Maui Off-Road Adventures

Maui Off-Road Adventures

Maui Off-Road Adventures

Maui Off-Road Adventures

Maui Off-Road Adventures

Maui Off-Road Adventures RZR UTV

Experience some of the world’s best UTV riding with Maui Off-Road Adventures! The stunning beauty of Maui’s upcountry or West Maui Mountains will offer an unforgettable experience. These scenic tours offer are breathtaking for more than one reason. Today’s most advanced off-road vehicles keep the journey exhilarating through every turn.

Your Ride…

Maui Off-Road Adventures equips you with the Polaris RZR 900 or 1000 are 4-seater UTVs. These machines are equipped to handle anything these tours have to offer and then some. The guided tours offered by Maui Off-Road Adventures are paced by a team lead with another team member picking up the rear. This by no means that these adventures won’t be full of fun and excitement.

As you make your way through along these tours there are plenty of opportunities to stop and learn about the land in which you are touring. The 2-hour tours take you along a journey through the West Maui Mountains (Lahaina Adventure) which starts in Kapalua or Kaupo Ranch (Hana).

Your Course Options!

The Lahaina Adventure is located right above the Kapalua airport and is just minutes away from Kaanapali Beach. This course consists of over 1,400 acres with the most breathtaking view of the ocean. The Pu’u Kuki Watershed preserve allows for an amazing riding experience, great opportunities to learn about Maui’s history, and unique ecology. Interested in this course? Please call 855.268.0387

The Kaupo Ranch course is one of the oldest private cattle ranches and has been in operation for over 100 years. This area spans over 8,000 acres of riding terrain and includes cliff drives down to the ocean and continuing over 2,000 feet up into the mountains. Click HERE to get more information about this tour!

If you want to experience Maui’s landscape the most exciting way possible consider Maui Off-Road Adventures and Maui Tickets For Less guaranteeing the best deal. Book online or call 855-268-0387

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