal favorite, Calypso, provide flotation devices and life jackets. This experience is for people of all ages, not just the adventure enthusiasts, the experience at Molokini can be as tranquil or as adventurous as you like.

3. Looking for Amenities on the Boat or For a High-Speed Adventure?

The spectrum of available companies to Snorkel Molokini with is wide and spans the ultra-luxurious Alii Nui to the Navy Seal style action-rafts of Redline Rafting. Some of the companies offer full buffet style spreads for their meals while others offer fruit and coffee. Depending on how much snorkeling you wanna do versus how much chilling on the boat, make your decisions based on these factors.

4. Bring Your Own Gear (Or Not)

All of the boats that Snorkel Molokini provide equipment inclusive of the total ticket price, you don’t get a discount if you bring your own, but if you have personalized gear its always nice to have, If you have vision problems that require protection, you’re still covered! Most of the companies offer special snorkel masks that account for this. When your snorkeling this beautiful crater, you’ll be able to see anywhere from 80-150ft under water, its that crystal clear! With over 200 species of marine life to see you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time in the water.

Snorkel Molokini Maui
Don’t Touch the Turtles!

5. Relax While You Snorkel

A common mistake among beginner snorkelers is too get a little too excited by the experience and hyper-ventilate once they get in the water. Remember, snorkeling is one of the most laid back and easy Maui things to do.  Just chill and enjoy the company of the beautiful marine life, hopefully, you’ll get to swim with one of the beautiful Honu or Hawaiian Sea Turtle as they are also known.

6. Don’t Pay Too Much!

Seriously, we’ve got you covered. Get the lowest rates possible booking with Maui Tickets for Less. Give us a call and mention this article and we will give you a ‘lower than advertisable’ price on any of our tours. 855-268-0387

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