Maui Snorkel Trips

Maui Snorkel Trips

Maui Snorkel Trips

Maui Snorkel Trips

The 7 Best Maui Snorkel Trips

Maui Snorkel Trips#7 Best Maui Snorkel Trips – Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel

Go to Lanai on a fast speedboat that departs from the Lahaina Harbor! Have a chance to see whales, dolphins, and turtles as you snorkel off the shore of the top snorkeling areas on Lanai. This speedboat has an easy time keeping up with the dolphins and is able to get you to where you need to go quickly. The Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel tour is one that we strongly recommend for couples or groups that are looking for an exciting Maui snorkeling trip that departs from the west side of Maui.

#6 Best Maui Snorkel Trips – Gemini Charters Ka’anapali Snorkel Maui Snorkel Tours - Gemini ChartersSail

Gemini Charters Ka’anapali Snorkel Sail will take you to the famed Honolua Bay where you will have the opportunity to snorkel at one of Maui’s most beautiful marine preserves. The coral at Honolua Bay is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. On the way to Honolua Bay, it is common to see whales during whale season. If the waves are too large to snorkel Honolua they will either take you to Lanai or south to the Olowalu area where we frequently see turtles. This adventurous trip will show you some of the most popular and most loved snorkeling spots on Maui. There can be some opportunities to sail in which case the captain may choose to go on a performance sail when the winds are ideal. For this reason, we recommend this trip towards people that are looking for adventure.

#5 Best MMaui Snorkel Trips - Paragon Sailingaui Snorkel Trips – Paragon Sailing Molokini Snorkeling

Paragon Sailing Molokini Snorkeling is a classic trip will depart from Maalaea Harbor on a boat that is very similar to the Pacific Whale Foundation Honolua Bay Snorkel. The difference is that the Paragon is a performance sailboat built for pure speed. The morning Molokini trip is a classic cruise where you will make your way to to the island of Molokini for a morning of snorkeling the famous crater and enjoying your time on the boat. Once you’re here you will be able to jump into the crystal clear waters and possibly see some creatures that are endemic (not found anywhere else in the world) to Molokini. Breakfast and lunch are included on this Maui snorkel trip as well as all of your gear.

#4 Best Maui Snorkel Trips – Ali’i Nui Molokini Deluxe Snorkel Sail

Best Maui Snorkel Trips - Alii Nui

The Ali’i Nui does a similar route to the Paragon Sailing Molokini Snorkeling but where the Paragon is similar to a small race car, the Ali’i Nui is more like a Rolls Royce and considered the pinnacle of luxury for Molokini Snorkeling Boats. This catamaran is larger and the trip is set up to be more of a first-class experience. They even offer a door to door pickup and drop off service, included in the cost, to round out the experience and make it more convenient. Take the worry out of parking at the Maalaea Harbor! The price is a bit higher than many of the other Maui Snorkel Trips, but the luxury experience and white glove services are well worth it.

#3 Best Maui Snorkel Trips – Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Dolphin Snorkel

The Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Dolphin Snorkel is one of the classic snorkeling trips that depart from Lahaina. They use a large catamaran that is very stable and easy to ride on compared to the little sailboats. For about half the year (winter season) you will most definitely see more whales then you have probably ever seen. Year round you are very likely to see dolphins, which have a tendency to see the boat and swim up next to it to surf the pressure wave that is formed in front of the boat when the vessel is underway. The boat has two levels on it which does two things. It creates a very large, shaded cabin on the first floor. The second level provides upper deck seating from the elevated open topped second level of the boat. The extra height of the second level allows you to get an elevated view of sea life such as dolphins and whales by being able to look down at them at a steeper angle than a boat that rides lower to the water. This family-friendly trip comes in a strong third on our list of Maui’s best snorkeling trips.

Maui Snorkel Trips - PWF#2 Best Maui Snorkel Trips – Pacific Whale Foundation Molokini and Turtle Arches

The Pacific Whale Foundation Molokini and Turtle Arches trip is a close second, between the Pacific Whale Foundation Molokini and Turtle Arches and the Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Dolphin Snorkel it really is somewhat of a toss-up. On some days you could argue the opposite of the order we’ve rated them but the fact of the matter is that on a good day, Molokini is one of the most amazing places to snorkel in the world. The crystal clear water and a large amount of sea life that you simply can’t see in other places make this trip amazing. As a bonus, this Molokini snorkeling tour also snorkels at Turtle Town where you will have the chance to see some of the large green Hawaiian Sea Turtles (they are on the Endangered Species List!). After you snorkel for the second time they will serve a lunch on the boat. The vessel is an almost carbon copy of the boat that is used for the Lanai trip. Shaded cabin, upper deck seating, and a stable catamaran design.

#1 Best Maui Snorkel Trips – Calypso Molokini and Turtle Town SnorkelMaui Snorkel Tours

Calypso Molokini and Turtle Town Snorkel is our favorite snorkeling tour for many reasons. First, it goes to Molokini, which is the top destination for snorkeling in all of Hawaii, we don’t care what anyone says, Molokini is the best. This boat makes snorkeling at Molokini easy and fun. With a water slide, jumping platforms, and tons of space to roam around, we think its the most comfortable trip out there. The food is great and the staff goes above and beyond to make sure your equipment is good, that you are having fun, and that everyone is 100 percent SAFE. Use our promo code snorkel10 and get an additional 10 percent off this tour and any other Molokini snorkeling tour!

We hope that this list has helped you find the information you needed to know about the best Maui Snorkel Trips. We are happy to help you answer any of the questions that we did not answer in this article. If you would like to book any of these tours please get in touch with us. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you over the phone, or if you would prefer we could also help online. Click on any of the links in the article above to make a booking online. All of the descriptions of the tours on this page are valid as of the publish date. Click the links of the tours for the most current information.

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